The Philippines is one of the biggest archipelagic countries in the world. Its islands are classified into three main geographical regions – Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Due to its magnificent nature, the Philippines is a culturally diverse country.

With its topography in mountainous areas, dense forests, plains, and coastal areas, the Philippines is rich in biodiversity. It is considered one of the mega biodiversity countries of the world, which has a higher percentage of flora and fauna.

Despite widespread poverty, the Philippines has performed relatively well in the Human Development Index (HDI), especially compared to other Southeast Asian countries. In 2012, the Philippines economy surpassed the growth rate of its neighboring countries by 6.6 percent.

Some Interesting facts about the Philippines

  1. The Philippines is made up of 7,641 islands, one of the largest archipelago in the world. But on most international maps, more than 5,000 islands remain anonymous.
  1. Due to the high volume of text messages sent during the country, the Philippines has gained its nickname as the “text capital of the world”.
  1. The Philippines is the only Asian country that is predominantly Christian. While many of its Southeast Asian neighbors follow Buddhism, 86 percent of the Filipino population is Roman Catholic.
  1. Three of the world’s 10 largest shopping malls are located in the Philippines.
  1. Jeepneys, the country’s iconic symbol, have colorful buses behind World War II and American Army jeeps. But with increasing pollution concerns, the classic jeepney may soon be replaced by more efficient electric vehicles.
  1. The Philippines is one of the world’s largest producers of coconut. Mangosteen, papaya, and bananas can also be found there.
  1. The world’s largest pearl was discovered by a Filipino diver in the Palawan Sea. The 75-pound pearl costs $ 100 million.
  1. This Southeast Asian country is the 13th most populous country in the world with over 108 million people.
  1. The Philippines Basketball Association, established in 1975, was Asia’s first basketball league. In addition to being a huge fan of basketball, many Filipinos are also lovers of boxing.
  1. The Philippines is the highest supplier of caretakers worldwide. Partly due to limited job opportunities in the country, many citizens want to work abroad.

Why you should travel to Philippine

Friendly and warm Filipino

Filipinos are very pleased with the beauty of their country and their culture. That is why when they meet travelers coming to the country, the local people will help you to avoid this experience.

Filipinos acting like tour guides come naturally, ranging from teaching you local words to pointing out the best places to travel or are happy to try.

Communicating with local people is not a problem. English is one of the official languages ​​of the Philippines, and most Filipinos speak and understand it.

Filipinos are also very hospitable. If you have Filipino friends who invite you to their home, they are a part of their family with you, who often prepare a home-cooked Filipino meal feast.

Natural wonders for philosophers

The Philippines is blessed with unique natural wonders. When you take the Puerto Princesa Underground River Tour, be in awe, which will take you to Puerto Princes Subtransian National Park.

The Philippines is also home to the Chocolate Hills in Bohol, thousands of hills that look like giant chocolate kisses (like chocolate brands). The Chocolate Hills originated from coral deposits through rain and erosion.

If you want to see mounds in their brown color, it is best to explore the Chocolate Hills during the dry season of November to May. 

Colorful and fun philippine festival

Festivals in the Philippines are the happiest, most enjoyable, and highest in Asia. Make sure your camera is ready for wild smiles and happy faces.

Festivals (or celebrations) in the Philippines are either religious, historical, or cultural. Religious festivals honor Roman Catholic celebrities, historical festivals celebrate important events, while cultural festivals promote a plentiful harvest or products.

One of the religious festivals also includes the Ati-Atihan Festival celebrated in January in Aklan, Aklan, in honor of Saint Nino (Baal Jesus). See the performers with extravagant costumes and celebrate with the locals as they anticipate the parade and have plenty of food stalls and lots of dancing on the street.

Delicious Filipino Food

Some of the most notable Filipino foods include soy sauce and vinegar, chicken or pork, and Lichon or roasted whole-pork cooked adobo, sworn in by the late Anthony Bourdain as the best pig he ever called tried

There is also Baloo (Duck Ambrio), Filipino street food that is perfect for those who like exotic food and a famous summer staple with halo-halo, crushed ice, milk, and sweet fruits.

