Best business ideas in Melbourne
Best business ideas in Melbourne

Best business ideas in Melbourne

Best business ideas in Melbourne: Melbourne is the capital of Victoria. Melbourne is often named as one of the best places to live in Australia. As the second-largest city in the country, there is no shortage of things, and there are suburbs and districts to suit all.

Unemployment is relatively low because you can see a lot of best business ideas in Melbourne, and it is considered one of the best cities in the world for students, making it perfect for the whole family.

The municipality of Melbourne is a gateway to Victoria, the seat of the Victorian government, and the headquarters, bodies, and government and non-government agencies of many local, national, and international companies.

If you are coming to Australia for work, chances are you want to live in one of the big cities. Sydney is a big draw, particularly for young professionals working in investment and those with a professional services industry or IT background.

Realtybang helps you to find the best business ideas in Melbourne.

Real Estate Investment in Melbourne

Melbourne has been chosen as the best city to live in for seven consecutive years, making it a great place to visit. Melbourne has been rated the world’s most vibrant city by the Economist Intelligence Unit for seven consecutive years. Much of this condition is due to education, infrastructure, and health care, but considering how enjoyable it is to travel in this city, it is great to consider.

Can a foreigner buy property in Melbourne, Australia?

Foreigners can purchase property in Melbourne, Australia, but there are some restrictions to consider. Non-residents should obtain approval from the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) before purchasing the property. As a non-resident, you can buy an established property for yourself as a house but it should be your primary residence.

If you do not intend to stay there the whole time, or if you are buying multiple properties in Australia as an investment, they should be new-build properties. These laws are designed to ensure that there is an adequate supply of new housing stock across the country.

Estate prices are decreasing in Melbourne and Sydney, while other cities have managed better so far this year. Hobart, Canberra, and Perth are among the current winners highlighted by real estate specialists.

Best business ideas in Melbourne:

Corporate Education and Leadership Development Company

Corporate leadership and job training are broadly underscored areas, which represent an opportunity to start a company and fill that need. By developing customized training and development programs for companies, you can help your employees and talent excel within the organization. A major staffing problem in Australia is the development of employees who can take on management and high-status roles, such as those who hoist a child.

These best business ideas in Melbourne explains this problem by working with companies to assure that their representatives are qualified and confident to lead the organization. This is another idea that can be started with a little investment as you can pre-sell the packages to the companies and then work with them to make sure the training is custom.

Community Energy Station – Blockchain Operated

Engaged in blockchain and producing renewable energy for your community? By setting up community power centers powered by solar energy, you can sell and distribute energy to yourself and your neighbors. And, by joining it with the blockchain, it can be done in a highly effective way.

By installing a meter from their power, whenever they use the community grid, it will track their usage and charge them accordingly. To make this idea work, electricity can be spent per kWh, but it must be cheaper than current electricity rates to attract people to install it.

This commercial idea is perfect for the amount of sunlight received for Australia and will be very durable. It may also extend to produce power for electric car charging stations in the future.

E-Sport Convenience Company

As mentioned earlier, e-sports is a widely growing industry, and people need space to play and host their games and competitions. Or maybe, people don’t want to spend thousands of dollars at a home gaming station, so they can come and play at your store.

By setting up a group of gaming stations with the latest games, you can charge an entry fee for customers who want to play video games. You can also receive contests and competitions to earn money.

If you are fond of gaming and want to enter an event as an e-sport business, then this idea is perfect for you. While it will take a lot of initial investment to get started, it can be very profitable if you enter at the right place.

Trades Education Institution

As demand for construction rises and workers’ support for training decreases in the future, there is a major opening for starting a business in the vocational education sector.

It can be either a private or public institution that teaches people electricity, plumbing, carpentry, and other trades. If you do not want to start big, you can start by offering a single business course to get you started and develop your footprint.

Environmental Consulting Company

Environmental issues and resolution of issues is a large area about which Australians and CEOs are concerned. They feel that climate change can have a major impact on their business results, and thus it is important to address these issues now.

