Taiwan is the Republic of China and a state in East Asia. Its total area is 35,990 sq km. Its capital is Taipei and the biggest city is New Taipei. Its national languages ​​are Mandarin, Formosan languages, Taiwanese Hokkien, and Hakka.

Its official currency is the New Taiwan Dollar (NT $) (TWD). It has no border country. Taiwan is a pleasant island nation located in the middle of the sea off the coast of mainland China. It is so unique because of its history and many unique cultural circumstances. Taiwan is inspired by Korea, Japan, and Mainland China.

It also has a democratic system ruled by the West and the UK.

Astonishing facts about Taiwan


It is no surprise that an island with a fishing industry has some of the best seafood in the world. Seafood is so normal here that there are hundreds of seafood eateries in Taipei City alone. Try Oyster Omelette. 

Betel nut

Locally sold women cultivated betel nut. It is said that nuts give you some energy, but they are also associated with many health-related problems. The government is trying to cut betel nut production and has also banned the sale of betel nuts beauties within the Taipei City border.

Night market

There are night markets all over Asia, but none that you find in Taiwan. Here they are spreading hives of activity, and there is one in practically every neighborhood. Food, clothing, oddly shaped cakes, toys, and games – Taiwan’s night market has them all and then some.


Taiwan is home to both Merida and giant bicycle producers. Vishal is acknowledged as the world’s largest bike manufacturer while Merida sells its bikes in 77 countries. Taiwanese locals have a serious love affair with cycling, so both Vishal and Merida have honed their skills to become the industry’s powerhouse.


Acer and Asus are two of the world’s rulers in laptop production, and with these two industry giants in Taiwan, it’s no shock that hundreds of small-scale local companies are riding their coattails. Taiwan offers a large percentage of the world’s network elements, and it is not far behind on peripherals and hardware. One of the world’s largest computer and IT trade fairs, Computex is also home to Taiwan.

HTC Smartphone

HTC started making computers and smartphones for Microsoft, but now they produce under its brand name. He recently signed a major deal with Google to transfer 2,000 of his employees to the Internet giant, helping him in the production of the Pixel smartphone.

Tea and pearl milk tea

Taiwan produces some of the world’s most in-demand teas, and every year people traveling from around the world come here to sample some of the island’s best. There are tea leaves everywhere, and boxes of tea leaves are one of the most popular souvenir items on the market.

However, it is pearl milk tea, or some call bubble tea, which has been gaining the attention of late. The invention of this relatively new drink (it was recently “discovered in the 80s” but only “discovered” by the rest of the world) is fast becoming a worldwide favorite, and it all starts right here in Taiwan.

Real Estate in Taiwan

You may or may not consider purchasing real estate in Taiwan. Either way, hopefully, it can serve as a good example of something you shouldn’t do yourself. These are common if you only want to know which countries are within your price range. You have some type of investment budget whether large or small.

But looking at the real estate markets based on their affordability, nothing will tell you about their return potential. As investors, we are very interested in overall value – not just a price tag. Hong Kong has ranked among the precious markets on the planet for over a decade. Meantime, Cairo is one of the least expensive cities. Nevertheless, large quantities of prices in the suburbs are causing price stability and a weak outlook.

We are of course looking at Taiwan today. Despite claiming a fairly robust economy in general, the island’s real estate sector has very little profit left.

Why is Taiwan’s Real Estate overpriced?

Many positive aspects of Taiwan can be attractive to foreign investors … at least on paper.

Apart from Macau, it is the only sphere of influence for the entire Chinese region, where foreign families can keep their property. It is easier to trade in Taiwan than in most places in the region.

All told, real estate prices are completely out of reality. Buying property in Taipei costs about the US $ 7,000 per square meter (the US $ 650 per square foot). This means that a modest 100 sqm, the two-bedroom apartment will return you the US $ 700,000.

The average Taiwanese local makes just the US $ 1,500 a month. In other words, you have to work for about 40 years to afford a small apartment!

Not only that, but the rental yield in Taipei is around 1.5%.

This is the lowest of all countries in Asia and is potentially a market reaction to local Taiwanese not being able to buy property in Taipei. Rental prices must be reduced, otherwise, everyone will be homeless.

Hong Kong and Singapore have managed to maintain their high real estate values, despite low yields and non-equality for locals. Yet they are both major global financial centers, highly developed and Taiwan lacks land.

Buyers from mainland China are raising prices in Taipei. However, Beijing recently began restraining its citizens from offshore investment, limiting Taiwan’s formidable position and one of its key growth drivers.

Taiwan culture

  • Taiwan had a period of recent economic recovery that uplifted the inhabitants to the middle and upper classes.
  • Many students wear school uniforms. They are happy, athletic-looking, and have a fluorescent color to them.
  • Condominiums follow the average Taiwanese person in that they are vertical, tall, and thin. Many people climb stairs to reach their flat. Each apartment is normally quite small, and very costly.
  • Most Taiwanese are not like rain. This usually has to do with fear of pollution and acid rain on their skin.
  • Taiwanese girls prefer fair skin and therefore stay away from the sun at all costs.
  • Everyone works hard all the time. Children study so much that they have the best math score in the world. Most people like to work, and they are up to 70 hours per week at their jobs. It is also a high-intelligence region of the world.
  • Trash bins are not out. Trash bins are usually kept inside the home or place of business. Garbage is dumped into the truck upon lifting. These trucks play loud music to signal their arrival on the roads.
  • Parks have bats that fly around.
  • In this culture, humility, respect, and respect are major concerns for elders. 
  • People of this country are happy to see their guests.