Real Estate Investing In Fort St. John
Real Estate Investing In Fort St. John

Real Estate Investing In Fort St. John

There is certainly a lot in the way of affordability with housing with Real Estate Investing in Fort St. John and especially for young families who want more space and a backyard.

Most of Fort St. John’s real estate occupies the area, while still being relatively close to the downtown area, and there are also opportunities for the development of vacant land for residential and commercial/agricultural interests.

There is a limited multi-family housing development in Fort St. John, but there are some townhome and condo developments in the area, and again the Fort St. John station is likely to be one of the shining examples of Fort St. John real estate.

Investing in Fort St. John is a smart choice at the moment:

  • Northeast BC has been the province’s hottest place for employment for decades.
  • Energy development projects in forestry, mining, agriculture, and oil and gas continue at an increasing rate
  • Fort St. John has the potential to bring in between $100 and $200 billion in direct investment into the LNG industry
  • Site C is bringing about 10,000 jobs to the dam area

Real Estate Development in Fort St. John

One of the most remarkable aspects of Fort St. John real estate is the forward-thinking approach that is being taken with the new.

The Real Estate Investing in Fort St. John is being designed with a smart community integration approach, and the station of Fort St. John is a shining example of this.

The energetic city of Fort St. John, British Columbia has been very busy in recent years with several economic developments and new energy projects.

Just as the oil, natural gas, and hydropower industries have been booming of late, so has the demand for real estate in the local area.

According to the BC Northern Real Estate Board, the number of homes sold in Northern BC alone increased by 327 from 2013 to 2014.

With the recent announcement of the Site C dam, development in the local real estate market is projected to continue into 2015. Although currently in early 2015 it is too early to tell whether prices will be affected by the project.

Home Assessment Value Up

The average home price in Fort St. John is $376,000.

According to B.C. Assessment Authority The value of homes in the Fort St. John area increased 8.4% from 2014 to 2015.

This is great news for anyone considering buying or investing in real estate in the area. Property values ​​have increased in recent years with continued economic development in the area, including the new Site C Dam project. Find best Real Estate Agents in Canada here

However, this means an increase in property tax for landlords. As the value of homes increases, so does the property tax for the property.

Real Estate Market in Fort St. John

The average house price in Fort St. John was $419,900 in August, which is average compared to the rest of British Columbia.

3 bedroom properties are the most common for real estate investors in the neighborhood this month.

In British Columbia, Fort St. John has the 17th highest number of assets with 359.

There is several important research you should do before deciding to buy an investment property – this data for Fort St. John will provide an indicator to help you research in-depth.

Because the amount of real estate listed for sale has decreased, it appears that the forces of the housing market in the neighborhood may be putting upward pressure on home prices.


Fort St. John has a cold, humid continental climate and that means cold winters and hot summers. However, the nearby Rocky Mountain range keeps it warmer in winter than other cities at similar northern latitudes across Canada by blocking Arctic air.

Fort St. John is one of the sunniest places in British Columbia, especially in winter and spring, and the level of sunshine throughout the year plays a part in the popularity of Fort St. John real estate. The city has an average winter temperature of -8 °C and an average summer temperature of 19 °C.

  • Attraction

The North BC The Peace River area has natural beauty and endless wilderness to explore, and the appeal of Fort St. John Real Estate is enhanced by it. The Peace River and Charlie Lake are ways out of town, and each offers plenty of water activities along with excellent fishing.

Opportunities for snowmobiling and cross-country skiing abound in the winter, and the same can be said for off-road mountain biking in the spring and summer. The annual High on Ice Winter Carnival takes place every January at Centennial Park, featuring wonderfully carved ice sculptures that make for amazing photo apps. 

St. John’s Community Planting Day in the spring is a great opportunity for green thumbs of all ages to get involved in making the city as colorful as possible for the summer months and then enjoy a taste of the city during the harvest season. The event allows residents to taste locally grown produce and food products.

  • Monuments

Centennial Park is a large urban park that is one of the primary landmarks of Fort St. It includes many of the city’s recreational and cultural facilities, including the Fort St. John North Peace Museum, the North Peace Leisure Pool, and the North Peace Arena. A curling rink, as well as an outdoor water park and a speed skating oval.

Most of the athletics and recreational facilities are found at the Fort St. John Enerplex, which has two ice hockey rinks, an indoor long-track speed skating oval, and a 340-meter rubberized indoor long walking track. . which is free. For all to enjoy throughout the year. Another particularly good spot is the Fish Creek Community Forest within the city limits of Fort St. John.

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