How to find Smith Mountain Lake Homes for Sale
How to find Smith Mountain Lake Homes for Sale

How to find Smith Mountain Lake Homes for Sale

Smith Mountain Lake waterfront real estate is available in several varieties out there. From small condos under $100,000 to breathtaking mansions for millions, along with everything in between it is available.

For every budget, there is a home. It is situated in Virginia’s Blue Ridge mountains. Smith Mountain Lake’s 500 miles of shoreline offers a wide selection of lakefront property with several varieties.

You can choose a private, quiet home in a cove with just a few neighbors in sight, or live in a well-planned community with amenities such as swimming pools, fitness facilities, covered boat slips, etc.

Smith Mountain Lake properties can be found in the following lakefront areas: such as Moneta, Huddleston, Hardy, Union Hall, Penhook, Wirtz, Goodview, etc.

Such an area offers a great selection of waterfront homes for sale. Everyone has a personality. A good realtor can show you these homes. They provide important information that’s unique to the lake.

They even give you an informative tour of the area and let you know about the various advantages of getting a property there.

 How to find Smith Mountain Lake Homes for Sale:

Homes at the lake have gone through an evolution of sorts through the years. Real estate at Smith Mountain Lake in the 1960s and 70s consisted mostly of small lake cabins and mobile homes used as summer getaways.

Real estate here has transformed. They now include many subdivisions with typical suburban homes, condo developments, and multi-million dollar mansions, etc. Every year you can tour some of the lake’s nicest homes at the Smith Mountain Lake charity home tour and you can get more and more info regarding it.

The Smith Mountain Lake community has recently grown into a favorite place, people are coming from different areas of the world and living here permanently. It has a very friendly community.

There are no outsiders, and most people feel right at home in this happy, relaxed environment. The lake remains a popular destination for vacationers. And also for those who may never purchase real estate here. The atmosphere of the sun and fun people have enjoyed here for decades and decades.

7 Key factors that drive Smith Mountain Lake real estate prices:

The first factor is view, view, view! It offers a breathtaking view. It has views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It also consists of the lake. The buyers are driven by the view with a lot of wow factor is often the primary consideration. The lake itself is the location! Here at the lake, we say view.

The second factor is the slope. All the properties have some degree of slope. Some of them vary from gentle slopes to quite steep. The price will be higher if the slope is more gentle and with a steeper slope, you may get a great deal. Golf cart paths are there in some homes with steeper slopes. You can get to your dock easily.

The third factor is Waterfront. With the length of the shoreline, at least 100 feet of shoreline is desirable, 100-150 feet is typical for most Smith Mountain Lake real estate. The depth of water around 6-10 feet or more at the dock is desirable. Water quality is rarely an issue, but about 5% of homes are on muddy and brackish water. Dock is critical to most buyers; some docks are elaborate, and many are quite simple but still fully functional.

The fourth factor is the home. The house’s condition, size, style, and general curb appeal all factor into the property’s price in the real estate market. There are many Smith Mountain Lake homes for sale out there. And these are worth renovating.

The fifth factor is location, location, location. All Smith Mountain Lake waterfront homes have the location of the lake. The specific location at the lake is more of a matter of preference for some buyers. Smith Mountain Lake offers a broad spectrum of options.

The sixth factor is cove versus main channel. This mostly depends on every buyer’s personal preference and tends to evolve. On the main channel, the longest water views are typically found. The advantage of Cove is it’s quieter, great for swimming, etc. It is often just 2-3 minutes from the main channel.

The seventh factor is lot size. Most buyers value the factors discussed above. The size of the lot doesn’t matter, as long as the above factors are according to the buyer’s liking. For the buyers, acreage is not usually a high priority.

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