Your trip to the Philippines will not be complete without a feast on fresh seafood. If you can’t get enough fresh crab, shrimp, and other delicious seafood, take a meal tour in the city of Roxas in the Philippines’ capital, Seifus.

Fun Nightlife with Filipinos

As one of the happiest people globally, Filipinos know how to throw the best parties, be it in the city or pristine white sand beaches and islands. Do not miss the chance to try local beer in the Philippines. It is considered affordable and one of the best in the world by foreign travelers.

Real Estate Investment in the Philippines?

Investment in real estate in the Philippines is promising as there are many well-funded developers. The market is accommodating both licensed and non-licensed investors.

For real estate brokers without a license, a pre-sale option is an alternative route to buy and sell residential apartments for sale. A good rental income can be earned in this way.

Keep in mind that foreigners are not allowed to keep their land in the Philippines. Now coming to the Philippines for investment options in real estate, there are mainly four categories to choose from: residential, commercial, industrial, and land.

Residential as the name states include condominiums, condos, apartments, townhouses, and residences. Offices, malls, and restaurants come below the commercial real estate. Industrial real estate includes godowns, construction buildings, research centers, cold storage buildings. Finally, are land farms, vacant land, and real estate farms? “

Apartment complex

Ideally, people go to living places where they can live, go to work and play without sitting in traffic for long periods?


Growth in the logistics and eCommerce industry has led to the need for storage units and warehouses, especially due to the success of online shopping platforms. The Philippines? The eCommerce market is projected to have an annual growth rate of 18.3% (CAGR 2020-2024). It is expected to reach $ 3,370 million this year and $ 6,610 by 2024.


Ideal for students looking for a safe, inexpensive and accessible, hostel are often in high demand. Many young professionals from central business districts also like to live in dorms. Does it help that hostels are near schools, colleges, or workplaces and have markets or convenience stores nearby?

Vacation home

Holiday homes, especially in tourist spots, are a major attraction. Millions of travelers from both domestic and international flock to the popular destination in the Philippines.

Low rise commercial buildings

Such buildings include commercial units rented by mini-mars, a selection of food stalls, money transfer service centers, laundry shops, even banks or two. It is a profitable investment that provides a steady income over the long term.

Rental contracts can last 5 to 10 years. The Philippine online gaming operation (POGO) took up a large portion of the available office space, rising real estate prices in some areas.

Spaces in strategic areas

Empty spaces are often found between commercial buildings or residential properties. Finding out what kind of investment is location-friendly and looking at price and security, you can get it cheaply and turn it into a profitable investment.

Types of real estate documents

  1. Contract to Sell (CTS) – A contract to transfer ownership of a property to its buyer after the sale of the property to the scheduled developer.
  2. Sale deed – A legal document showing agreement between buyer and seller on sale or purchase of property
  3. Condominium Certificate of Title – Proof of Deed Registry of Ownership
  4. Real Estate Declaration (Tax Declaration) – Document showing the calculation of real estate tax for using market and assessed value of property

Legal steps involved in ownership transfer for land and apartments

  1. Buyer and seller agree on a property sale
  2. A lawyer creates and reports the Absolute Cell (SoAS).
  3. Both parties receive the land tax declaration from the BIR and submit it to the Municipal Corporation Office
  4. The buyer pays the real estate tax at the municipality office
  5. Buyer pays transfer tax to Acer’s office
  6. In the BIR office, the postage stamp and capital gains tax are paid
  7. The Deeds Registry cancels the old title and gives the buyer a new prize
  8. The buyer receives a photocopy of the new title and visits the Assister office to request a tax declaration

The entire process usually takes a month. Before proceeding with your investment, always research the market and work with a trusted real estate agent who can help you navigate the area with technical information and valuable insights on the various investment options in which you are interested.