San Marino Residence by Investment Programs
San Marino Residence by Investment Programs

San Marino Residence by Investment Programs

San Marino Residence by Investment Programs: Following its sole neighbor, Italy, San Marino launched 2 RBIs in 2017 to supplement already available housing for economic reasons with a simple process in 2017.

San Marino is a small state in Europe that is not part of the European Union but shares several agreements with the Union. San Marino has been landed in Italy, forcing international travelers to land in Italy to enter San Marino.

Residents of San Marino can obtain Schengen visas from Italy, as a result, to travel in and out. These permits provide a 10-year residence permit and you can add your spouse and children up to 25 years of age to the application.

Alternative residence

The alternative residence is based on your ability to financially sustain yourself in the area without work. The application process takes less than 60 days. To qualify you must name one or both types of investment in this area.

The purchase, which has already been completed, is in RAW condition before 31 May 2017, at a price of not less than € 500,000 of the building or building used as a home or family unit. Housing can also be the result of the consolidation of several real estate units. In addition to the purchase price of € 350,000, an amount not exceeding € 150,000 cannot be calculated the above amount:

  • Cost of completion of real estate unit;
  • Cost of restructuring the building unit;

Demolition costs with real estate unit remodeling.

Non-interest-bearing deposits for a period of not less than € 600,000 in securities issued by the State of San Marino or in funds established specifically for this purpose.

Residence for economic reasons

Those who want to start a business in San Marino without qualification as a high-tech startup can do so by applying for residency for economic reasons. To qualify you must be a majority shareholder of the company and hire from 1 to 3 residents.

You must deposit a safe bank deposit of € 75,000 within two years of attaining residency, which can be exchanged with a purchase in favor of the state (such as a lien). This bank deposit can be issued by a San Marino-supervised institution through a bank or insurance guarantee.

Residence for an economic reason with simplified procedures

Similar to the previous plan, this one was introduced in 2017 for those who want to make a high investment in San Marino.

You will be required to create 5 full-time jobs at the time of completion of the transaction for a minimum value of € 300,000 and purchase a pre-existing property or bank or security guarantee published by a San Marino supervised entity.

Allowed residence permit

When their stay in the territory of the Republic of San Marino lasts more than 10 days, international, nationals must get a stay or residence permit. Permit records can be of three different types: for tourism, special or ordinary.

Simple permits are issued by the state Congress for those who apply with a contract or with an indefinite contract. A stay travel permit is issued by Gendarmerie and may be valid for a maximum. 90 days. This permit is issued to people living in the Republic of San Marino for tourism, school, health, or rest, but does not allow for a maximum of 90 days and health support rights.

The final renewal or extension is always released by Gendarmerie for an additional 90 days. Special permission to stay may be continuous or seasonal. In the first case “continuous” when the applicant has an indefinite contracted job, the second case is “seasonal” when the applicant has the maximum contract for the job. Length of 10 months.

Continued migration is permitted by the state Congress. No possibility appears in the official list of skilled employees of the job when requested by the applicant after the Commission regulates the job. Permission to stay for the study is granted to all students attending primary, and secondary school for at least one school length.

Permission to stay covers the entire duration of the study. It is necessary to attend school courses to get sufficient results. An application for permission to stay should be sent to the Passport Office.

How to acquire San Marino Residence by Investment Programs

A residence permit is issued by Gnimery for special documentation purposes and may be issued at least 5 years before the normal date of stay, but only if the applicant does not have the durability in San Marino. is. Interruptions and when there is no pending process and public order are important reasons.

Amended by law, the following bodies have the right to issue a residence permit upon receiving a resolution inspired by the state Congress: Permanent Commission on Foreign Affairs, Migration and Immigration, Information, Transport and Telecommunications, Police and Public Affairs. The state congress is responsible for preparing an annual report of the status of stay and residence permits to pass the Grand and General Counsel.


Citizenship in San Marino is obtained when both father and mother are San Marino citizens. When only single parents are citizens of San Marino, within 12 months of the child reaching the age of 18, both parents must declare that they wish to choose the citizenship of the parent who is in San Is a citizen of Marino.

Citizenship in San Marino also derives from birth in the republic if both parents are unknown or stateless.

All San Marino citizens under the age of 18, who reside in the area of ​​San Marino for a minimum of 10 years, can obtain citizenship.

One of the requirements for obtaining this citizenship is to operate well; The applicant should not be considered guilty of criminal offense either domestically or abroad, moreover, the applicant should not be imprisoned or sentenced to more than 1 year.

At the time of approval of the legal provision, it is required that the applicant is present to the residents in the Registry Office and has not been convicted of any criminal offense in the Republic or abroad. A prison sentence or dispute over 1 year.

To obtain citizenship it is necessary to renounce any other citizenship and continue to reside in the Republic effectively for at least 30 years.

Foreigners living in the republic by birth can naturally request when parents or relatives have maintained, a continued residence in the republic for 30 years to 2 degrees. Naturally acquired citizenship can also be given to young children.

In case of residence abroad, the applicant has to appear before the appropriate authorities along with all relevant documents, and then the authorities have to send the documents to the registrar.

The following is a list of documents required to successfully apply for a San Marino passport.

  • Certificate of nationality
  • Birth certificate
  • certificate of residence
  • Certificate of enjoyment of civic capacity
  • Police certificate of good conduct
  • Pending fee certificate
  • 2 passport photographs including 1 certified.

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