Purchase of Grenadian Real Estate
Purchase of Grenadian Real Estate

Purchase of Grenadian Real Estate

Purchase of Grenadian Real Estate: Investing in government-approved real estate projects in Grenada allows investors to gain second citizenship in the Caribbean within just 3-4 months. Developments including resorts, hotels, and villas are diverse.

Given the rapidly growing tourism industry on the island, demand is strong, and the property market offers an excellent investment with anticipated high returns.

Applicants opting for an approved real estate project must invest at least $ 220,000 and hold the property for five years before obtaining citizenship. This minimum investment applies to the purchase of qualified projects within the tourism housing sector. Applicants may be sole investors, a second primary applicant may contribute to joint investment – and thus an institution grants citizenship to two investors and their families.

In this case, the principal applicant is a co-owner of an individual entity, which is shared with at least one additional principal applicant. Each investor contributes at least $ 220,000.

There is also an option for investors to apply in person, starting at $ 350,000.

Funds invested through the application process are placed in escrow as a security measure – and are released only upon approval of the citizenship application.

JUST KNOW ABOUT Purchase of Grenadian Real Estate:

There are many project management services throughout the island. The system facilitates a streamlined rental network, which generates additional revenue.

Estons is pleased to become an authorized agent of the Grenada citizenship program. As such, we provide a full spectrum of services, including initial consultation, sourcing of the best property projects, document preparation, and submission of citizenship applications. We can arrange viewing for your convenience directly in Grenada or Virtual Trip.

Grenada Citizenship by Investment 

In the uncertain world, a large number of people are demanding the protection of second citizenship for themselves and their families. A second passport can give greater choice to travel internationally, peace of mind as well as financial gains. Many Caribbean island nations grant citizenship to eligible applicants, including the island of Granada.

We have put together this guide for investors who wonder how to get citizenship of Grenada and consider applying for citizenship of the island through an investment program. Grenada citizenship by investment program enables qualified investors to apply for full citizenship in exchange for significant investment in the country’s economy. There are many accepted investment routes available to investors. Our guide covers all aspects of the program, from eligibility requirements, investment options, and application costs to citizenship benefits.

Grenada Citizenship Overview by Investment Program

In 2013 Grenada resumed citizenship by an investment program that granted full citizenship to eligible applicants in exchange for investment in a designated real estate project or financial contribution.


Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program offers applicants several benefits:

Full citizenship for a lifetime

Successful applicants become full residents of Grenada with the right to exist and work in the island and other CARICOM (Caribbean Community) countries. Grenadian nationals also enjoy all the advantages and opportunities of citizenship of a Commonwealth country in the UK and other Commonwealth countries.

No residency requirement

Successful applicants are not required to permanently reside in Granada but the option is available.

Visa-free travel around the world

Successful candidates receive a Grenadian passport that is visa-free or visa-on-arrival in almost 140 countries around the world, including the European Union and the UK.

USA E-2 Visa

Grenada is the only Caribbean island with a citizenship program that presents a pathway to eligibility to apply for a USA E-2 visa that allows successful applicants to live and serve a business in the USA.

Attractive tax regime

An attractive tax regime provides freedom from inheritance tax, capital gains tax, and wealth tax.

The fast track application process

Thanks to a straightforward application process, you can get your new passport in about 90 days.

Family-friendly program

The program allows family members to apply simultaneously, including the spouse, children, parents, and grandparents of the main applicant.

Dual citizenship permit

Grenada recognizes dual citizenship so applicants are not required to renounce their current citizenship under Grenadian law.

Who are the qualified qualification requirements

To be eligible for Grenada’s citizenship program, the main applicant must be over 18 years of age, submit an application by process and meet the minimum required investment levels of one of the investment options outlined below.

Investment option

To qualify for Granada citizenship by the Investment Program, applicants are required to make significant financial contributions to the country through one of the routes below. Apart from investment, due diligence and government processing fees should also be covered by the applicant.

Real estate investment

Investment in a government-approved Granada real estate project: US $ 220,000. Search our Grenada citizenship by investment real estate for approved properties in Grenada.

National Transformation Fund (NTF)

A non-refundable financial contribution to the National Transformation Fund of Grenada.

How to apply? 

Application Process

The decision on the application for citizenship of Granada is normally made within 3-4 months of the submission of the request form.

The application process for the program’s real estate route includes the following steps:

  • Make an investment agreement with the developer of an approved real estate project.
  • Transfer the entire investment and all associated fees to an escrow account controlled by an attorney in Grenada.
  • Submit the application form in full along with the necessary documents.
  • Get government approval after issuing a CBI naturalization certificate.
  • A passport application is submitted and the passport is distributed.
  • Grenada citizenship by investment real estate

Looking for real estate approved by investment program for Grenada citizenship? Many of our property listings in Grenada are projects approved under the CIP program.

Many listings on our site are officially approved projects, meaning that investing in one of them entitles you to apply for citizenship in Grenada.

Foreign buyers boost the housing market

International airlines now fly directly from the major US and European cities. Most foreign buyers interested in the high-end residential market come from the UK, but American and Canadian buyers are also growing in interest.

Most foreign home buyers shop in the $ 300,000 to $ 1 million price range.

In 2015, visitor arrivals increased 12.5 percent to 444,391, according to the East Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB). Stay-over visitors grew by 5.38% to 140,735, mostly from the United States, followed by 18% from the United Kingdom, 16% from other Caribbean states, and 8% from Canada.

Visitor arrivals between 2008 and 2011 have already surpassed the annual average visitors of about 43,000. However, it was still below the peak of 471,342 visitors in 2009.

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