Wetaskiwin Commercial Real Estate Information
Wetaskiwin Commercial Real Estate Information

Wetaskiwin Commercial Real Estate Information

Wetaskiwin Commercial Real Estate: Research Commercial Practitioners not only with large investment organizations and REITs but also with small or intermediate-level investment specialists. As segments of a global real estate network with comprehensive investment and professional asset resources, Commercial Therapists give professional market knowledge on local Calgary area market data, funding, and investment strategies.


As residential Wetaskiwin multi-unit revenue income properties, apartments are designed to be leased or sold to multiple tenants for housing. These commercial locations range from small condominiums to large apartment complexes. Property is normally in the possession of the non-owner and can allow being a source of cash flow, tax benefits, recognition, and capital accumulation.

The Residence

In Wetaskiwin, about 60% of the dwellings are single detached houses, while smaller apartment buildings and townhouses also exist in the housing stock. About one-third of the properties in the city were constructed between 1960 and 1980, while most of the remaining buildings were constructed before the 1960s and 1980s.

The city is mainly composed of houses with three bedrooms and four or more bedrooms. About two-thirds of the city’s population owns a house and the rest are tenants.


It is very convenient to get around Wetaskiwin by car. It is very convenient to park, and it is very easy to reach the surrounding highways from any place in this city. Wetaskiwin is not very suitable for walking as very few simple tasks can be done without resorting to a vehicle.

 Wetaskiwin Commercial Real Estate Information

Wetaskiwin Commercial Real Estate Information


There are also some opportunities for those who value nearby restaurants and cafes. Regarding education, the elementary school is easily accessible on foot from most properties for sale in Wetaskiwin. However, reaching high school as a pedestrian can be difficult. 

Wetaskiwin has an average asking price of $329,000, an improvement from the three-month-ago average of $325,000.

Whereas Alberta averages $375,000, which means that Wetaskiwin has an average price of $329,000 which is much better than the rest of the province.

The most common one-bedroom property to be listed in Canada is 3 bedrooms, with low bedroom properties in the most common listing in this neighborhood in August.

Property in Alberta is the fourth-largest number of properties available to investors, with the province of Waitaskin ranking 11th out of a total of 339.

As one of Alberta’s many potential real estate investment neighborhoods, Wetaskiwin requires careful research before investing and remember to check specific locations within an area before spending with older estate agents. The mantra of location, location, the location never loses its importance.

If you are looking at investment properties in Wetaskiwin, there are more homes for sale than there were three months ago. This would indicate that the home prices are influencing it towards being a buyer.

Retail commercial real estate 

Retail properties typically range from individual stores to large neighborhood wetside retail commercial real estate and can offer many cross-sell opportunities, sometimes involving a variety of non-competing businesses. Retail property is usually in the possession of the non-owner and can be used for profit, tax relief, and gratitude. 

The county extends from Bittern Lake on the eastern border to the Elder Flats region in the west. Geographically concentrated in the province, a network of provincial primary and secondary highways provides quick and easy access from major centers in Alberta. It is rich in natural attractions that include many lakes, forests, mountainous parkland settings, and a wide variety of wildlife. The county is striving to enrich and improve its community while still maintaining the old-fashioned attitude and hospitality.

The moderate weather in Central Alberta provides residents with the opportunity to enjoy the change of seasons. The average summer temperature ranges between 17.1 °C and winter temperature – 16.6 °C. The average rainfall is 52 inches, of which 39.3 falls as snow.

A strong local workforce is represented in all trade and industry sectors, including retail/wholesale jobs, agriculture, trade, and community services. A solid base of farming families contributes to the stability of the rural population. About half of the labor force in this sector has some level of secondary education, which includes studies in business, administration, educational, entertainment, consulting, health professions, science, and technologies, among others.

Average housing prices are generally lower than those of surrounding communities, providing a strong incentive for residential resettlement from neighboring urban centers. The residential development on Pigeon Lake and Buck Lake is close to recreational opportunities. Additionally, competitively priced industrial land is an attraction for new business ventures in Wetaskiwin County.

Emergency services

Emergency, fire, and protective services are well represented, with local ambulance services, volunteer fire departments, rural and urban detachments of the RCMP, and local community peace officers.

Economic Development

The county’s business base includes agricultural products, distribution, tourism, oil and gas exploration, and development. Investors will benefit from easy way to major transportation routes, low-cost accommodation, and proximity to Edmonton International Airport.


Water Tower

Built-in 1909, Wetaskiwin’s Water Tower is one of the oldest municipal water towers in Canada. The 42-meter-high structure has risen above Vetskyvin since 1909 and holds 454,609 liters of water.

In 2004, Wetaskiwin city council considered the possibility of demolishing the water tower, but concerned citizens convinced them that the old tower was worth saving. Work to refurbish the tower began in 2005, and by 2006 the water tower had been completely restored.

Peace Cairn

The Wetaskiwin Peace Cairn celebrates 60 years of peace between the Blackfoot and Cree First Nations. This historic peace settlement took place in a group of hills just north of present-day Wetaskiwin.

During the construction, school children pelted stones and marched in a procession from their school to the hill where the cairn was to be built.

Manluk Center

The Manluk Center: Wetshavin Aquatics & Fitness is a 44,756-square-foot facility that opened on September 13, 2014. Built over two years, the facility was funded with contributions from local businesses and individuals. Amenities include a 25-meter pool, a leisure pool, a lazy river, a wave machine, slides, a whirlpool, and a steam room.

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