World best cities for real estate investment
World best cities for real estate investment

World Top Cities for Real Estate Investment

Investing in real estate is the initial step to becoming rich. 90% of the millions become wealthy after investing in real land. As we all know that real estate means place, place, and location.

Before investing in property, some issues revolve around investors’ minds; What is the right place to invest in realty; Or what type of property they need to invest in so that it is more profitable for them, such as land for sale, luxury homes for sale, apartments for sale, condos for sale, lots for sale, cabin houses for sale, log houses for sale, flats for sale, and many more.

In this article, Realtybang helps you find answers to all your questions. We will help you choose the top city to invest in realty. Here are some good cities around the world that are beneficial for you to invest in:

Los Angeles
San Diego

Los Angeles

A powerful commercial real estate company in Los Angeles follows the mantra: experience, location. If you do not want to do a job but want to earn money and cannot start your own business and have enough money to buy a home then investing in CRE is the best choice.

A survey estimates how, and to what extent, developing technologies and analytics are supporting managers to make more knowledgeable location decisions and create more interesting resident experiences.

End-user, or day-to-day user of that location, a person living in duplex houses, a struggling assistant in an office space, or a producer using a warehouse. As attention draws, it will likely become more difficult to attract and keep residents.

Top Reasons Why Los Angeles Is The Best Place To Invest

  • The Los Angeles real estate market is experiencing a 4% increase in average home value in 2019 next year.

  • The Los Angeles real estate market is especially popular.

  • Purchasing house property or vacation will not be permitted for the sole purpose of using Los Angeles homes for sale as a second residence.

  • Los Angeles real estate market 2019 has many successful long-term properties that make money and benefit their owners.

Munich, Germany

There are several ways to find an apartment or house for sale. In Germany, it makes little sense to look for a “for sale” symbol in front of a house. This is not a simple process of giving property.

Many projects are published in newspapers. Nowadays, various websites have sprung up which give great listings on apartments and homes for sale as well as rental pieces. These websites hold extensive information on investment and other issues related to buying and renting property.

A possible buyer should thoroughly research the property when purchasing a home in Germany. Many of the “proper” homes displayed may need repair costs beyond the purchase price.

Extra “alarm signal” can be a whole resume, meaning “large room” or “very capacitive.” This means “very expensive.” Perhaps this means that the house has been on the market for a long time and may not be highly beneficial.

Top Reasons Why Phoenix Is The Best Place To Invest

  • The main reason for buying a property in Germany may still be the low real value, even in affluent areas such as Munich, Berlin, or Hamburg, and there is plenty of room for future growth or even tripling.

  • The market is very small, especially for apartments between 57 and 140 sqm.

  • Demographic changes in Germany begin for families with more than 1-2 individuals.

  • Financing in Germany is more productive than in any other country in the world. For traditional rented apartments or homes, you pay less than what you earn.

  • There is no other country in the world that offers attractive opportunities for tax reductions. The tax is quite low after purchasing a house in Germany.

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is ​​also on the list of best places to invest in rental realty. It is a top place for people living in high-cost cities like Los Angeles and Seattle. The Greater Phoenix area was also projected to be among the best housing sales in the year 2020.

The Phoenix Home Market 2020 made such a dramatic start that only a few could test the continuity of the pandemic area. The year 2020 began with an extreme shortage of homes for sale, and an increasing number of sales at the asking price of property owners.

In January, many experts expected steady growth and reasonable rates to appreciate in 2020. In March, Metro Phoenix’s central home price broke a record of $ 302,000. The average selling price for Q1-2020 in Maricopa County was $ 309,890, a 12.8% increase from the previous year.

Also in the time of covid-19, the selling price in the Phoenix home market is not decreasing. Pleasant living conditions have supported property investors and consumers to invest in the Arizona real estate market.

Top Reasons Why Phoenix Is The Best Place To Invest

  • There are many other reasons to examine investing in Phoenix real estate.

  • Cheap Real Estate.

  • The central house is priced at $ 269,175.

  • The value of Phoenix House increased 8.0% over the previous year.

  • The Phoenix housing market remains one of the most appreciated areas not only in Arizona but in the nation.

  • It is a growing economy and strong housing development from more moderately priced housing, lower cost of living, available workforce, and even climate surveys.

  • Prices are down 17.9% from two years ago and 144% below prices in May 2011.

  • The national market is super hot and the number of people moving to Phoenix is ​​strong again after tanking during the Great Recession.


Real estate prices in Madrid are 5 times lower than in Paris, with average income more familiar with these signs. This means that the Madrid market is much better and more reliable and encourages future growth. These cheap rates charge rental yields. The normal yield in Madrid is 4% in Madrid’s city center and 2-3% in Paris.

