Best Business Ideas In Oshawa
Best Business Ideas In Oshawa

Best Business Ideas In Oshawa

Best Business Ideas In Oshawa: Oshawa is a beautiful small town on the banks of Lake Ontario, just 50 miles from Toronto. If you are considering moving to Oshawa, one thing is sure you will love it. Residing in Oshawa is like being in a calm part of Toronto. Best business ideas in Oshawa also encourage people to move to Oshawa. You will be able to enjoy beautiful parks, beaches, and luxurious neighborhoods.

Oshawa is home to many beautiful gems of nature. Second Marsh Wildlife Area, Darlington Provincial Park, Lakefront West Park, etc. This list will be tremendous if we try to name every single part of nature where you can spend a beautiful weekend day.

If you are not a park enthusiast, you will have the perfect sandy beaches at your order. In other words, everyone can easily get a cup of tea in Oshawa. And that is a matter. Furthermore, the essence of both air and water in this city is first class.

Business opportunities in Oshawa

Even though it is not the largest or hardcore city in Canada, Oshawa is the automotive capital of Canada. Also, it has happened similar for years. Car companies such as McLaughlin Motor Car Company, General Motors of Canada, and Chevrolet found their home in Oshawa.

But it is not only about cars. Other industries are also growing. If you are moving to Oshawa for a fresh start, you will have a huge employment opportunity. If you are looking for a job in Toronto, think twice. Oshawa has great opportunities, and you don’t have to travel every day to the largest city in Canada.

In addition to strong industrial and economic prosperity, Oshawa is home to many universities. As a direct result, many good professionals in the market increase competition. On the other hand, opportunities for study and knowledge improvement are numerous. Almost every year, the city has a new university campus.

Real Estate Investment in Oshawa

In Toronto, real estate prices remain high or at least very expensive compared to what most people can afford, with real estate investment in Oshawa rising as an option for buyers.

The average real estate investment in Oshawa is selling for around $ 400,000. On average family income, the time to buy a home in Oshawa is about 3.7 years. It is comparatively more attractive than 5.6 years in Toronto or 9.1 years in Vancouver.

The rate of appreciation of homes in Oshawa and the surrounding Durham region has been 7.3 percent in the last 5 years. Real estate investment in the Oshawa market is understanding more buyers than sellers and it is placing pressure on the value of houses.

Single-family homes are by far the most common option in Oshawa. Customers understand that they can target a 600-square-foot Condo in Toronto city center or a 2,000-square-foot home in Oshawa.

Some creative business ideas in Oshawa

Social media consultant

The social media consultant ranks first on the list of creative small business ideas in Oshawa. This is the era of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

The basic duty of a social media consultant is to have the eyes, ears, and voice of the company. The small or no requirement required to become a social media consultant makes it a top creative small business idea in Oshawa. All you need to be a social media consultant is an understanding of social media platforms, internet connections, and training for professional courses.

The trend of social media is not going to end soon and almost all companies need a social media consultant. So, if you have found the game of social media, you can earn good money by working as a social media consultant.


Francis Bacon’s quote “Knowledge is Power” is perfect for this creative small business idea. If you are aware of something and want to share your experiences through blog posts or YouTube videos, you can be a reviewer and make money from it.

Have an idea about a new tech product in the city, you can write a review about it and post it on Google or you can make youtube about the same

The basic requirement to be a reviewer is this: The idea of ​​the product you are about to review should be used first hand and you should be able to convey your experience clearly to the public.

E-commerce store

If you have a great product, but do not have enough money to spend in physical stores, employees, and bills, why not sell your product online?

With a little investment, you can start an ecommerce store. You need a website to open an e-commerce store, a good picture of your product, and a person to handle the delivery.

The demand for e-commerce is increasing day by day. More and more customers now prefer to shop through online markets and then go to physical stores to buy goods. Therefore, the crazy growth and popularity of e-commerce stores make it into the list of Small Business Ideas in Oshawa.

Logo designer

A logo is a graphic symbol, symbol, or emblem, which is used to promote public recognition and recognition. The job of logo design is to create a graphical design, mark, or symbol that serves as the identification tool of a company or organization.

Every organization needs a logo designer. Therefore, if you are good at logo designing, logo creating provides a golden chance to work with other business owners, you can offer design services where you help design basic branding elements like logos.

To create a logo for a company you need to have a creative mind and knowledge about the work and design of the company. So, logo creating makes it to the list of small business ideas in Oshawa.

