The Residence Market in Pembroke, Ontario
The Residence Market in Pembroke, Ontario

The Residence Market in Pembroke, Ontario

The Residence Market in Pembroke Ontario: The city is mainly composed of two-bedroom and three-bedroom houses. Roughly two-thirds of the units in the city are occupied by landlords and one-third are rented. 

Looking at the entire province, Pembroke is the 913th most expensive in Ontario. When our research team calculated the numbers we calculated that the average home price of a Pembroke is $202,400.

Ontario has the largest number of properties available to property investors, ranking 18th out of 1,145, the highest in the province of Pembroke.

About Pembroke

To the east is Paceville, Malta’s nightlife district. The population of the city is around 4000.

The first known buildings on the territory of the city date back to the time of the Order of St. John. The Knights built two watchtowers at the end of the present-day Pembroke Coast. The first of these is St George’s Tower, built-in 1638 as part of a series of coastal watchtowers, and the second tower, the Madalina Tower, is part of a network of 13 coastal watchtowers.

The British were instrumental in the development and fortification of Pembroke by building a military base with a hospital, cemetery, school, parade ground, training ground, and shooting range.

The city is known for hosting a high concentration of schools and educational institutions.

The unique geological feature in the Maltese archipelago is the large natural cavern in the Sark Shamim Valley that separates Pembroke from St. Julians. Above the large cave there is a closed lake with an area of ​​300 square meters and it is very deep and endangered plants are still found in this area, thus it is called an “Area of ​​Ecological Importance”.


Pembroke is very car-friendly. It is especially convenient to come to the place to park. It is challenging for pedestrians to get around Pembroke because it is inconvenient to walk through the common errands.


About 10 grocery stores in Pembroke have an option for some, but not all, home buyers. A small number of restaurants and cafes are also available. Regarding education, both primary and secondary schools are easy to walk to from any location in Pembroke. However, reaching the daycare on foot can be difficult.

Commercial property management in The Residence Market in Pembroke, Ontario

Pembroke’s industrial property management team handles more than 2.6 million square feet of office and retail property.

Management of each investment is directed by the property owner. Our management team is focused on the owner’s goals and objectives with a commitment to quality service. We maximize the potential of the asset and achieve the desired results.

Our strength, which enables us to successfully manage each asset, lies in the quality of our management staff. The well-trained, experienced professionals in our department have the necessary skills for effective results. We employ a customized, proactive retention program that emphasizes quick access to properties and repeats visits. 

Apartment Property Management

Apartment property management involves much more than just income and expenses.

Pembroke Realty Group’s experience in property management has shown that we generate more income and we reduce expenses to make our communities more profitable. We build houses where we want to live and come home every day. In addition, we create a more financially sound asset, which will continue to prosper and get better year after year.

Most management companies harass their asset managers with ten or more assets. Realistically, with travel time being incorporated into the daily routine, how much time does that manager have to spend on your property? Our property managers oversee a limited portfolio and are visible daily in the communities they manage.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you have “additional sources” of income through creative marketing, policies, and fee schedules?
  • Do you currently have a good policy for tracking waste and damage?
  • Does your community experience large amounts of bad debt every year?
  • How much time does your property manager spend on your property?

All our property managers are involved in the management of all properties under our supervision. This management style brings a wide variety of expertise to the table, while simultaneously submerging the property with on-site management and supervision.

Office leasing

Pembroke’s office leasing team has extensive experience representing both landlords and tenants.

At Landlord Representation, our focus is on establishing and maintaining property value by:

  • Complete and accurate market analysis
  • construction and renovation advice
  • Diligent Multi-Media Marketing
  • tenant appraisal
  • Lease preparation and negotiation
  • Teamwork with Asset Management
  • Lease Administration and Reports
  • budget preparation
  • tenant retention

At Tenant Representation, our focus is on securing the best match for the tenant’s needs:

  • Market Survey & Analysis
  • Property Valuation and Comparison
  • Lease Analysis and Negotiation Ne
  • Transfer, Extension, and Renewal Consulting

Retail lease

From the day it was founded in 1972, the goal of Pembroke’s retail leasing team has been to put the right business in the right place to benefit everyone, including the property owner, retailer, and consumer. The team works with larger, national chains that provide anchor stores in shopping centers, as well as smaller, more entrepreneurial businesses that are the heart and soul of the retail world.

In addition to staying current on local and national retail trends and activity, Pembroke’s retail leasing team advises new retail business owners on their needs for visibility and walk-in traffic, tracking them accurately, providing the best overall tenant does.

Mixtures can be prepared. – Blends and analyzes tenant performance and works with architects, engineers, and lawyers – all of whom share expertise and experience that allows the department to maintain consistently high occupancy levels.

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