This best business idea in Melbourne can be launch for a low cost as it is knowledge-based (consulting), and you will work closely with existing companies to help them develop an environmentally sustainable plan.

By working with your suppliers, employees, and current operations teams, you can pinpoint areas where they need to improve and make recommendations on how to replicate them or replace a permanent supplier.

Elderly Care Home Complex

The growing elderly demographic is something that is facing Australia as well as many other countries. With a growing elderly population, proper facilities and care are required to ensure that they are leading a good life. Initially, a large investment will need to be made for land, buildings, nursing, and doctors as well as food and medical supplies.

However, if you want to raise money, it will be a very sustainable business that can make a lot of profit. People charge $ 10,000 to $ 20,000 per month for this type of care, and if you house more than 50 people, it can be a great revenue stream. The baby boomer population is set to increase in the next 5 years.

Elderly Personal Service & Care Company

Another service is a personal service and care company to cater to the growing elderly population. If you need to help the growing elderly community, you can do it without wasting a lot of money on start-up costs.

By doing this yourself, you can advertise in local areas where senior people live and offer their services for personal care and care. This can range from various services such as delivery, companionship, transportation, and more. Setting this business idea to membership would also be very useful for families of elderly parents, so they know they are cared for.

Women Leadership Development Business

As research suggests, women have a harder time reporting to obtain management positions due to insufficient training programs and resources. This best business idea in Melbourne can be a non-profit company that can give women leadership development that they should be more educated than their peers.

Australia has the right environment for this as there are more female officers than many other countries, so support and advice are more robust and widely available. This idea could initially start with very little money.

Best Part-Time Business Ideas in Melbourne


Earn new money from old treasures and have fun doing it! Pioneer garage sale, estate auctions, and flea markets for fabulous purchases of antique furniture, toys, clothes, and other treasures from the past. Set up booths at weekend fairs to rent space in antique cooperatives, or to sell your antiques.

Computer tutor

Whether you specialize in Windows or Linux, desktop publishing or web research, HTML or word processing, you can help anyone improve their computer skills. Start promoting your computer-training services by teaching classes in your community through organizations that offer adult education courses.

Custom jewelry and accessories

Put your creative talent to design custom jewelry and accessories. Whether you work with sterling silver or recycled metal, clay or paper-mache, your custom earrings, pins, bracelets, necklaces, and belt buckles have a market at art shows, craft fairs, and holiday boutiques.

Espresso cart

Made profits day by day! The Special Coffee Association of America states that drinking specialty coffee produces 55.1 to 61.5 percent per cup of total coffee. So brush up on your coffee drinks, buy or rent an espresso cart, and go to sporting events, celebrations, and farmers’ markets in your community.

Garage and attic cleaning/hauling service

Nobody likes to clean weekends in garages, attics, or garden sheds – it’s dirty and time-consuming, and even when it’s done, it serves to shut down all who discard the junk. But if you don’t mind manual labor, then cleaning and service can be quite fun.

You can usually find some treasure among the trash that most people are happy to give, and you can increase your income by recycling bottles, and newspapers. You will need a pick-up truck or other vehicle capable of transporting everything from cast iron sinks to old wood.

Handyman or sergeant

If it is broken, you can fix it. Your phone will go off the hook with calls from homeowners, superiors, and others who don’t want to fix it themselves. Shopkeepers advertise on publications and bulletin boards and drop off passengers in real estate offices. Then start fixing everything from leaking taps to broken windows.

Home inspection

Buyers do not need to be careful when they hire a home inspector to conduct a complete physical examination in their dream home. You will inspect the home for structural problems and refer your customers to contractors or handymen/handywomen who can make repairs. Knowledge of construction and your local building code will get your business off the ground.

Medical transcription

Serve as an important member of a medical team without leaving your home office. There is a great demand by hospitals, doctors, dentists, chiropractors, and veterinarians who need help in transferring the patient’s medical records. Training in medical language and scientific skills will hold your healthy business.

