Why invest in Corsica
Why invest in Corsica

Why invest in Corsica

Why invest in Corsica: Corsica is a French island located in the Mediterranean Sea, not far from Italy, Sardinia, Cyprus, and Sicily. It accounts for 281,000 inhabitants, but many Corsicans left the region and moved to other French cities such as Marseille.

The island is nicknamed Ile Day Beauty which means the Isle of Beauty. The main city of the region is Ajaccio, but the township is an important economic center and also the province of Haute Corse.

Corsica Overview

Of course, you feel in another world! Nothing to see with French landscapes and lifestyles: locals have their own identity they are proud of. Corsica is a mountain in the sea.

The French island has long been misused by history and invaded and envied by others. However, the population took its distinct and strong identity from all these tragic periods. The Corse is now more than just a simple region of France. It is heaven on earth: the beaches are heavenly, nature is in no hurry and mountains are rare.

Scrubland represents the deep Corsica where pigs, cows, and wild boars are loose. You can see the fountains on the side of the road, a very specific lifestyle that is likely to attract most of you. The region also has its language, although everyone speaks French.

About 70% of the locals speak Corsican, which is recognized as a regional language. Music is another aspect of the original traditions and culture, the songs are almost always sung in their language.

Where to buy property and Why invest in Corsica, France

Corsica is an island separated from mainland France by the Ligurian Sea and located close to Italy. Nevertheless, it is accepted as being part of Metropolitan France. Corsica is technically France’s “territorial collectivity”, giving it somewhat larger powers than a region. 

Corsica has a Mediterranean climate with warm summers and mild winters. Diving and other water sports can be enjoyed in its clean and lovely waters. The regional capital, Ajaccio, is located on the west coast of Corsica.

5 reasons to buy property in Corsica

Gourmet food: Corsican gastronomy is delightful. The game also has to be tasted: the core is home to a large number of pigeons, thrush, wild boar, and porridge. On the coast, enjoy seafood and specialties. The cheese is very good, as well as citrus fruits, honey, wine, and beer.

Environment: In terms of ecology, the curriculum is the most underdeveloped region in France. Nothing surprising: Almost no industry has been established on the island that has allowed it to hold protected and contaminated water.

Corsica is almost the first region in France to invest in protecting the environment: wildlife is protected, dozens of natural sites are part of French heritage, beaches are regularly cleaned and many are concerned with enhancing local heritage.

Climate and weather: Those who like summer and the Mediterranean climate will be happy in the course. Sunny days are offered from June to September. However, the mountains provide more freshness than the seaside. It is not rare to see snow and low temperatures in winter. If you do not like very high temperatures, the best season to visit this area is April, May, June, September, and October.

Events: Many festivals and ceremonies are held in Corsi, especially in summer. They occur in the island’s main cities, but also in remote villages: Ajaccio, Bastia, Kalvi, Luri, Pigna, Lama … Some programs are musical but others consider local products such as wine and chestnut. Corsica boasts a rich history, the region also organizes around the Napoleonic theme.

Activities: The warm and turquoise sea of ​​Corsica offers a wonderful universe, where rocks are home to colorful and rich deep-sea life. Deep-sea diving is a great activity widely practiced on the island: the sea and wildlife lovers will be enchanted by the scenery. Hiking is also greatly appreciated; Those wishing to explore the deep island will be seduced. However, you have to be careful while hiking due to the number of uneven paths. Corsica’s natural park is not to be missed: pure nature and gorgeous wildlife are on offer.

Property Styles and Architecture in Corsica

Villas: They are luxury and modern properties that can be found in any tourist destination. The villas are large houses with plantation land, a garage, a terrace, and a swimming pool. Walls are often painted in lighter colors such as beige or yellow. Often quite expensive, they are well dedicated to the people and provide peace and proximity to the beach. If you are looking for the main house for rent or both (good rental opportunities in tourist destinations) then such property is ideal.

Apartments: About half of the accommodation apartments in Corsica are. They are in great demand and are a good property for second homes and living. Often modern, they are close to the seaside and all amenities such as shops and buses. Some flats are also luxurious and modern which will make you feel the other world there! As part of the housing estate, the apartment may have a common swimming pool and private parking.

Townhouses: They are usually attached to other properties and are built in the center of the city. Townhouses are less expensive than villas or detached houses, so if your budget is low, this may be a good option for you. Such a property may have a roof and a garage. Some of them have been renovated, but others may require some renovation work.

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