Start Louvers / Windows Cleaning and Restoration Business in Canada
Start Louvers / Windows Cleaning and Restoration Business in Canada

Start Louvers / Windows Cleaning and Restoration Business in Canada

Starting a louvers/window cleaning business in Canada can be an excellent way to get into entrepreneurship, especially if you have confined start-up funds and are not scared of getting your hands wet.

After all, buildings will ever require to have their louvers cleaned, often regularly, and most building owners will be glad to hire someone else to do the job. Window cleaners have no shortage of customers and are more likely to grow. With some hard work and smart business tricks, you can earn good returns in your upfront.

Starting a window cleaning business in Canada

If this is the traditional way of the window cleaning business that you have in mind, then you can start with just a bucket and a squeeze. But by starting small, you can limit where you go with your business in the future. But keep in mind, you want to strengthen your business with the right tools, training, and marketing.

In this sense, creating a business plan will help you to know the nuances of what to do with your new investment.

This will get you to think about how your business will grow, who your competitors are, and the size of your market – and how much will return to your business initially.

You will also need a legal structure for your business, whether you choose a sole trader, a limited company, or enter into a partnership.

Window cleaning training

Although window cleaning is probably safer than its reputation, it is important to give proper consideration to health and safety.

You must modify all laws and health and safety regulations that apply to window cleaning businesses. As a beginner, the Health and Safety Executive has a specific section on window cleaning.

Along with modifying health and safety regulations, take some time for research training and qualifications that require window cleaners. These courses can be for both you and your employees. Like investing in equipment will stop investing in training because it makes your business reputation reliable and credible.

How to market your window cleaning business

You can think big when it comes to marketing your business. Window cleaning can be competitive, so you want to stand out from the crowd.

Consider your business plan and remember that your marketing efforts will accelerate the growth of your business.

Your business plan should also clarify what your unique selling point will be. For example, are you going to provide an affordable service, or base your business on providing quality? Your marketing can then reflect this.

Things to think about include:

  • Your logo and brand. Check these creative business names for inspiration.

  • Your website. If you have a hands-on need, we have a guide for creating a commercial website.

  • Online selling such as PPC and SMM, listing your business on sites. 

  • Traditional marketing methods such as business cards, door-to-door canvassing, and flyers. 

Other ways to create a brand identity include wrapping your logo and brand on your vehicles, putting your logo on a t-shirt, and passing your services along with other services. 

Identify the target viewers for your business

During the louvers cleaning business, there are two main target viewers:

Household cleaning: These customers are homeowners or small business owners who require less window cleaning. This target viewer is often more comfortable to tap than industrial cleaning, especially if you are not able to invest in high-rise window cleaning tools and want to start small.

Commercial Cleaning: These customers are office building owners or managers who clean high-window windows. This target audience includes large jobs with large windows for large buildings or skyscrapers. This market can be quite profitable, but it needs a high upfront investment in tools as well as difficulty in high-rise cleaning and safety.

You can start by focusing on house cleaning, especially if you have limited start-up funds and a one-person operation. If you have commercial cleaning experience, working for another company or someone else, you may be ready to jump into this market.

Whichever market you start from, always keep your target audience in mind while marketing and marketing your brand. Focusing on the target audience for your business will ensure that you are always connecting with current customers and encouraging potential customers to take your services.

Get business insurance and a business license

You will need to decide if you are going to operate your business as a sole proprietor or going for incorporation. Incorporating your business is a good protective measure when it comes to liability and it will make it easier for you to keep employees in line. It is also better as a business to file taxes, especially when your revenue increases.

You will also need to obtain and apply for commercial insurance for window cleaning, which can be done through your existing insurance provider. Because you will be using ladders, working from heights, and regularly handling equipment, investing in liability insurance and workers compensation insurance.

If you plan to offer this service, then you should also get high-rise window cleaning insurance in Canada.

Once you have branded your business, apply for a business license with your local city administration office in your area. Include your business name on the application form and submit it with the seller’s license application. A seller’s license will allow you to levy a sales tax for your services.

Restoration Business in Canada

The water restoration business has excellent growth potential

If you are looking for profitable business ideas, then a restoration company should be part of your options. Many factors are leading to continued development: the increasing power of natural disasters, flood and wildfire problems, and growing age places and infrastructure.

Also, increasing awareness about the health effects of mold in homes has contributed to the growth in the restoration business. New technology has created it possible for home restoration companies to identify the appearance of design in homes and buildings, indicating they are going to generate greater demand for restoration services.

Finally, real disasters are raising the desire for restoration services. The increasing number of natural disasters due to worsening climate change has made restoration service in Canada even more important these days.

The water restoration business is profitable

As mentioned earlier, water restoration companies charge an average of $ 2,500 for simple mitigation jobs or dry-ups. At this price, the profit margin is usually 75%. For major restore functions such as restorations, they charge $ 10,000 (on average) and profit margins can be up to 50%.

If you dig deeper into the data, you will need about 300 mitigation projects (small jobs) in just one year to earn revenue of $ 750,000. And if you add a few more high-value projects, your annual revenue could reach $ 2.4 million.

In your first year in business, your profit may be small as you are still trying to build your reputation and still buy new equipment. It is common in all other types of business. 

Here are some strategies to increase your sales:

  • Partner with local government agencies.

  • Partner with a fire department in your city or area.

  • Network with workers, builders, realtors, property administrators, and insurance agents. 

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