Sales prices have advanced to rise in Paris. However, rental rates have declined. They fight under 25 € per square meter. In contrast, Madrid prices have developed on a faster path than the regular selling price.

Lower property prices mean you’re still ready to get a top-quality home in the middle of an elegant European capital. It has become almost useless for all 1% in Paris. This is a different occasion.

Yields have increased in Madrid – they currently equal about 5%. It is above Paris. One reason is that Madrid does not have enough rents: only 17–20% of houses in Madrid are for rent, while in most European metros it is 35–50%.

Madrid necessarily needs more financing to improve the properties and market them as rentals. This goes within the more general demographic course of people which is quickly moving to capital cities. Madrid is now in a different original cycle. The time has come to take advantage of this growth.

Best ideas to invest in Madrid real estate

  • Madrid leads global expansion in real estate investment

  • Real estate prices are cheaper than in other cities

  • The rise in rental prices, increase in real estate costs

  • Charges generate an average of 4.5%, the highest in major cities

  • Rental units have low capacity

  • Lower property prices mean you can still be ready to get a top-quality business in the heart of an artistic European capital.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is also included in our list of one of the best places to invest in realty for those who can afford it. Seattle allows for powerful economic prospects and a flexible job market.

This means that the rental property is necessary to stay high. The city’s population has steadily increased over the past few years with families connected to the city’s lifestyle. Home prices have risen in the past five years, rising twice as fast as the national average since 2016.

Seattle’s tech scene and the real property market is growing rapidly. Google simply increased the capacity of its new Seattle campus.

Facebook has run hiring operations in the Seattle area, especially for its practical reality arm Oculus, which is booming in Microsoft’s Redmond court. Geekwear reported new headquarters contracts for Seattle’s top startup, Rover and Outreach.

Other businesses continue to grow and will recover any slack. Technology has ruined Seattle. Over the past 5 years, we have seen a 50% price increase in this market, which includes many middle-class customers.

Seattle has long been second only to Silicon Valley, but its strong economy, diverse population, and superior administrative climate are driving emigrants from California and the country and the world to live here. But given the region’s climate, Seattle’s real property market focus can only be described as shining.

Top reasons why Seattle is the best place to invest

  • Ranked 10th in the nation in 2020 Emerging Trends in Real Estate overviews.

  • They represent Seattle property in a “sprawling form” and the report was produced collectively.

  • Falling home prices in Seattle suggest that the real property market is correcting its balance and returning to a healthy state.

  • According to many experts, Seattle is one of the best places to invest in Real. It can be very expensive, but Seattle’s demographics and profitability assure that it remains a useful and popular housing market in the nation.

  • Every year more people visit Seattle.

  • The US Census for Development ranks Seattle fourth among the 50 largest cities in the US.

  • Seattle is a great city for families, with many quality public schools and beautiful green views.

  • It has a different mix of neighborhoods ranging from tree-lined roads to urban condos and townhouses.

  • One of the youngest cities in Seattle, USA.

San Diego

Considering buying a home in San Diego is a great decision. San Diego is a growing county, a great economy that has overcome the economic downturn well and has many facilities.

While San Diego is interested in home affordability, there are many options for those looking to buy a home. There are subsidies for people with changing income. Now there are good reasons to buy a home in San Diego.

Following the market and what could happen in previous years can help you get more money. Buying a home is one of those money-making ideas.

Top Reasons to Invest in San Diego Realty

  • Prices are stable
  • The purchase market has cooled down
  • Do something about the power of your home
  • Buying a house is a long term investment that will pay off
  • It provides stability for your family


As the best recipient of foreign direct investment (FDI), China is unknowingly an essential destination for investment. Still, China’s administrative environment and implementation plan remain a challenge for foreign investors.

When investing in China it is necessary to not only look at different vehicles, e.g. A wholly foreign-owned business, joint enterprise, or representation office, but also the power in which Chinese investment is complete.

Hong Kong has always been and remains the preferred region for structuring both inbound and outbound investments of China. Close to 72% of investment in China last year remained through Hong Kong, eliminating direct investment in China by another country. Singapore is the second-largest investor in China with less than 5% FDI.

Top reasons to invest in Hong Kong

  • Security for the international parent company
  • Legal benefit
  • Extra flexibility
  •  Potential tax benefit
  • Simple, efficient, and cost-effective administration


Dallas is another great place to invest in realty. The strong availability of dwelling stock and high rental prices related to the value of the house make it an easy market to invest in. The Dallas market offers a wide assortment of investments; All you have to do is rent the house to your residents. dealing can rent you for your rental property in Dallas using local property management.

