Strathmore Commercial Real Estate Information
Strathmore Commercial Real Estate Information

Strathmore Commercial Real Estate Information

Strathmore Commercial Real Estate Information: Research Commercial Practitioners represent all aspects of business investing for both acquisition and disposal. They work not only with large investment groups and REITs but also with small or intermediate-level investment professionals.

As members of a global real estate network with extensive investment and professional asset resources, Commercial Therapists provide professional market knowledge on local Calgary area market data, financing, and investment strategies.

Strathmore Multi-Unit Commercial Real Estate

As residential Strathmore multi-unit revenue income properties, apartments are designed to be leased or sold to multiple tenants for the housing.

These commercial spaces range from small condominiums to large apartment complexes. Property is usually in the possession of the non-owner and can provide an opportunity to be a source of cash flow, tax benefits, appreciation, and capital accumulation.

Retail commercial real estate Retail property typically ranges from individual stores to large neighborhood Strathmore, Alberta retail commercial real estate and can provide many cross-sell opportunities by including several non-competing businesses, sometimes anchor stores.

Large centers often include “pad sites” that are usually occupied by banks and fast-food operations. Retail property is usually in the possession of the non-owner and can be used for income, tax relief, and appreciation. You should consult with your tax/financial advisor regarding specific tax and financial advice.

Strathmore Housing Market

Strathmore Real Estate includes relatively new homes in a variety of price ranges. There are homes for sale on both the leased lot and the purchased lot. Bungalows, split-level and two-story, are the primary home types with and without a front-drive garage.

Homes with larger property sizes ranging from 2,000 to 2,800 square feet are priced significantly higher in Strathmore than in downtown. Strathmore has several new subdivisions with show homes for young families.

The area around Strathmore also has acres, hobby farms, and lots of land with reasonable prices from $1 million depending on your needs.

A relatively new community, approximately 54% of all residential accommodation in Strathmore has been built since 1996.

Ownership prides itself on this well-planned community, where 82% of homes are owned by owners. Single-family detached homes represent 64.5% of all dwellings. There are very few apartment condos in Strathmore.

Living in Strathmore

Over the past 20 years, an increasing number of travelers have made their homes in Strathmore. Homes in this community are fairly inexpensive and Strathmore is an excellent choice for those who prefer a small-town lifestyle. Some move to Strathmore to escape the city and some come from a small town in the Calgary area and prefer to live in one. 

Strathmore’s economy is based on agriculture and natural gas. The topography around the city is flat, prairie land; So grain crops, canola, and the animal industry are front and center.

The city has doubled in size in the past 20 years, and to the delight of those who make their home there, municipal services and facilities have kept pace. Strathmore, Alberta has ample recreational facilities, as well as a hospital, school, and shopping.

Strathmore Community Facilities

Strathmore offers an excellent quality of life with a local hospital, municipal library, well-maintained parks, an aquatic center, arenas, off-leash dog, and splash parks.

With a new community center for children and teens offering summer camps and monthly activities for children of all ages, there is a movement underway to engage youth in the city. 

Downtown Strathmore has all the essential stores and services you’d expect with extensive development on either side of the highway.

Entertainment for Strathmore Residents

Small games are well organized in Strathmore, with hockey, lacrosse, soccer, baseball, and basketball leagues for children up to 18 years old. The UFA Bison is a midget hockey team that historically performed very well in the province and was well supported in the community when it was Hockey Night at Strathmore.

Walk, run, jog, rollerblade or bike throughout the city and discover nature and the surrounding wetlands with their swampy birds, waterfowl, and flora. Community celebrations every summer include Heritage Days and the infamous Strathmore Rodeo, which is attended by everyone near and far.

Reasons to invest and Strathmore Commercial Real Estate Information

Strathmore, just 11 kilometers from Melbourne’s CBD, has long been a bridesmaid’s suburb for neighboring Essendon – but not for long.

Strathmore’s value has soared to new highs in the past 12 months, boosting Melbourne’s already unprecedented median home value by more than 10 percent.

Here are the top four reasons why owner-occupiers and investors are snubbing a new property in this suburb.

Capital growth

Most Melbourne suburbs have experienced strong capital growth in recent years, but the sales show Strathmore is one of the strongest performers across the city.

According to CoreLogic property data, Strathmore experienced a 23.41 percent increase in median home value over the past year, while Melbourne home prices increased by a total of 13.2 percent. data shows that since 2012, Strathmore median home prices have risen 66 percent, from $787,000 to $1.31 million, while unit prices have risen from $571,000 to $740,000—a 29 percent increase. Growth.

Family-friendly place

Strathmore is home to a variety of schools and parks suitable for families with children.

Strathmore Secondary College in particular is one of the best schools in the Northwest, (and its grounds also include the state-of-the-art Victorian Space Science Education Center). This government school enjoys exceptionally high VCE results, with 18 percent of students scoring ATAR above 90 and 38 percent scoring above 80.

In terms of the surrounding open spaces for family play and exercise, Napier Park has been called one of the most beautiful Australian bush parks around.

The suburb is also home to the dog park Alf Pearce and is part of the Mooney Ponds Creek Linear Reserve, which also includes the famous Mooney Ponds Creek Trail – a shared pedestrian and bicycle path running from the Docklands to Tullamarine Airport.

Market demand

Strathmore’s highly accessible location (22 minutes by train to downtown) is attractive to travelers looking to buy or rent in the northwest of the city, making property here a good investment option.

Despite being less well-known, Strathmore attracts higher rents than all of its neighboring suburbs, according to The average rent in Strathmore is currently $500 per week, compared to $480 per week in Essendon, $420 per week in Pasco Vale, and $415 per week in Essendon North.

Data shows properties in Strathmore are in high demand, receiving an average of 1907 visits per property on, more than double the Victorian average of 904, and again well above their neighbors.

Design excellence

Strathmore is quickly becoming home to some of Melbourne’s premier architect-designed developments, including Dublin by Chisel Developments.

Boutique-sized developments like Dublin, designed by DesignWorks Architects, are a welcome introduction to Strathmore, allowing more residents to live in this well-serviced suburb and the prestigious Strathmore Secondary College area.

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