Freelance writer

You must have good writing skills, in-depth knowledge of the subject you are writing and you should know how to make a good article to read, so you are good to go.

With very little resources and little investment, you can start freelance writing and make money on the sideline in addition to your main job. You can do this on weekends, free time that gives you enough time to focus on your main job.

Writing in your own free time and earning extra money is one of the 12 creative small business ideas in Oshawa independently and can be a smart home-based business.

Online tutor

Online education is growing thanks to rapid progress in technology and is a great way to work from home with minimal or minimal investment.

On average a tutor earns $ 1700 for working an average of 2 hours each month. You can make your working hours and earn money. So, online learning is one of the creative small business ideas in Oshawa of earning money sitting in the comfort of your home.

Travel agent

Is bored with his day job. Traveling and helping people, then a travel agent may be the best job for you, which you love the most. You can either start your travel agency or work in a travel agency. To start a travel agency, all you need is a minimum level of investment and if you are good at your job then you will earn a good amount.

If you like to travel then a travel agent job is one of the creative small business ideas in Oshawa to start your own business with a small investment.

Event planner

Event planning includes managing projects like team building activity, meeting, party, conference, tradition, ceremony,.

Do you like to plan everything? Some people plan to make an event easier, but others find it difficult to do so, so they outsource for help.

To gather experience in event planning, first of all, you can work on an event planning company before starting a business. You can also start event planning with basic requirements and investments.

To survey

Although you will not be able to earn a lot of income, if you work for multiple sites, you can earn a steady income.

Surveys barely take time to complete and can typically net around $ 150 +. You can do online surveys using various survey sites like MySurveys, InboxDollars, Global Test Market, etc.

You need to take a survey which is a laptop and internet connection. You can start a business without any investment, surveying one of the creative business ideas in Oshawa.

Cleaning service

Starting a cleaning service is very easy and you do not need any professional training to start a business. You can start cleaning services with minimal or no investment. You can also take your cleaning business in different directions by targeting different customers:

  • Evening cleaning office or shops
  • Cleaning the restaurant or house during the day
  • Providing morning housekeeping services for a hotel

SEO consultant

Search engine optimization (SEO) for specific keywords in Google organic search engine results is a tool to improve the performance of your article, website, webpage, or blog rank. If you know SEO and how it is done then the SEO Consultant can work for you.

Many bloggers and organizations look to the performance of their website or webpage for SEO agencies to improve organic search engine results. If you start a consulting firm about SEO, you can earn a good amount.

People now finally realize the importance of SEO for websites. You can start this creative business idea of ​​SEO consulting as freelance work.

Applications development

Launching a user-friendly and successful app is a difficult task but does not have many resources at its disposal to start. If you have the knowledge and experience to do so, you can start the app development work.

There is a huge market for application development on platforms that prefer Android or iOS, you can go ahead and build it. The only thing you need to consider while developing an app is that your app should be user friendly. Users should easily get the desired information through an app.

App development is an excellent creative small business idea because a lot of businesses want apps to develop or you can develop apps for consumers.

So, If you are looking for creative small business ideas in Oshawa to start your venture then you can check the list and select the business-friendly ideas.

Some Profitable business ideas in Oshawa


If you have a large home and prefer to spend time with young people, then these creative business ideas in Oshawa are for you to set up a childcare business.

Nowadays most parents, both mom, and dad are service holders who consume the most in the day, and there is no doubt that they cannot take care of their young children properly.

Getting the two together is a difficult task for them, so they will need your services and this will allow you to run your childcare service at home and take care of your children.


I know, cement cities have destroyed almost all the green, but even today some people still want to keep their garden in the yard, but do not have time to look after it as it should be.

Caring for a garden is not only cutting the grass, but also sowing, watering, raking, replanting, and caring for the plant. With some equipment, you can get into the horticulture business in no time.

Computer maintenance

By the way, many people around the world use personal computers and of course, many of them use laptops, tablets, and smartphones that provide you with the opportunity to develop creative business opportunities by providing maintenance service business.

All you need is some basic knowledge of computers, electronics, and programming. At your service, you can offer home services such as installing antivirus software, cleaning your desktop, downloading and installing software and applications, changing ink cartridges from printers, and many other functions such as computer repair, and more.


As I said before, people are very busy these days which eventually neglects them in their daily household tasks not because they like it but due to lack of time. For this reason, it opens the door to develop a creative business opportunity for those who want to start a small business such as cleaning.