You should think about finance in Dallas Realty because it has a very different economy, so there is a difficulty for people of every interest level. Dallas has the cheapest house in the country, which is more affordable than buying. Demand for the rental system has grown 15% over the past year, so this is the ideal moment to invest in Dallas Realty.

Top Reasons to Invest in Dallas

  • Demand to double the population in the next 15 years
  • Dallas is one of the US officials for job and community development.
  • 53% Dallas rent vs. 33% nationally.
  • Properties 10% – 15% below market value.
  • 3-year estimate of 11.5%.


Boston Realty buyer and it gave many realists and resigned to pay the rent. But in the last few months, the market has grown, creating new possibilities in the search for Boston condos for sale. 

Although credit rates are more expensive, there should be several good reasons to buy a home in Boston in 2019. Many customers prefer to look outside the city where prices are more affordable or to continue paying.

This buyer journey has assisted fix the supply and demand disparity that has been frustrating buyers for the past two years. The population of buyers diminishes significantly and the number of houses increases during the days of market development. This environment balances bargaining power for buyers and sellers.

If you have a home in Boston, the city provides residential tax freedom as long as you keep the property as your main residence. This opportunity allows Boston homeowners to cut their annual tax bill, which cuts the annual tax rate on a home of $ 500,000 in half.

Although freedom is not a new benefit for homebuyers in 2019, it balances most, if not all, or increased monthly payments more than the current rise in interest rates.

Top reasons to invest in Boston

  • More limited market for Boston real estate
  • The rise in mortgage rates
  • New suburban construction
  • Residential tax freedom

Here are some factors that help make the real estate market good for investors:

  • Production above the state average.

  • Modern and expected future population growth is above the national standard.

  • Building permits pulled current construction activity and recorded an increase in real land development.

  • Management planning at both the state and regional levels, and whether the city you are investing in is pro-growth or not, weighs a lot on red tape.

  • The ability of housing using the price-to-rent rate to compare median house prices to medieval rents.

  • It takes time for conversion rates or new housing that comes on the market to be purchased or rented.

  • The job rate compares the average in your target market to the overall average vacancy rate for the market.

  • How to flow assets

Two financial metrics are used to identify assets with strong cash flows:

A cash-on-cash return on a singlefamily rental home includes annual-tax income produced by the property shared by total cash.

  1.  The cap rate compares net operating income before mortgage payments to the price of the home.

  2. The higher the cash return and cap rate, the higher the cash flow for real estate investors. Realtybang makes it easy to locate rental properties with these models.

The world is truly an investor’s musk, where buying can feel like a daunting task.

Fortunately, Realtybang simplifies the task of acquiring rental property to carry out any investment plan. Whether you are focusing on cash flow, appreciation, or similar approaches to both,

Realtybang makes real estate fully convenient, cost-effective, and simple.

The top real estate markets for 2020 include Munich, Manhattan, Houston, Phoenix.

Agents creating real estate market models combine population and job growth, business-friendly administration, high consumption, and low job rates.

The real estate market can be good for cash flow, appreciation, or a balanced schedule of property strategies.

The most beneficial city for foreign investment in American real estate

According to a survey by AFIRE (Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate), the United States was considered the number one country for organized real estate investment and the United States is the best city for foreign investment in realty (CRE):

  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • Seattle
  • Washington DC
  • San Francisco

The US considers the country variously stable for realty investment, and 86% said they plan to continue or increase their wealth in US real estate.

How to choose the best places to invest in realty

You can be settled anywhere in the world, the basic origins of real estate business remain constant – you have to choose these places for your investment properties where the return-on-investment is high. To maximize the profit from your real estate investment, you want to buy homes in places with the following characteristics:

  1. Ownership of high rents: Check-in which area most of the available housing stock is vacant;

  2. High rent applicable to your loan repayment: The more you can cover your apartment from the apartment, the more useful; And

  3. A low tenant default rate: The last thing you want is to buy a home in an area when renters often miss the rent payment.

Real estate investment requires in-depth research. Market timing also matters because some cities have exceptional rental ideas, but a very record. In that case, it becomes very difficult to find and close a deal that suits your investment rules. Therefore, you need to act fast and wisely.

Do not make any unknown decisions without assessing the fundamentals of the real estate market that you plan to buy – is it increasing, stabilizing, or decreasing? Are you preparing for short term capital gains or long term buy and hold? To make it easy for you, we recommend contacting a property brokerage, who can help you invest in some of the most wanted real estate markets in the United States.

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