The Indonesian Archipelago is a group of islands that exist untold riches in a variety of cultures, landscapes, and cities. With 13,500 islands under its administration, Indonesia offers enterprises for all, from hiking to exploring ancient temples and actively diving in untouched waters.

Examine the best places to visit in Indonesia

Beaches of Bali

Indonesia’s most popular holiday destination, Bali has many cultural sites and traditions that make traveling here worthwhile. But, for many, Bali is about the island’s beautiful beaches.

If a beach holiday is what you are looking for, you want to visit one of Bali’s luxury beach resorts and spend some time soaking up the sun. Anyone who moves to Bali has hot sand and ocean on their mind, and the island does not deceive. 

If you are looking for something quieter and less crowded, Nusa Dua is still a beauty but attracts fewer tourists.


This ancient temple is one of the most famous and culturally significant sites in Indonesia. Borobudur was built in the 8th century and built in the shape of a traditional Buddhist mandala.

It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is considered one of the greatest Buddhist sites in the world. Visit the temple at sunrise to see the intricate view of climbing the torch and bathing in the sun.

Orangutans of Borneo

No trip to Indonesia is complete without seeing a few oranges and Borneo is a wonderful place to visit these beautiful and endangered creatures. Although oranges still live in the wild, many sanctuaries protect and protect oranges because land development infringes on their natural habitat.

Komodo National Park

Who has dreamed of seeing a dragon at least once in their life? The Komodos of Indonesia are no fantastic creatures, however, they are dangerous and deadly animals.

Komodo Dragons are the stars of the show on any tour of the park, but visitors can also go on hikes, snorkel, canoeing, or tour the island’s small villages.

Holy Monkey Forest, Ubud

Ubud is the cultural heart of Bali, and here you will find the sacred monkey forest, a quiet place where you can feel the ancient glory of the island.

In this Hindu temple, you will see several long-tailed macaques, a commonly seen monkey species in Southeast Asia. The temple also makes an interesting journey as Balinese Hinduism combines aspects of many different religions, which is unique among other types of Hinduism today.

Mount Bromo

Indonesia sits on the Ring of Fire, an area with some of the several active volcanoes in the world. Many volcanoes of the country like Mount Marapi are famous for their violent bursts and their stunning but dangerous beauty.

Mount Bromo is one of the most famous, mostly thanks to its unbelievable views, especially when seen rising above the caldera at sunrise. The top of Bromo was blown up in an explosion, and you can still view white smoke from the mountain.

Tana Toraja 

A trip to Tana Toraja in South Sulawesi Province will not only make you feel like you’ve stepped ahead of time but also take a look at the richness and diversity of Indonesia’s long-term cultures.

Hongkong’s architectural style, boat-shaped houses, and other buildings are immediate standouts, but some make this piece of natural paradise so special.

The funeral includes elaborate food and traditional dances, and the dead are buried in tombs in the surrounding caves.

Toba Lake

One of Indonesia’s natural wonders, Lake Toba has a body of water and a Supervilleano. The lake, which sits in a hole, was formed between 70,000 and 77,000 years ago and is believed to be the result of a catastrophic explosion.

Lake Toba is a study of beauty and the powerful forces working on the planet. Here, you can go swimming, water skiing, canoeing, or fishing, or on foot or bike to visit the surrounding area.

Mountain crack

Certainly, the eruption of Indonesia’s most famous volcano, Krakatau, in 1883, was the largest in recorded history.

This young and unstable volcano continuously rises above the sea and has significant flows. Anak Krakatau still burns smoke and fire, and tourists can visit Krakatau’s children to remind them of the terrible, unseen power beneath the surface at every turn in Indonesia.

Raja Ampat

The fairyland of green, cone-shaped islands against blue and turquoise waters is one of Indonesia’s most spectacular landmarks. Numbers of islands and caves make up this hot paradise, but the beauty continues even below the cover.

Colorful fish and a variety of marine life thrive in warm, clear water. The coral reefs have the highest biodiversity on the planet, which is a popular area for diving in Indonesia.

Gunung Rinjani

Rinjani himself does not see the eruptions and activities that some others have, but its caldera-forming eruption at the end of the 13th century is considered one of the most powerful in human stories.

In Rinjani National Park, you can see animals such as rare black ebony leaf monkeys, long-tailed macaws, sulfur-crusted cockatoo, and other fascinating species. Organized treks are available, and you can find them in the park overnight.

The park warns that the trek is difficult, so if you plan to climb the mountain, you must be in good physical health and be prepared with appropriate equipment.

Jatiluvih Rice Region, Bali

The beach may be the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about Bali, but the grass rice fields are close to each other. So juicy and life-giving are the terraces of the Jatiluwih rice region that they have designated a UNESCO cultural landscape as part of Bali’s lesson system.

Magnificent farming and floodplains are a testimonial to the natural farming resources in Bali, as well as the sharp skills of attention of local farmers. No trip to Bali is complete without seeing these rich regions.

Real estate in Indonesia

Real estate transactions in Indonesia are very simple, yet difficult, as well as interesting business practices with multiple aspects in a single transaction. Real estate transactions cover various legal areas such as property law, taxation law, inheritance law, as well as family law in general. In real estate transactions, the most well-known paperwork is sales and purchase transactions. These are all very common legal transactions.

Basic agricultural law in Indonesia states that a sale and purchase transaction is proof that proves the transfer of title from seller to the buyer. Legislation has been enacted that real estate transactions must meet and meet two criteria with transparent and full payment.

Legal transactions must be done before and under the legal officer. The law also said that it should be paid in full. If there is a shortfall in your payment, in other words, the transaction cannot be executed.

You need to do these things before proceeding with the sale and purchase of property in real estate transactions in Indonesia:

Check property title background

It is necessary. No transaction can be conducted without any formal background check of the validity of previous title/ownership documents. To do this, you need to provide us with the original deed of ownership. 

It is very important to do a background check before making any further transactions with the seller of the real estate property. This will give you enough information about the modern status of the property, as well as its sign. Based on this information, you can decide whether you want to proceed with the sale and purchase transaction.

If there is any outstanding on the property, a background check will show you. If so, you need to make sure that the owner first removes the mortgage from the title, before starting any further transactions with you as a buyer. You will also find out whether the property is under any potential dispute. A background check is extremely important and I would not suggest proceeding with the transaction before the background check is finalized.