Do I need permits for Basement renovations in Edmonton?
Do I need permits for Basement renovations in Edmonton?

Do I need permits for Basement renovations in Edmonton?

Do I need permits for Basement renovations in Edmonton?: The answer to the above question depends on certain factors. Let me list out the cases where you do not need to have any permits while renovating your basement.

  1. Replacing flooring
  2. Replacing painting
  3. Installing kitchen cabinets
  4. Replacing windows with same size new windows
  5. Replacing exterior material used for finishing with similar material, for example, vinyl sheets etc.

1. Replacing flooring: if you planning to replace your flooring material, such as vinyl sheet or wooden flooring or even carpet, you do not need any kind of permission at all. Two things need to be kept in mind, the first one is, we are not going to alter the floor area in any way and the second one is the material we going to use for flooring you be approved for flooring purposes.

2. Replacing painting: Repainting is allowed without any permits. But keep in mind, painting basement walls are not similar to painting the other house walls. Know everything here if you want to start your career as a Real Estate Agent. We need to take care extra care while painting basement walls because more risk is involved when it comes to the health and well being of your home, as it’s more cold and dark in the basement.

3. Installing Kitchen cabinets: Installing kitchen cabinets without altering the size of the basement, is permitted, and you don’t need to apply for any kind of permission for the same.

4. Replacing windows: Replacing windows with the same size windows, does not need permits, but if you are planning to alter the size, you need to apply for a permit. See for increasing the size of the window, you need to modify the structure of the house, which may lead to major damage to the house, which may endanger your structure as well as adjacent structures too.

5. Replacing the exterior material with the same material: Replacing old external material with the same new material is permissible, so no need to apply for the permit while doing so.

Now here are cases where you must apply for permits to renovate your basement:

  1. Changing the exterior material used for finishing
  2. Replacing doors with different size doors
  3. Replacing or changing windows with different size windows
  4. Repairing jobs due to fire or flood damages
  5. Any kind of structural changes.

Why do we need to apply for permits while changing the exterior material used for finishing?

Getting permit means, you are clearing all the safety specifications, which are not only for your own safety but also for the locality where you are living in. Let’s try to understand from the following example, let’s say you were using litter material earlier and now you planning heaving tiles or something, don’t you think this will affect the overall structure load, yes it will, so u need permissions right.

Why do we need to apply for permits while replacing doors with different size doors?

As discussed above, issue is same with changing or altering size of doors, will directly impact the structure, and for safety of structure, you need to have proper inspections and other tests, having permission for the same means you are following all safety standards, while altering size of the doors.

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