Mobile Home-Entertainment Services

When it’s dirty, disconnected, or in need of repair, you’ll save the day for homeowners who want their stereo, compact-disc player, or video recording recorder in working order. Brush your electrical and wiring addresses. Calling door-to-door travelers and retail-store managers about your services will give your business a great start.

Mobile window shade

With some practice and basic tools, you will see lots of green with your mobile window-shading business. For best results, design a pager and van to help car, van, and truck owners protect their vehicle interiors from heat damage. Other hot markets: houses, tall buildings, and office buildings.

Office and home organizer

In today’s busy, fast-paced world, parents, business owners, and students alike can benefit from deep-breathing, relaxation, and the techniques you can teach them. Start by giving classes at health clubs, through your city’s recreation and parks department, or on your own.

Personal chef

What’s for dinner, honey? Great homemade food for working parents and busy professionals who hire you as a personal chef. This special service is in great demand. So plan your menu, make your shopping list, and go to work to satisfy your hungry customer.

Personal trainer

Personal experience, Pumping profits. Australians of all ages, sizes, and shapes want to stay fit, trim, and healthy, and they want to prepare their coaches to exercise properly. Spread the information about your physical-fitness expertise at fitness, spas, running, swimming and biking clubs, and other athletic outlets.

Picture framer

Go with the picture framing service in the frame. You can work with gallery owners, artists, portrait photographers, and individuals who have purchased prints, paintings, or great photos. If you are not a prepared specialist, take classes at a local college or community center, then assemble your equipment – including clamps, saws, mater boxes, glue, and a pneumatic or hand stapler. Establish relationships with local artist groups, galleries, photographers, and print shops that can give you their business or pass on their customers to you.

Plant leasing and maintenance

Got a green thumb and a delivery van? You are prepared for all service organizations, home contractors, health clubs, and other businesses who want fresh greenery. Develop a stable customer with a regular watering, pruning, and fertilization program and a complete replacement guarantee.

Search records

Using specialized databases, you’ll search public records on your computer, investigate suspected lawyers, track debtors, verify a contractor’s track record, or help your clients find lost love. We will dig up the facts on client opportunities including lawyers, business owners, and individuals.

Restaurant delivery

Be it macaroni and cheese, or a five-course gourmet meal, meal replacement at home is the newest way to eat fast. When customers want their restaurant to order “go-to”, you’ll be “on the go” with their restaurant delivery service. A great way to make your late afternoon and extra profitable weekend.

T-shirt design

If you are an artist looking for a medium, why not make a T-shirt your canvas? Paint, draw, bead, or craft your designs on plain t-shirts and showcase your art at farmers’ markets and craft fairs over the weekend.

Wallpaper hanging

Help residential and commercial customers transform walls into works of art with their wallpaper-hanging skills. Passengers are stopped at a paint and wallpaper shop; Also, advertisements in Shoppers Publishing, in homeowners-association newspapers, and on bulletin boards in local supermarkets and malls.

Some Popular Small Business Ideas in Melbourne

Agriculture, fisheries, and forestry

The most successful small business idea in Melbourne in this section include beef and dairy cattle farming, beekeeping, egg farming, cotton growing, and nursery production. The small business industry in the region accounts for 75% of the total GDP.

Real Estate, Rental Services

Popular small business ideas in Melbourne in this section include property management, real estate sales and brokerage, car, truck, and heavy equipment rentals, as well as furniture and equipment rentals. The sector accounts for 74% of the total GDP of the industry.


The most common small business ideas in Melbourne in this kind include air conditioning and heating services, carpentry, concreting, painting, decorating, landscaping, metal cladding, waterproofing, scaffolding and tiling, and carpets.

You can also consider starting an insulation business, or residential and commercial construction services. The region’s small business industry accounts for 57% of the total GDP.

