Top Real Estate Listing Sites In Canada
Top Real Estate Listing Sites In Canada

Top Real Estate Listing Sites In Canada

With so many causes of information possible on the web, any type of real estate search can be an amazing process. Commercial real estate searches can prove particularly challenging, as residential property listings dominate the overall real estate listing spectrum.

Recognizing that searching for the best causes of commercial real estate information is sometimes half the action; Hence, our team has assembled the following list of the top commercial real estate listing sites in Canada to help you focus your search for the best commercial real estate opportunities.

List of the top commercial real estate listing sites in Canada

  • Century21

Owned and operated by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), is a site through which the public can browse both residential and commercial properties in a multiple listing service (MLS®) system.

MLS® provides a database for licensees who are members of CREA and a local real estate board to share information about their clients’ properties with other REALTORS®.

Not all listing information in the MLS® database is accessible to the public, however, so it is ideal to obtain commercial REALTOR® assistance to find property information.

An expert in Canada’s largest online listing database that is exclusive to commercial real estate is REALTORS® and enables landlords to do office, land, retail, industrial, multilateral, and even peer property listings at no charge. Potential tenants and investors can easily search all listings on Spacelist using search parameters such as location, price, size, type of lease, and construction class.

A Vancouver-based tech firm established in 2012, Spalyst now owns over 20,000 commercial real estate listings for sale and record in Canada.

The site primarily provides inventory information for user-built, commercial, and industrial properties for sale and is leased in both the US and Canada.

Some, but not all, active listings on LoopNet are available to property searchers without “Premium Finder Access”, which starts at $ 244.95 / month.

Loopnet has a portable app that property searchers in the US can do to build commercial listings in their state or national, but it is not possible for mobile users in Canada.

However, Loopnet also enables mobile applications particular to certain commercial real estate brokerages such as RE / MAX commercial, with which Canadian mobile users can search for commercial properties listed by the brokerage. is British Columbia’s commercial real estate MLS® listing site, containing information on commercial properties, commercial listings of commercial REALTORS®, and MLS systems.

The main advantage of using this site to discover the MLS system is that it provides some of the more comprehensive information on the commercial real estate industry in areas within the BCE province. For similar sites in other provinces, check with your regional real estate committee.

As one of the most important traffic websites for buying and selling real estate in the world, Craigslist should be a stay on your search for commercial property. The site focuses on residential listings (the section for office / commercial listings is under the category “housing”) but provides a free source of information on commercial property listings.

As the information may be posted anonymously, it is up to the advertiser that he is legally entitled before pursuing the property.

Consulting a Commercial Realty® on any commercial real estate listed online is the best way to ensure that a potential property aligns with your business and investment goals.


Century is a real estate company operating with more than 6,000 independently operated brokerage offices worldwide. The 21st-century website lists the results of the property along with purchase or lease opportunities, demographic data, commuter data, among other information.

The site provides users with tools to buy and sell homes, find 21st-century agents, and handle home mortgages. Why you should use 21st Century: 21st Century listings are the most detailed on the web – each result includes information on local weather, school ratings, occupancy types, and more. A wealth of information about the company’s community facilities and demographics helps interested buyers make an informed decision.

Tips for writing a listing that sells!

Writing a description for your listing is an important step to keep a home on the market. But don’t worry, it’s not too complicated. After all, who knows your home and neighborhood more than you?

Your entry should say what photos cannot tell. A complete and attractive description will have a greater chance of attracting potential buyers and will prevent unnecessary calls and visits. Here are our suggestions for making a great list.

Highlight the benefits of your property

To begin, the right message should cover all aspects that make your home a good purchase. Write down the things that attracted you to this property at first: These are still likely to attract potential buyers.

You want to share these benefits in the first lines of your list. Then, add the necessary information that cannot be seen in the photo. Also, mention the renovations are done, air exchange system, quality of materials, and any possible inclusions.

Keep it short and precise

It is best to write only until you have exceptional writing skills and an original story to tell. A long text or paragraph known for lines may discourage visitors from reading the listing. If you have too many items on the list, it is best to use a bullet point or a numbered list.

Avoid vague words

To help buyers looking for a property, it is better to avoid comments described by different people in different ways. When you say 15 minutes from downtown instead of near the highway, you’ll avoid a lot of useless calls and when you specify “country-style decor” instead of luxuriously decorated.

Use briefly

Your goal is to make something easy to read and understand. Therefore, if you shorten words or expressions, make sure that it does not slow down the reader. To be certain, ask some people to read your listing again. If they do not find the meaning of “2 BR in BSMT”, then chances are buyers are not either.

Be alluring but realistic

Small and simple does not mean dull, so add a little personality to your list. There is nothing wrong with saying a beautiful bungalow instead of a single-family home, or a very popular neighborhood instead of a “nice area”.

It is more attractive. But remembering is not a stretch. If you say that your home is on “property”, make sure it is true. Be interesting but practical.

Ultimately, you don’t have to be an artist to write a list. The important thing is to give correct information and ensure that readers will understand it.

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