Swimming Pool Construction and Maintenance Business in Canada
Swimming Pool Construction and Maintenance Business in Canada

Swimming Pool Construction and Maintenance Business in Canada

The swimming pool business is booming. The good news is, you don’t need to start as a landscaping / annoying company to build pools for others. Homeowners enjoy the convenience of having a pool in their yard so that they can enjoy the beautiful summers that occur in many areas.

Here are some things that come to mind to start a swimming pool construction and Maintenance Business in Canada:

You will need the proper equipment

Once you decide that the swimming pool business is a route you want to take, it should be step number one. And there is a good reason for this – the equipment is quite expensive and you want to make sure that you are not getting off the top of your head.

Basic equipment includes skimmers and vacuum attachments, vacuum hoses, chemical balancing test kits, pool water chemistry, and poles that require multiple physical devices. And here’s a big one – if you don’t already have your cargo, you’ll need to buy a truck for transport materials.

Get certified

Your jurisdiction will almost certainly have the necessary fees to become certified for public sector cleanliness. This is certainly not related to construction and installation, but it can open up another source of revenue for you and your business.

Establish your rate schedule

You have to decide how much to charge for setting up a residential swimming pool. Also, be sure to plan for installations requiring additional upgrades and additional time and labor. You may also want to set fees for cleaning and/or opening and closing the pool for the season. Again, this is an additional revenue stream for you.

Advertising and marketing

You have your own pool business up and running, but people need to know about it before they can hire you. Place an advertisement in a local newspaper or engage in various marketing strategies to get the word out. If you have business cards, leave them in as many places as you can.

Set up a business checking account

You need a way to handle money for the business, so take your tax documents to a local bank and open a checking account. Obtain a business credit card to better track your expenses and income for tax purposes down the way.

The process of setting up to start a swimming pool

A recognition

In this phase, we plan your swimming pool site, which includes meeting alternative requirements such as pool fencing, landscaping, and coverings, as well as obtaining the necessary statutory approval.


Eventually, the plans have been closed and approved, your pool builder will begin excavating the area ready to install your component Fiberglass swimming pool shell.


Your swimming pool shell is transferred to your site and carefully placed in the ground, at this time all pool plumbing and pool filtration equipment are installed and tested.

Structural beam

The final structural component of your swimming pool is laying structural pool beams on top of the pool edges. This beam securely locks your surrounded swimming pool into the ground and protects it from popping.

Hand over

Now with your swimming pool set up, your local pool builder will do an ‘over handover’ of your swimming pool.

Types of swimming pool

Cement/Gunite Swimming Pool

Cement or monetary pools are the most time consuming and most expensive to set up. Having said that, they can still be manufactured in Canada, but they require a lot of attention – and especially careful winters – to be in working order. Cracking is not uncommon and acid washing and refilling may be required.

Steel wall swimming pool

Steel wall pools are alike to polymer wall pools. They have a steel structure that supports vinyl liners. The steel frame is strong and quite resistant to the environment. And when the liner will eventually have to be replaced, it will never require cracking or repeating, or replication.

Polymer Wall Swimming Pool

Polymer wall pools are accompanied by steel wall swimming pools, known as “package pools” as you select the features that are used to create your unique design. The all-resin structural polymer is designed for robustness and durability, but also has a degree of “give” that allows it to flex in response to environmental changes.

Fiberglass Swimming Pool – Best Choice for Canada

Fiberglass swimming pools are the best option for cold climates. They are designed as one-piece inserts that can be installed quickly and efficiently in your backyard, which is helpful when the summer building season is short.

And the flexible strength of fiberglass is very resistant to cracking even with repeated cold/thawing cycles. As a result, fiberglass pools in Canada are perfect for homes. Fiberglass is a natural insulator so pools made from it require less energy to heat.

Pool maintenance business in Canada

Pool cleaning and service experience

Educate yourself on what you are doing. You do not want to go out there and try to gather customers without business knowledge. Online training, manufacturer training, anything you can find to get yourself what you are going to do there.

There are lots of ways to gain experience. Two great ways to gain experience include working with others, gaining experience in the field, and networking with industry experts.

Know your pool and spa chemistry

Chemistry is not just a high school or college course in this industry. You cannot start a pool business until you understand the chemistry of water for pools.

Get a good customer relations manager

Leaving your new business with Tech may not be at the forefront of your mind, but it will help take you on the road to success.

You need a reliable way to keep track of important details such as client details, invoice history, work history, detailed technician notes, and photos. This is helpful for the team’s transparency, troubleshooting, and being on the ball with invoices.

Exercise diligence and customer service from beginning

Customer service is what separates winning pool service businesses from losing. If you do what you say you are going to do, and when you ask to show it again, you will beat 80% of the people in this business.

Customer Service Tips When You Get Started

  • Show up on time.
  • Try to communicate.
  • Take time to educate your customers.
  • Do not take too much when you make a passage.

Build a brand for your business

Branding promotes an easy level of professionalism and marketing for your business. Also, it comes in many forms: uniforms, vehicle wraps, business cards, invoices, and customer service standards.

You should focus on branding right off the bat, even if you are not ready to start your business. This is an essential component of your business plan as it helps build your reputation in your community.

Steps for branding your pool service business:

  • Name of your company
  • Get logo
  • Distinguish your company with a solid value proposition
  • Build a strong website
  • Brand your vehicle and uniform with your logo

Exit tech business

Before you hit the road and start working, make sure you have some technical parts of starting a business, so that you don’t run into problems in line.

The two most important things to get out of the way are setting up an LLC and registering your business with your local government.

Becoming an LLC is important because it protects your assets and separates you from your business assets (for example: if you damage property). Having a registered business in your city is also important for legal reasons. Both help you maintain your business by the book.

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