Perth's most expensive suburb
Perth's most expensive suburb

Perth’s most expensive suburb

Perth’s most expensive suburb: Perth, the capital of Western Australia, is a vibrant, energetic city whose claim to fame includes picture-perfect beaches, exotic wineries, and vast parklands. But this wonderful city also has its many secrets.

Perth’s most expensive suburb

REIWA has unveiled its top 10 most expensive suburbs for homes in Perth, with only one location having an average value of more than $ 2 million.

However, it is important to note that data has been filtered for areas with at least 28 property sales from 12 months to July 2020, which would explain the absence of exclusive peppermint groves.


Dalkeith is the most expensive suburb of Perth from 12 months to July 2020. Its average selling price of $ 2.35 million represents a 4.4 percent increase for the wealthy suburb. Dalkeith is home to some of Perth’s finest Havelis and can see the Swan River. Dalkeith’s lifestyle makes it a desirable place to buy a beautiful home, investment property, close to beautiful parks, sports clubs, and recreational facilities.


Cottesloe has earned second place in the list of Perth’s most expensive suburbs from July to 2020. Despite its average selling price decreasing by 12.8 percent, it is still $ 1.85 million. The Cottesloe lifestyle is quite popular and offers natural coastal use due to the proximity to the Farmental and Cotteslo train stations.

Marine Parade is the biggest attraction of the suburb and here you will find many tourists and locals who can enjoy the famous Kotsloi beach, bars, and restaurants.


With an average selling price of $ 1.75 million, Nedlands is Perth’s third most expensive suburb for homes. In the 12 months to July 2020, Nedlands’ average selling price rose 7 percent, proving that demand for homes in the suburb is strong. Buyer demand for Nedlands is also supported by its selling days, meaning selling a house for just 26 days – 16 days faster than the entire Perth region.

City Beach

City Beach reported a 3.5 percent drop in its average selling price from July to 2020, dropping to $ 1.64 million – still the fourth most expensive suburb in Perth. City Beach is famous for its coastal front, popular beaches, and stunning mansions.


Rounding out the top five most expensive suburbs for homes in Perth is Applecross. The average selling price on Applecross is $ 1.55 million, a slight decrease of 3.1 percent from 12 months to July 2020. Applecross is a suburban dream, offering residents of some of Perth’s most beautiful homes the best views of Perth’s Swivel River and the city.


Swanbourne is the neighbor of Cottesalo and the hub of the iconic western suburbs. With an average selling price of $ 1.53 million, Swanbourne is Perth’s sixth most expensive suburb for homes. This figure is an increase of 4.1 percent from 12 months to July 2020, suggesting an increase in house values. Sanborn also appears to be the most popular suburb on this list, with a low average number of only 25 sales days.


Floreat recorded an impressive increase in the price of its median home in July 2020, rising 14.9 percent to $ 1.5 million. Floret has an abundance of sports and recreation facilities for the Australian Athletics Stadium, Rugby WA, and Floret Oval.

Real estate in Perth

The declining travel buyer activity increases as the Perth property market increases, with the expectation that mid-house prices may rise by 10 percent during 2021.

  • REIWA says housing sales rose 42.5pc in December 2019 last month
  • Kelmscott saw the largest increase in average selling price by 6.2 percent
  • REIWA expects house prices to be between 6 and 10pc this year.
  • According to data from the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA), home sales saw a 42.5 percent jump in December 2020 compared to December 2020.
  • REIWAA President Damian Collins said people could benefit from a favorable real estate market by reducing travel during December.

For the duration of the festivals, December traditionally experienced a decrease in home sales due to buyers. Nevertheless, this year we have seen a significant increase in buyer activity, which shows that people are taking advantage of market conditions while they are unable to travel.

Perth warnings or tips on risk

Perth warning and danger

From small bars to huge urban villages, Perth is a beautiful place to visit and is the largest city within Western Australia. Despite its beauty, you should be aware of many dangers and warnings while traveling.

Development of wildlife on the road

When traveling in the suburbs, it is not uncommon for wildlife to run on the road at night. If this happens, try to avoid hilarious, which can land you in another lane of traffic or trench. Instead, work hard and try to remember the animal. If you hit a marsupial, pull it and check. Many times these children are killed with young children in their pouch. If you find the children alive, wrap them in a towel or blanket and take them to the nearest vet.

Avoid train at night

Perth is for the most part a safe city, but some train lines are best to avoid unless you are with a group of people. The Armadale line can be scary at night with some frightened individuals in the ride. Other places to avoid traveling at night include Rockingham, Victoria Park, and Kiwana.

Do not explore with your pets

Whether you have a service animal or simply take your dog with you everywhere, you should leave your pets at home or hotel as you explore the forests and reserves. Foxes and wild cats are plentiful and game wardens have developed a poison that affects these animals as well as dogs. The forest and reserves are deadly for your pets.

Care in the ocean

The ocean in Perth is unpredictable and can cause injury to unknown people. Do not stand on large rocks on the water’s edge or you can get off in an instant.

Interesting facts about Perth

Nature and urban life harmonize in Perth on Australia’s west coast. Here, where locals soak up more sunshine days than any other Australian capital city, you can visit nearby Rottnest Island, Walk-in Leaf Kings Park, and Swan Valley Vineyards, the tribal art that serves food. And can experience history.

Perth is an outer city with beautiful beaches, amazing weather, and plenty of places to enjoy a quiet beer.

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  • Explore the Australian Bush in the City
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  • Perth’s score incorporates modern culture

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