Can Foreigners buy Real Estate in Jamaica
Can Foreigners buy Real Estate in Jamaica

Can Foreigners buy Real Estate in Jamaica?

The island of “One Love”, Jamaica is a unique destination unlike any other island in the Caribbean, with a lively property market currently experiencing huge growth.

Through the process of buying real estate in Jamaica from beginning to end, an introduction to the real estate market, the buying process, and the taxes you will need to be aware of.

Invest in Jamaica

The well-established and vibrant real estate market has a wide range of offerings, ranging from affordable condos in new construction to elegant luxury villas.

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean, it has the potential to generate high rental income which has attracted 4.3 million tourists in 2019.

The Caribbean is one of the most accessible destinations in the Caribbean with direct international flights from Europe, America, and Canada to international airports in Kingston, Montego Bay, and Ocho Rios.

Huge investment in tourism-related projects with a strong pipeline of new residential developments, hotels, and resorts.

Beautiful and dramatic landscapes, under long white sand beaches through misty mountains with waterfalls and winding rivers. Fun for all the family with excellent facilities ranging from golf, tennis, and horse riding to all types of water sports such as kicking, river rafting, and surfing.

A stable political environment with a vibrant democracy and one of the largest economies in the region.

Best Place to Buy Property in Jamaica

Are you considering buying property in Jamaica and wondering where are the best places to buy property in Jamaica? With breathtaking beaches, misty mountains, and spectacular waterfalls, a unique reggae beat that has made its mark on the world, and world-renowned food such as jerk, Jamaica is one of the Caribbean’s top tourist destinations.

It is also a very popular place to buy a foreign property with homes for sale in Jamaica, with Jamaica’s popular investment options with international buyers from the United States, Canada, and Europe selling to members of Jamaican immigrants worldwide Used to be. Used to be.

Where to Buy Property in Jamaica?

If you are thinking of investing in real estate on the island of “One Love”, consider carefully where to buy property in Jamaica. The island is large and varies greatly from Kingston to Sleep Portland, the metropolis capital. As you might expect in such a different country, each part of the country varies greatly from the next. To help you get started, there are some of the best places to buy property in Jamaica.

Montego Bay

Far and away Montego Bay is the most popular tourist destination in Jamaica, on the northern coast of Jamaica. Nearly half of all foreign visitors to the island make up for its white-sand beaches, turquoise waters, beach resorts, golf courses, and protected marine parks. Many of the same attractions also appeal to property buyers, making ‘MoBay’ one of the most popular and best places to buy property in Jamaica.

Properties for sale in the area range from unpublished communities and environs like Spring Garden and Reading through to the brand new community in Montego Bay and some of Jamaica’s finest luxury homes, such as Spring Garden.


Kingston, Jamaica’s vibrant capital, is currently undergoing a renaissance. Billions of dollars of infrastructure are being pumped into reform and new government and commercial development. The pipeline currently has 15 major public works, including an office building, parking facility, cultural and entertainment facilities, a new parliament building, and a new headquarters.

According to the Prime Minister of Jamaica, the aim is to make Kingston the “pearl of the Antilles”. Heavy investment in commercial real estate and public works has also prompted a boom in residential development.

New communities of villas, townhouses, condos, and apartments are settling in the city’s most wanted neighborhoods, creating new homes for first-time buyers and young families. These new middle-income developments represent highly attractive investment opportunities for buyers with an eye on attractive short-term and long-term rental markets.


Ocho Rios, located in the parish of St. Anne on the central northern coast of Jamaica, on the western north coast of Orosa, follows Montego Bay as one of Jamaica’s most popular destinations.

Offering proximity to world-renowned attractions such as the spectacular Dun River Falls, duty-free shopping, some spectacular beaches, and excellent resorts, the Ocho Rios is popular with both cruise ship visitors and visitors at home for a stay.

It is a popular place to buy property in Jamaica. There are some beautiful existing homes for sale and there are some new developments in townhouses and holiday villas in communities offering beaches and other amenities.


Located on the west coast of Jamaica, the resort town of Negril crosses the veil of Westmoreland and Hannover. It is probably known for Seven Mile Beach which is one of the longest beaches in Jamaica. The long white sandy turquoise is perfect to enjoy a stroll in the picturesque view of the Caribbean Sea, dive on a snorkel, or feed some delicious jerky chicken at a beachside restaurant.

Calm and less crowded than Montego Bay, Negril is warm, welcoming, and authentic. Little wonder that the region is gaining popularity as a place to invest. There are luxurious condos and townhouses to offer a pleasant view, as well as some new villas for sale in the surrounding area.

Tribal Club

Looking For Luxury Real Estate In Jamaica? For buyers looking for the highest quality accommodation in a highly prestigious location, the Trial Club in the Parish of Hanover outside Montego Bay is hard to beat. This beach is secluded with 2,200 acres of beautiful grounds, an 18-hole golf course with stunning views of the sea, and sea-facing tennis courts, sea-facing gyms and spas, restaurants, and all kinds of access. 

Water sports range from kayaking and paddleboarding to diving and snorkeling. The trial club has several luxury homes available to purchase, all of which stand out from the classic Jamaican elegance and provide an opportunity to enjoy the community’s unrivaled lifestyle.

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