Invest in Sherwood Park's Real Estate
Invest in Sherwood Park's Real Estate

Invest in Sherwood Park’s Real Estate

Invest in Sherwood Park’s Real Estate: You have decided to invest in real estate. This could be your first location, your second rental property, or your forever home. Whatever the case, there’s more to you than just finding the place you want in mind – you also want to make a smart investment decision. Your financial security is nothing to play with.

That’s where the appeal of Sherwood Park’s real estate becomes apparent. Sherwood Park is much more than a typical suburban community. It is a thriving and expansive village that is conveniently located just minutes from Edmonton, has much to offer its residents, and a strong, stable housing market.

Reasons to invest in Sherwood Park’s Real Estate

For potential buyers interested in purchasing a property that will appreciate over time, the Sherwood Park area is a logical choice.

Here are some main reasons to invest in Sherwood Park Real Estate:

A resilient and growing housing market

The property in the Sherwood Park area has managed to maintain its value despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The average selling price of homes in Sherwood Park has increased by 2.3 percent since January 2020. This shows that the demand for properties in the area is stable and people are willing to pay for the lifestyle and amenities of Sherwood Park.

Additionally, experts predict that Sherwood Park will soon reach 100,000 residents, not including those living in rural farms and surrounding areas. And when you consider that Sherwood Park’s population has been growing steadily for more than 25 years, it becomes clear that the area is a smart choice for those looking for real estate investment opportunities.

A provincial pace of life with modern level amenities

When considering whether buying a property in Sherwood Park is the right investment decision for you, it is important to consider local amenities. A key component of the area’s appeal is access to top-tier entertainment centers, walkways, golf clubs, schools, restaurants, and retail stores.

Millennium Place, for example, offers residents a range of activities, including swimming, skating, soccer, hockey, basketball, and more. Then there’s the wonderful Broadmoor Lake Park, which offers year-round recreational events from picnic areas to sand volleyball courts and children’s playgrounds.

Sherwood Park’s public transportation system also offers multiple routes, making it easy for residents to commute within the city or into Edmonton, where even more transportation options are available.

Families with children can also take advantage of state-of-the-art childcare facilities, salt gymnastics clubs, music lessons, art lessons, and most importantly, some of the best schools in the province. These are just a few reasons to stay in Sherwood Park, all of which benefit the local real estate market.

A strong financial position

Sherwood Park houses more than 11,000 businesses and contributes approximately $5.4 billion to the community’s household spending power.

Additionally, data shows that employment opportunities in Sherwood Park are strong, with employment rates rising in the retail, financial, health, and education sectors from 2018-2019. Non-residential building permits worth $159 million were also granted in 2019.

While there is no denying that COVID-19 has hurt local businesses, the foundation of Sherwood Park’s economy remains solid. New residents keep flocking to the area in search of employment opportunities and small business owners are deciding to open shops in an area where locals have enough household income to support additional expenses.

Furthermore, in 2019 more than half of all Sherwood Park households had an income of 125K or more – far higher than Canada’s median household income of $54K.

This economic situation is one of the most attractive aspects of the Sherwood Park housing market and is one that many real estate investors base their purchase decisions on.

Sherwood Park Overview

Sherwood Park is an attractive residential community on the southeast side of Edmonton. Sherwood Park is just 3 km from Edmonton city limits. If you’re looking to get out of the busy big city, Sherwood Park is perfect for you.

That being said, Sherwood Park is not a small town and still has lots of shopping, movie theaters, restaurants, and lots of indoor and outdoor entertainment. All these things make Sherwood Park real estate.

Here is a list of some of the things that you can do in Sherwood Park:


If you are a golf lover then Sherwood Park is the place for you. With 7 golf courses and 1 driving range, it offers golfers many different courses to choose from for any experience. Belvedere Golf & Country Club has a 4.5-star rating on Google and is the only private country club in Sherwood Park. There’s also a wonderful clubhouse with fine dining inside the Belvedere and on its gorgeous outdoor patio.


There is only 1 winery in Sherwood Park, and that is Barr Estate Winery. But Burr Estate Winery makes up for the winery’s lack, with its scientific training to create unique fruit wines of impeccable quality. You can book tours of their working sheep farm and their fruit farm. You can walk in fields of raspberries, rhubarb, and sour cherries.

Events and Activities

There are many things to do in Sherwood Park and the most popular attraction will be the Center at the Park and Festival Place.

The center in the park is well-loved in the community and is called the heart of the city by some. It is a retail, residential and outdoor area that also connects other areas and facilities such as Broadmoor Lake Park, Festival Place, the trail system, businesses, and schools.

Celebration Place is a multi-use hub for the arts, community, and business. This is a great place for fun in the heart of Sherwood Park. They host a range of activities and events for all ages with over 100 professional artists.

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