Technical, Scientific and Professional Services

The most attractive small business ideas in Melbourne in this section include accounting, advertising, legal services, photography, market research, statistical, engineering, and management consulting services. The region’s small enterprises account for 46% of the total GDP of the industry.

Food and Housing Services

Popular small business ideas in Melbourne in this section hold catering, fast food, and takeaway services, restaurants, social clubs, bars, pubs, night clubs, motels, serviced apartments, and holiday homes. Small-scale businesses in the region make up 38% of the industry’s GDP.

Personal Health Care and Social Support Services

The best small business idea in Melbourne in this category include ambulance, dentistry, physiotherapy, and common practice medical services, as well as childcare, personal welfare, and aged care services. Small scale industries contribute 38% of the GDP in the sector.

Retail business

The most successful small business idea in Melbourne in this category include cake and bread bakery shops, grocery stores and supermarkets, luxury stores, fuel retailing, automotive dealers, and automotive parts and tire retailing.

Newspaper and book are great options for retailers, pharmacies, home appliances, furniture, and gardens, as well as considering retailing. The business structure of the region is 28% of the total GDP of the industry.

Administrative and Professional Support Services

Popular small business ideas in Melbourne in this section include credit agencies, call center operations, debt collection, travel, and tour agencies, recruitment and employment placement services, packaging, pest control, and commercial cleaning services. The region’s small businesses contribute 27% to the total GDP of the industry.

Transport, Warehousing and Postal Services

The best small business idea in Melbourne in this category include taxi and limousine services, road freight transport, customs agency services, general storage, and cold storage, and courier pickup and delivery services. Small businesses in the region contributed 26% to the total GDP of the industry.

Private Public Safety and Administration

The various popular small businesses in this category include private investigation and security services. Small businesses in the region make up 26% of the total GDP of the industry.

Wholesale Business Services

Popular businesses in this category include cereals and cereals, hardware, wood, wine, tobacco, soft drinks, and pre-packaged food wholesalers. Small businesses in the region contributed 24% to the industry’s GDP.

Arts, Entertainment & Entertainment

Common small businesses in this category include art galleries, gyms, fitness centers, sports and recreation facilities, and botanical gardens. The sector accounts for 21% of the total GDP of the industry.


The most famous small businesses in this category include cosmetics, perfumes, and toiletries, soap and cleaning compounds, fertilizer, and pesticide manufacturing.

You can also consider making beer, fruit juice, bottled water, chocolate and confectionary, and jewelry. The sector accounts for 20% of the total GDP of the industry.

Personal training and education

Modern best business ideas in Melbourne in this section include arts and non-vocational education, preschool education, as well as business and technical training services. These constitute 18% of the total GDP of the sector.

Information Media and Telecom Services

Traditional occupations in this category include Internet publishing, book publishing, music recording and publishing, video production, web hosting, and data processing services. These account for 13% of the total GDP of the industry.


The most famous small businesses in this category include metal ore mining, oil and mineral exploration support services, and quarrying. They contribute 10% to the total GDP of the industry.

Waste management services

Successful small business ideas in Melbourne in this section include liquid and solid waste collection, treatment, and disposal services. They contribute 9% to the total GDP of the industry.

Finance and Insurance

The most popular small businesses in this category include investment banking and securities brokerage, fund management, financial planning and investment, and money market dealership services.

Personal services

Popular small businesses in this category include babysitting, hairdressing and grooming, laundry and dry cleaning, funeral directors and cremation services as well as parking, religious, and weight loss services.

Repair and maintenance

Popular small businesses in this category include clothing and footwear repair, home appliance repair, and automotive and heavy machinery repair.

Online retail

Most common small business ideas in Melbourne in this category include eCommerce websites that sell automotive parts, baby products, car classifieds, daily deals, kitchens, and dining ware.

Men’s and women’s clothing and shoes, small electrical appliances, travel booking services, handbags, and luggage sellers are also a popular choice.

The biology

Small businesses in this category include drug and rehab centers, eating disorder clinics, fertility clinics, life coaching services, and health and wellness visas.

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