Real Estate Market in Ajman
Real Estate Market in Ajman

Real Estate Market in Ajman

Real Estate Market in Ajman: Ajman is located in the center of the Arabian Gulf Coast. It is the smallest Emirate in the United Arab Emirates with a total area of ​​just 260 square kilometers.

It also includes two small islands called Manama and Masfut which are very fertile and rich in agriculture and farming. This emirate is geographically surrounded by Sharjah to its east, north, and south.

Its population was so low during the 1980s, but over the years, its population has seen a significant increase as residents of other neighboring emirates are considering settling in Ajman.

It is an ideal option for those who prefer traditional lifestyles among friendly residents and are willing to enjoy the warm sunny beaches. Apart from occupying the smallest land area in the UAE, Ajman is very rich in historical sites in their original form without being influenced by a large number of concrete architecture.

Ajman is also a paradise for shopping and eating activities. This emirate is capable of creating a more peaceful and highly nurtured spirit than other large emirates of the United Arab Emirates.

To cater to the needs of tourists and residents to promote tourism in the region, the city built a huge hotel complex and a world-class resort with shopping malls, local and international retail outlets, traditional commercial markets, banks, and private companies are included.

Ajman’s real estate market also attracted local and foreign property investors by offering low-priced property to buyers and renters.

In addition, the state government has also announced the introduction of freehold property ownership for foreigners in specific areas of the city to attract second home seekers and foreign investors. Residential and commercial properties in Ajman are available at many affordable prices compared to Dubai and other big emirates of the United Arab Emirates.

Ajman is a perfect combination of Arabic and Western lifestyles with simplicity. It is a well-converted 21st-century city that represents a unique modern United Arab Emirates city in which the rich Arab culture is less influenced by today’s fast lifestyles.

Why invest in Ajman

Although it is the smallest Emirate in the United Arab Emirates, Ajman has recently been gaining a lot of popularity among both local and ex-pat communities and this can be attributed to the fact that there are a lot of residential developments taking place. Faridabad.

Attracting investors and tenants to focus their attention here. Due to its increasing popularity many people moved to Ajman and worked in Dubai. But there are many other reasons why people are considering staying in Ajman and working in Dubai. Want to know what they are? Read on to find out.

Due to living in Ajman and working in Dubai

Ajman offers a complete package to its residents, it has everything you need and more. So let’s have a look at some of the benefits of staying in Ajman and working in Dubai.

High savings in Real Estate Market in Ajman

All properties in Ajman are very affordable, which leads to greater savings.

The first benefit of working in Dubai and staying in Ajman is that you will save a lot. The total cost of living in Ajman is much lower than in Dubai. The rent for all types of properties is very low in Ajman compared to Dubai and even Sharjah, which is ideal if you want to cut your housing expenses.

Let’s take an example: According to the current listing on, the rent for a 2-bedroom flat in Ajman starts at AED 18k, while the rent for a 2-bedroom apartment in Dubai is AED 40k. is. You can save AED 22k instantly by shifting from Dubai to Ajman.

The equivalent can be seen for homes in Ajman. Let’s take the example of a 3-bedroom villa; It starts at AED 34k in Ajman and AED 75k in Dubai. As you can see, there is a huge difference in the prices of Ajman properties, which allows a lot of savings and is one of the main reasons that UAE citizens want to live in Ajman and move to Dubai.

Big houses

A major advantage of staying in Ajman is that you can get big villas at affordable prices.

The way residents enjoy affordable rents, another reason why you want to live in Ajman and work in Dubai is the fact that if you move to this Emirate then you can upgrade to a bigger house.

This works well if you have a family and want to upgrade from your apartment in Dubai to a larger villa, and also make incredible savings. Suppose you want to upgrade from your 2-bedroom apartment to a large 3-bedroom villa. So if you are thinking of going to Ajman then you can save a lot by staying at a big place. You can also own a house in Ajman at affordable prices.

Peaceful Neighborhood

Ajman’s neighborhoods are quiet and peaceful.

Ajman has an attractive and peaceful attraction that attracts many people. If you are someone who likes to live in a quiet neighborhood then going to Ajman is for you. Ajman is also far away from the noise of urban cities, so you do not have to be disturbed by the fast horns of the car or the busy steps of the people.

It has also been decided that shopping malls in Ajman, including Ajman City Center, Hamdan Center, and Safir Mall, will be free from heavy crowds during the sale, making the shopping experience comfortable.

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