Real Estate in Newcastle
Real Estate in Newcastle

Real Estate in Newcastle

Real Estate in Newcastle: It is commonly known as Newcastle – one of the most iconic cities in Britain, renowned for its industrial heritage, which is brown in color, popular nightlife, and distinct regional ‘Geordie’ dialect.

Established in the northeast of England on the banks of the River Tyne, the city has experienced many changes since it created life as a Roman fortress on the wall of Hadrian in 122AD.

This settlement was known as Ponce Elias or Alien Bridge in Latin, ‘Alien’ is the family name of Emperor Hadrian. Newcastle has a lot of things to be proud of, has won tons of awards, and performed brilliantly in a lot of competitions.

Not only are we the best city, but we have the best castles, the best sculptures, the best fish and chips, the best gin, the best ton fan, and the best record breakers. Giordaland is amazing and we have excellent locations and products to prove it.

Real Estate in Newcastle

Young tenants in Newcastle spend a part of their pre-tax income by hiring a room in a house – one of the cheapest major cities.

Hampton International found that Newcastle is the third cheapest in 20 major UK cities for 21 to 29 years, renting a room to live. Income on monthly rental tax.

On average, it costs £ 418 a month to rent a bedroom in Newcastle, equivalent to 26% of those aged 21–29. People in Liverpool and Sheffield rent 25% of their income to a single room.

At the opposite end of the scale, young professionals in Brighton spend the highest proportion of their earnings on housing at 35%, an average rent of £ 647 for a room in a house.

A lot of assets

With so much property to rent or buy in Newcastle to consider being spoiled for choice. There are beautiful townhouses, spacious flats and apartments, seminars, and detached houses. The right to live in the center of this metropolitan city allows people to enjoy their leisure time. working in

The locals are sociable and want to keep their roots down. The city attracts people from the UK and abroad.

Why not know more about Newcastle and the best places to live? 

Get in touch with reputable agents, who can help you find a suitable property to rent or purchase. Newcastle on the Tyne has everything you could desire for more.

Cost of living in Newcastle

Living in a metropolis is everyone’s dream. People from small towns migrate to big cities to enjoy a good lifestyle using high-end facilities. However, going to a city like Newcastle needs a lot of preparation and knowledge.

From buying the most suitable residential property in the city hotspots to finding a good school near your relocation, you need to evaluate everything before relocating to a new place. Some other factors will help you determine the cost of living in Newcastle. To make things a little easier for you, here are some figures that will reveal the current cost of the life of this beautiful city:

  • According to a recent study, the monthly cost of a four-person family is approximately $ 258,880.17 estimated without rent.
  • A person’s monthly cost is approximately $ 73,175,53 without rent.
  • The average price for a unit in Newcastle in 2019 was $ 785,000 – much cheaper than in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.
  • Groceries in the city are 3.35 percent lower than the Australian average.
  • The rental value of a house is $ 550 / per week with an annual rental of about 3.1 percent per week.
  • A rental unit costs approximately $ 480 / week.
  • Newcastle has seen a steady growth rate of 7.6 percent for homes and 9.4 percent for units in the last five years of sales.
  • Most families in Newcastle are childless couples and are paying around 1800- $ 2399 / – per month on mortgage payments.
  • Restaurant prices are 9.64 percent higher than the Australian average.
  • Consumer prices are 0.04 percent lower than the Australian average.

There is no denying the fact that living in Newcastle is not so expensive as we compare it to Melbourne, Sydney, and other metros in the country. Today, Newcastle is the 7th largest city in Australia and is famous for its diverse culture, commercial, trade, and industrial economy.

Property prices in Newcastle – cost of accommodation

Newcastle and its surrounding suburbs offer luxurious living options for high-standard lifestyles. Related to the capital city of NSW, residential properties in Newcastle give excellent value. There are all types and sizes of domestic housing and boasts waterfronts, suburban living, rural acres, luxury apartments, sky-high buildings, heritage cottages, and more.

The city is mixed with low cost of living and a comfortable lifestyle, but still, people have their preferences in terms of buying a house in a particular place.

Top-Rated Tourist Places in Newcastle

Newcastle-upon-Tyne is the capital of the north-east of England from an economic and cultural point of view. This industrial city is located on the River Tyne, with several notable Victorian buildings and streets in its center, as well as three large shopping centers.

It is popular for its many interesting museums and entertainment facilities, including the iconic Theater Royal and City Hall, a popular venue for rock and pop music festivals.

  • Tyne Bridge
  • Historical questions and answers
  • Newcastle Castle
  • Newcastle Cathedral
  • Old city chart
  • Grainger Town and Grey’s Monument
  • In album class
  • Lang Art Gallery
  • Great North Museum: Hancock
  • Discovery Museum
  • Jesmond Dane
  • Gateshead and Millennium Bridge

If you are visiting Newcastle-on-Tyne for the first time, the best place to stay is in the city center – especially near Quayside, with its popular shops, restaurants, and historic buildings. From here, attractions such as Castle Keep, Tyne Bridge, and St. Nicholas Cathedral are within walking distance.

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