How to find Logan Martin Lake homes for sale
How to find Logan Martin Lake homes for sale

How to find Logan Martin Lake homes for sale

Logan Martin Lake real estate is the third largest market in the state for lake homes and lake lots which is located in Alabama. $326,000 this is the average list prices of Logan Martin Lake homes for sale.

Around160 lake homes for sale on Logan Martin Lake are there. There are 300 lake lots and parcels. The logan martin lake is also known as Lake of a Thousand Coves. It is 275 miles of shoreline. Logan Martin Lake is considered a mid-sized Alabama lake due to its mid size.

Logan Martin Lake is a reservoir. It is located in east central Alabama on the Coosa River. It is approximately 30 miles (48 km) east of Birmingham, Alabama according to the sources.

This reservoir was built by Alabama Power Company  in 1965. It is also known as Lake of a Thousand Coves by locals. It has 275 miles (443 km) of shoreline along its 48.5-mile (78.1 km) length. It is sandwiched between Logan Martin Dam on the south and Neely Henry Dam on the north. The depth of the lake is around 35 to 110 feet as per the data out there.

Having five feet average water level variance. The lake borders St. Clair and Talladega. The reservoir extends 48.5 miles (78.1 km). It is extended from Logan Martin Dam upstream to Neely Henry Dam.

It contains 15,263 acres (61.77 km2). Logan Martin was the second dam built as a part of an Alabama Power Company construction program.The project included the construction of Weiss, Henry and Bouldin dams.

It includes the redevelopment of Lay Dam.  Logan Martin has roughly around 273 miles (439 km) of shoreline. Alabama has a lake of a similar name. Lake Martin on the Tallapoosa River.

Lake Martin and Logan Martin Lake are not part of the same river system, they are part of different systems and the Logan Martin Lake begins at the discharge of Neely Henry Dam near Ohatchee, Alabama.

The Coosa River rises in the Appalachian Mountains and its waters, and those of Logan Martin Lake, eventually discharge into Mobile Bay and also in the Gulf of Mexico. Real estate values on Logan Martin have increased substantially in the last 3 years very much as people are preferring to live here close to nature.

Homeowners have seen significant returns on their investments. Buyers are taking more interest hee due to its close proximity to Birmingham along with the limited properties remaining available. It’s the great and best time to consider selling your lake home at Logan Martin.

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Logan martin lake has become an attractive destination for a number of buyers. People can be surrounded by nature. A beautiful lake is also there which is the best choice for nature lovers. It is one of the best choices for the nature lovers to live. So, you should definitely buy a house there because buying a house is one the most important parts of our lives.

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