25 Years of Celebrations in Trez Capital of business success and growth across Canada and the US
25 Years of Celebrations in Trez Capital of business success and growth across Canada and the US

25 Years of Celebrations in Trez Capital for business success and growth across Canada and the US

Trez Capital, Canada’s largest non-bank in commercial real estate assets and managers, celebrates silver jubilee of being a customer real estate financing provider across Canada and the US. For a century, Trez Capital operated across North America to help build a successful future for investors, borrowers and employees.

Trez Capital has become Canada’s one of the leading real estate financiers since 1997. This milestone has been marked by the power of deep industry knowledge and a high-performing team.

“Now, Trez Capital is one of the companies that manages a capital amount of $5 billion with nearly 8 offices across North America and around 200 employees.” Morley Greene, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Trez Capital also said that for the 25 years they have grown, adapted and evolved. 25th year anniversary is the perfect and accurate time to celebrate the collective efforts and journey along the way. Trez Capital has funded more than 1,700 transactions over the last 25 years that crosses the total amount of $16 billion that helped to build the places where people work and live and contribute financially to over 35,000 Canadian investors.”

For 25 years, Trez Capital has achieved a number of major milestones and grown its business  that have deepened its existence across Canada and the United States. All of these  milestones include the launch of TCPT i.e Trez Capital Prime Trust in 2006, which is for 15 years and has delivered steady returns to the investors while maritime multiple economic cycles. In the year 2010, Trez Capital well-established its origination in Texas, to give Canada based  investors access to the United States real estate projects. 

This expansion happened in the year 2016 with the establishment of an Office in Florida. In addition, in 2021, Trez Capital has grown its equity platform, which expands beyond TOFsi.e Opportunity Funds to establish a strategy under TPREF i.e the Trez Capital Private Real Estate Fund Trust. All of this fund has grown tremendously with a number of assets like self-storage, single-family houses for rent, and multi-family apartments for rent. Presently, Trez Capital has its three branch offices in Canada and five offices across the United States.

Dean Kirkham, President & Chief Operating Officer, Trez Capital said that Trez Capital still continues to expand its capabilities of firms that includes equity, corporate finance, bridge lending and building on the relationships that we have with big and renowned financial institutions across North America. Deal Kirkham also said that he is proud being a member of Trez Capital and also feels proud of the image that Trez Capital gained in both sectors, like as an asset manager and innovative financing solution with institutional grade underwriting processes.

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