Recycling of electronics

If they know that my house has old and unused equipment, they will not believe it. We all have some electronic devices that are no longer used, but there is a good opportunity to start a creative business with these reusable devices such as laptops, chargers, cartridges, smartphones, and tablets.

From them, I can recover many things like steel, copper, and computer components that I can also sell to industries and individuals. To do this business you have some publicity, a truck, and of course a great love for the environment.

Pet Sitting

An animal lover can get additional income by starting a service to care for pets. You can take the dogs for a walk, take a pet bath, add everything in between. You can also provide pet ambulance services.

Virtual assistant

With today’s technology, you can find some new ways of doing business like virtual assistants that do their work remotely, all they need is a laptop, a web page, and a social networking account such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter Is required.

For example, you can help some business managers perform administrative tasks because they lack time to work, allowing you to perform services such as email message management, customer contact, or accounts payable. If you are good at accounting, you can offer remote accounting services and the best thing is that you can do so from home.


You as a translator can use all those experiences of learning a foreign language to create a very profitable business plan. By knowing a foreign language like English, French, or Portuguese, you can easily implement a good creative business plan, in which you can do things like translating online writing scripts.

Money Management Analyst

Certainly, this has been heard many times in school where they have not been taught how to manage their debts and you know this is true. Most of us do not understand how to manage a budget and how to control our debts and other things that make us waste a lot of money.

This creative business opportunity is for those who can reduce operating costs; They can use their talents to help other people who want to cut their electricity bills, telephone bills, and cable and gas bills and manage their debts.

Online Journalist

Many companies now have websites, blogs, and other social networks to promote themselves and their products, but do not have the right staff or someone dedicated to doing the work of updating for them. This gap can release creative business opportunities for them because they know how to achieve desired success on the Internet.

Some home-based business ideas in Oshawa

Caricature Artist

I have placed a caricature on the top business executive at their home or their wall in the office. So if you are an artist and are drawing a love line, and have a sense of humor, you can turn that skill into work as a caricature artist and make a big profit.

Children’s book author

Children’s books provide a lot of opportunities for creativity. As the youth population grows every day, you can turn that skill into an illustrator and start making huge cash by creating a unique storybook for young schoolchildren.

Logo designer

If you are a creative person and are keen to expand your services and work with other business owners, you can provide design services where you can design basic branding materials such as logos, image creation, and branding. help.

Art seller

If you are a visual artist, you can create original drawings, paintings, or prints of your work and build a business around it. You can also open an art gallery where people can do pick-up artistic work. You can once hold an exhibition as a visual artist and start making cool money.


You can consider teaching as an option, providing classes per time, or as a creative arts teacher on a full-time basis. You can also lecture as an applied arts lecturer at a tertiary institution.

Teaching classes can help impart your knowledge to aspiring artists or novices who just want to learn. This idea is best suited for a part-time business, but you can still make good money by offering hour-long classes at local craft stores. It wouldn’t be bad to partner with an art gallery shop to supply your artworks.

Custom airbrushing

Whether you work on cars, murals, or clothing, there are many possibilities for an airbrushing artist. To begin with, you will need to purchase some equipment, such as air compressors, stencil materials, and of course, paint and airbrushes.

Airbrushing can be done at home in your garage in a well-ventilated storefront, kiosk, or even on a freelance or project basis. You can also make and sell airbrush paintings online or at local events.

Describe Your Own Sculptor Business

Sculpture is the oldest profession in the world as far as art is concerned, and it has to do with the creation of artistic works such as materials; Clay, blocks, plastic, wood, and anything else you can imagine to create artwork.

The return of investment in this type of business is huge because the artist has to work with a group of different people. Once you have decided to choose a sculptor as a business or profession, there are a few ways to portray your artwork.

These range from public art commissions to galleries to selling their work on Internet sites such as eBay.

Hand-painted design on furniture and decorative items

Consider hand painting over furniture or decorative items, this is a great way by which large amounts of cash can be made.

Making animated videos

Creating animation is another business into which a creative artist may consider venturing into. This aspect of creativity is limitless and as a creative person, you have to work with a wide variety of people, create an animation for a film production organization, for a commercial purpose, and more.

Book cover illustrator

Book cover illustrator is another great venture that a creative person may decide to explore. It is concerned with designing a book cover for publishers or writers and production companies for commercial purposes. Apart from being gainfully employed by the company, this type of business can also be run from home or as freelancers.

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