Invest in Port Alberni Real Estate
Invest in Port Alberni Real Estate

Invest in Port Alberni Real Estate

Invest in Port Alberni Real Estate: Port Alberni is a hub of business and entertainment opportunities and the outdoor and cultural experiences of Vancouver Island and British Columbia. To the west are the spectacular Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, Barclay Sound, and Clayoquot Sound.

Only 30 minutes east are the seaside communities of Qualicum and Parksville. Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, is a two-and-a-half-hour drive to the south on an excellent highway. Vancouver’s big-city attractions are just three hours away by highway and ferry.

Port Alberni has a phenomenal history of volunteering and caring for others. If you are from a big city, you will be surprised by the deep sense of community and belonging that you can find here.

With volunteerism, enthusiasm, and goodwill, the People and Service Club of Port Alberni are uniquely generous in supporting worthy causes with their time, energy, and money and helping those in need.

Affordable Invest in Port Alberni Real Estate

Alberni Valley has some of the cheapest real estates on Vancouver Island. Many properties have mountain or water views.

Can you live in a nice family home for $300,000, an executive style home for $400,000, or West Vancouver for 500,000? In Port Alberni, a potential homeowner can easily find a home, whether it is a character home or otherwise, on the Alberni Inlet, the mountains, or in many cases… both.

Desirable locations also include the beautiful Sprout Lake, a residential and recreational paradise. There is also acreage in the surrounding Beaver Creek area for those interested in hobby farming or extensive gardening.

Understand Real estate market to Invest in Port Alberni Real Estate

Cross the Nation Crew lists data for 5162 neighborhoods, and this month Port Alberni is number 2155 which puts it in the top half of the country.

Whereas British Columbia averages $519,000, meaning the average price in Port Alberni is better than the rest of the province, on average $244,900.

3 bedroom properties are the most common for real estate investors in the neighborhood this month.

British Columbia currently has more properties on sale in 359 neighborhoods than Port Alberni, which puts the neighborhood in the top 20% when looking at the number of properties to choose from.

Stocks on the market may be the best leading indicator of whether there will be market pressure as prices rise or fall – in Port Alberni, there are fewer stocks than there were three months ago. This would indicate that home prices are under pressure due to low housing stock availability.

The residence

Port Alberni has a good selection of accommodation size options, ranging from lofts to those with four or more bedrooms.

About 70% of the city’s population owns a house, while the rest are tenants. Roughly 40% of the houses in the city were built before the 1960s, while most of the remaining buildings were constructed in the 1960s.

Check out the lifestyle of Port Alberni before you Invest in Port Alberni Real Estate

It may sound ludicrous, but it is also true. In my role as a listing agent for a local real estate marketing and sales team, my day-to-day job is to spread the beans globally. After talking to people across Canada that the average person’s knowledge of the Alberni Valley is steeped in misconceptions if they know anything about us.

The real estate market in the Alberni Valley declined significantly between 2008 and the end of 2013, as did most of BC’s smaller towns. Real estate prices have remained flat between the 2013 fall and today.

This summer we are seeing a significant increase in buying activity in the market. Historically, the market has displayed cycles of 10–12 years, with 5–6 years of declines, followed by 5–6 years of rising prices. The timing appears to be great to invest in the Alberni Valley.

Alberni Valley is the best value among all downtown real estate on Vancouver Island. The average single-family home cost in 2014 was $210,157. In comparison, the next most affordable city on Vancouver Island was Campbell River, which cost $303,453! For an investor, this means you can invest less money per unit, or more widely diversify an investment portfolio.


Most properties for sale are a very short car ride from the nearest highway, and it’s usually easy to get to a place to park. It is challenging for pedestrians to move around the city as very few common activities can be done on foot.


In Port Alberni, parents and their children will usually be able to access elementary schools on foot. However, high schools are not very numerous and are therefore not always within walking distance.

Families benefit from government and private primary schools. When it comes to food, it’s easy to get to the nearest grocery store in Port Alberni by walking. There are also some options for those who care about restaurants and cafes nearby.


The Alberni Valley enjoys a climate that is unique among Vancouver Island cities. The long Alberni Inlet, which connects the canyon to the open Pacific Ocean, is thanks to this unique weather. The summers in the Alberni Valley are hot and dry, while the winters are mild and wet. 

The unique weather of the Alberni Valley means outdoor recreation can be enjoyed year-round – which is great because the valley is truly a recreational mecca. There is an endless network of hiking trails around the entire city of Port Alberni.

Hiking, mountain biking, horse riding, ATVing, and mountain climbing are all activities that can be explored in the valley on any given weekend. The saltwater fishing at Alberni Inlet is world-class, as is the freshwater fishing in the multitude of rivers and lakes.

For the golfer, there are seven golf courses within a half-hour drive from the city center. Lastly, there are myriad waterfalls that can be enjoyed in the crystal clear waters of Sprout Lake, Great Central Lake, and Alberni Inlet. 

Know everything about Port Alberni Community Profile and Invest in Port Alberni Real Estate at Port Alberni

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