Switzerland is a country in the center of Europe, which is a neighbor of France, Germany, Italy, Austria, and Microstate Liechtenstein. Despite its small size, the country is well known by people inside and outside Europe.

According to Switzerland, Switzerland is only 41,285 square kilometers and has a population of about 8 million. The four national languages ​​are German, French, Italian, and Roman.

House prices in Switzerland

House prices in Switzerland have been rising steadily since April 2019 and have increased by 2.1% year-over-year in September 2020. It declined in 2017 when the purchase price dropped for the first time in 15 years.

Swiss house prices rose 80.5% between 2000–2016, a trend that dropped its cap against the euro to bring in stricter lending criteria and reduce investor demand.

Recent data shows that as of December 2020, the average price per square meter for purchasing city center apartments was CHF 12,938 in Zurich, CHF 13,426 in Geneva, and CHF 13,967 in Lausanne.

Can foreigners buy property in Switzerland?

There are strict restrictions on foreigners buying a property in Switzerland, so depending on your background, you may find your options limited. You can buy property in Switzerland if you:

  • EU or EFTA citizens who live in Switzerland with a Swiss residence permit
  • Take a Swiss C permit.

In both cases, you have the same rights as a Swiss citizen to purchase the property. You can buy an investment property, vacation homes, or commercial complexes as well as a primary residence. If you hold a Swiss B permit, you can also buy a property, but only for a living.

Outside these categories, such as non-resident foreign, foreign resident Swiss may not be permitted without work permits, or short-term or seasonal work permits. . is. May have to apply to purchase property or purchase a license.

It is generally preferred by applicants purchasing primary residences, who have settled in Canton for five years or more. Many consultations can help you understand the process of buying a Swiss property, such as Cosmos Value.

Cost of buying a property in Switzerland

 According to the Global Property Guide, the total cost paid by the buyer is usually between 0.25 – 3.55% of the total property cost. The seller pays between 3.23 – 5.38%.

The buyer’s costs include:

  • Immovable property transfer tax, which is between 0.2% and 3.3%
  • Registration Fee – 0.15%
  • Notary fees – 0.1%

How to find a property in Switzerland

Like many other countries, most Swiss properties are online through estate agents and property portals. Property listings are also in all major newspapers and specialist property papers. These are usually available at estate agents and free shopping malls.

High competition for rental properties in major cities in Switzerland means that some apartments may let you go unless they are already listed.

In terms of buying and selling, property sales run slowly, but local knowledge is an advantage.

How to buy real estate in Switzerland

After finding your new home, you still have to make an offer, find a mortgage, agree on a sale, and sign a contract.

It is not a process that moves quickly. In Switzerland, this process is common for three months or longer. When purchasing a home, you should budget 5% of the purchase price for fees, including property transfer tax – which can be up to 3% in some areas.

Choosing a Property in Switzerland

In Switzerland, it is unusual to ask for a professional survey of the property. Builders can request a survey in the form of a negative comment on the quality of their work. However, as the seller does not need to make you aware of any issues, a survey can alert you to serious problems, especially with older properties.

You can find many types of property in Switzerland in blocks ranging from large blockhouses to apartments. Between 10-25% in new buildings, Minergie operates the standard for stability and energy-efficiency in newly constructed homes, which depend on the area over the past 20 years.

If you live in an apartment, you may be familiar with paying service fees for the maintenance of common areas. For apartments, the cost can be about 1% of the purchase price each year.

Switzerland is famous for What?

What is Switzerland worthy of this praise? This article is about the great facts that make this captivating country the best in the world.

Delicious food

The two most liked things by tourists and locals, especially Swiss cheese and chocolate. A great chance to learn about this process is the chocolate train! However, several other attempts have been made for Swiss specialties.

Stunning scene

Amazing mountains, lakes heaps, and beautiful villages make for the most beautiful scenery in Switzerland. These scenarios are believed to make Switzerland the perfect destination for vacationers and discover new cultures.

The sun can shine in a valley while it will be cloudy and rain in the opposite direction. It is necessary to note that the morning of rain does not predict the course of the day, in the afternoon can change very well in the hot weather. Switzerland’s climate can be classified as mild. It is heavily influenced by the relatively nearby Atlantic. The climate in the Mediterranean Sea in summer, in areas such as Lake Geneva and the Rhône Valley.

Different languages

It has four official languages; German, French, Italian, and Roman. Also, the country is multilingual, the citizens themselves do not speak all four languages. The majority of the population speaks Swiss-German, known as Schwarzertsch.

Film locations

The country offers a wide range of possible weather types. Cities like Zurich, Lausanne, and Geneva are very reminiscent, combining historical architecture with modern buildings. To name a few Hollywood films that were filmed in Switzerland as The Landscape Backdrops The Lords of the Rings Trilogy.

Diversity and culture

Switzerland is said to be a center of cultural diversity, which is uniquely influenced by neighbors on all borders while remaining Swiss. Since English is widely spoken in most tourist areas, you will not feel excluded while visiting. With over 600 museums, this country is the perfect place for every art lover. Rich in culture and art, the Swiss watch is particularly known for its talent in crafts.