Real Estate Investment in Guadeloupe
Real Estate Investment in Guadeloupe

Real Estate Investment in Guadeloupe

Real Estate Investment in Guadeloupe: The Caribbean island of Guadeloupe is the center of the Creole culture of the Caribbean. In addition to its excellent Creole cuisine and its Gaelic nature, Guadeloupe offers some of the most spectacular beaches and mountainous regions.

With a vibrant mix of African and French influences, Guadeloupe is as famous for its rum and sugar as for its resorts and beaches.

The hotels are not as expensive and luxurious as Jamaica or Anguilla, but you can still feel like a real paradise island at some small resort, where local food and peace will be the highlight of your stay.

This lush Caribbean island offers a unique blend of metropolitan cities with rustic settlements, secluded beaches, and rainforests.

Guadeloupe Real Estate, Economy and Infrastructure

The economy of Guadeloupe depends entirely on tourism, agriculture, light industry, and assistance. It also relies on region France for large-scale imports and subsidies. The tourism industry is growing rapidly in Guadeloupe, with most tourists visiting the U.S. The number of cruises to and from the island is increasing.

Crops such as brinjal, banana, and flowers have now gradually replaced the traditional sugarcane crop. Fruits and vegetables are also planted for the locals, even though Guadeloupe is still often dependent on food shipped from France. The light industry includes the production of rum and sugar. Most of the fuel and manufactured goods are imported. Unemployment on the island is quite high, especially among the youth.

Since Guadeloupe falls under the same monetary system as mainland France, the official currency of the island is the euro (€). Currently, the rate of exchange is € 1 = the US $ 1.30.


If visiting your favorite destination for a week or two is not sufficient, the beautiful Caribbean island of Guadeloupe allows some very interesting Caribbean real estate events. From opulent estates to modest cottage shelters, this tropical island will offer some very interesting investment options.

Pointe des Chateaux peninsula, for example, is an acre of seaside homes with gardens and orchards located on the eastern side of Guadeloupe. These three-bedroom houses have large private swimming pools, a garage and are located in expensive residential areas. You would probably have to spend millions of dollars to buy such a house on another Caribbean island; However, in Guadeloupe, these homes start at $ 540,000!

When in Calendar, or its neighboring Builante, which is on the west coast of Boos-Terre, you will find some real estate agents in the city of Bous-Terre who speak both French and English. They are suitable to help you in sourcing real estate investment options in this traditional part of Guadeloupe.

There are homes in about 1,100 square feet and it starts at $ 61,000. At such a price, your home will probably be inland in a small village like Saint-Cloud, but similar homes on the beach can be found for $ 121,500.

 The main resort cities of Saint-François, Saint-Anne, and Gosier to the south have some very interesting real estate options. Saint-François, with its stunning beaches, is oriented east and offers some very exciting adventure opportunities.

The studio in Saint-François costs approximately $ 47,000. You will find very large one-bedroom apartments and condominiums in lavish accommodations ranging from $ 4,500 to $ 138,000 in the marina.

 A relatively little-known Caribbean island with subtle French influences, the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe tells everyone who takes the time to get to know him.

Property Purchase Process in Guadeloupe

Once the parties have agreed on the price and to whom the sale relates, the parties will be required to sign the initial agreement. The initial agreement usually takes the form of an option (in reply), with a 5% to 10% penalty if the option is not exercised, usually secured by deposits held by the notary. There is a 7-day cooling-off period, in which the buyer can improve his memory.

Once the initial contracts are exchanged, the pre-completion search occurs: land registry search, local authority search, planning permission search, and more. If the dwelling has been sold by a property professional or is less than ten years old, the seller has a statutory obligation to all potential owners within ten years for defects.

Notary will check that the account has been settled, accepting its fees and land registry fees if they are not included in Notary’s fees.

There is an additional 15.4% VAT on buildings under five years of age.

Can landlords and tenants freely agree to rent in Guadeloupe?

The initial rent can be freely agreed upon between the owner and the tenant. However, the rent can be revised only once a year, and only when a clause in the contract specifies it. The increase cannot exceed the four-quarter average increase of the INSEE index of construction costs. The index clause and the periodic clause should follow it.

Except for such a clause, if at the end of the contract the owner wants to increase the rent, he must demonstrate that the rent is clearly below the current standard for the area and comparable housing, by presenting nine examples, each Detailed description in addition to – Exact address, surface area, the position of decoration, date of construction, a time during which the accommodation has been rented, and rental amount.

If the increase is more than 10%, it should be spread over six years, even if the contract is only for three years. If no agreement is reached, the owner must go to the Departmental Reconciliation Commission, and if he fails, go to a judge.

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