About Airdrie Real Estate
About Airdrie Real Estate

About Airdrie Real Estate

About Airdrie Real Estate: When researching the huge variety of homes for sale, each is unique in its way. It can be challenging for a buyer or seller to get the pros and cons of the housing market – especially in light of the recent economic downturn.

Buying or selling a home can be a touching and inspiring experience. To stay on top you cannot be informed of all the rules and regulations, not to mention new developments in the market trends when looking at Airdrie homes for sale.

Whether you’re interested in buying or selling in Airdrie’s growing community, we’re here to do everything you need to guide you to a successful outcome.

Buying Airdrie Real Estate

If you are looking for a pristine suburban neighborhood to raise your family, you may want to consider buying a home in Airdrie Alberta. Airdrie has gained a reputation for its wonderful schools and spacious green spaces.

It is a perfect place for people of all lifestyles. If you’re looking for peace out of town, consider the security and neighborhood experience offered by Airdrie City, Alberta.

The Airdrie real estate market is interesting especially for “first-timers” shopping from Calgary, who will be amazed at Airdrie’s prices compared to similar homes in Calgary. A strong influx of new residents and an exceptionally healthy economy make the city one of the most desirable places to home in Canada. You will have a wide range of options when looking for a new home in the Airdrie real estate market.

Whatever the size, style, and special needs of your family, there is something out there that will excite you!

Census indicates continued growth of Airdrie

Airdrie’s population is now officially 58,690 – an increase of 6.92% compared to 2014. Airdrie City’s press release reduced this growth to a simple visual statistic: an average of 10.4 people visited our Fair City over the past year. 

With the unabated rise of new townhouse projects in the neighborhoods of Williamstown, Bayside, Windsong, Kings Heights, and more, we continue to look in wonder. The city has come a long way in the fifteen years since it was first moved here in 2000, with more than triple the census count of over 19,000.

The Airdrie resale market is hot

A recent tweet by Calgary realtor and market stat guru Mike Fotiou showed that, if not at the volume peak levels of 2014, the market here is pretty well humming. Digging a little deeper into the package of figures included in his blog post revealed that in June 2015, sales of 759 units of the YTD MLS Airdrie had only doubled over the past ten years: in the 2007 boom, 827 homes changed hands and last year’s figure of 899 represents the high water mark for the city.

Drilling down a level and looking at detached homes only, the same result can be seen: June 2015 sales of 525 units of the YTD MLS Airdrie also represented the third-highest result on record in the past decade.

Our local Airdrie Boots on the ground realtors also confirmed that similar to Calgary, the under $400K starter market remains hot with a total of 2.31 months of supply that we exhausted within June in total. The combination of high rents and low-interest rates allows this segment to maintain its strength.

Last year, many homeowners stuck in the previous recession swam to renovate their homes.

Hire and Vacancies fixed

We have seen demand remain strong in the first six months of the year, and the turnover rates are similar to previous years. Vacancies are essentially non-existent for us.

At the time of writing this article, we received a strong response for a rental ad for a four-bedroom, 2200-square-foot two-story double-enclosed garage house for $2,395 per month, as well as monthly pet fees. are looking. Huh. Were. whichever is applicable.

Townhouse rents have softened slightly but overall remain strong, with single garages in new construction still fetching figures of $1,500–1600 per month.

Those with basement suites have reported a decline, possibly related to the launch of privately held multi-family apartments in the southwest of the city. 

Secondary suite update

Amidst all this positive news, there is also a small fly in the ointment.

A source at Airdrie’s City Hall has advised that action is being taken on non-conforming secondary suites, which will reportedly lead to an actual shutdown. There has been a longstanding tendency to look the other way with enforcement over the years, which has allowed for both a solid ROI and cash flow for homeowners, as well as a decent amount of affordable rental options.

Affordable housing was recognized as one of the hurdles facing Airdrie businesses. One can only believe that this trend is temporary, and the model shift that happened years ago in Edmonton and Red Deer ultimately makes its way here and provides for the legalization of suites.

Some interesting facts about real estate in Airdrie

  • Airdrie is a city in Alberta, Canada, within the Calgary Territory. Airdrie is located north of Calgary at the intersection of Queen Elizabeth II Highway 2 and Highway 567 within the Calgary–Edmonton Corridor.
  • The City of Airdrie is part of the Calgary Census metropolitan area and a member municipality of the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board.
  • Airdrie is divided into four civic addressing quadrants.
  • Airdrie is a one-bedroom community and industrial hub.
  • According to the 2019 municipal census, Airdrie City has a population of 70,564.
  • Airdrie is linked to Gwacheon, South Korea, and Airdrie, North Lanarkshire, Scotland.
  • Airdrie was incorporated as a city on 1 January 1985.
  • Airdrie is 1,098 meters above sea level.
  • Airdrie is served by Airdrie Airport, with the nearest major airport being Calgary International Airport.

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