Rent or Buy a Real Estate in Slovakia
Rent or Buy a Real Estate in Slovakia

Rent or Buy a Real Estate in Slovakia

If you plan to obtain a residence permit for business and live in the Slovak Republic, then you need to buy or rent real estate in Slovakia. A foreign national who has received a residence permit must remain in Slovakia for at least half of the duration of the previous residence permit to extend the residence permit.

Therefore, before obtaining a residence permit or soon after obtaining it, the emigrant is faced with the question of finding accommodation, as well as offices or other premises for doing business.

 Buying real estate in Slovakia. Price: 1% -3% depending on the value of the property. We do not provide this service in person, but we would recommend it to a reliable verified real estate agency, where the Russian-speaking managers are.

The agency undertakes a real estate item to initiate all contracts and to examine major purchase and sale agreements, check obligations, and supply utilities. The services will monitor the new owner’s entry into the cadastral register of the Slovak Republic.

The process of renting real estate in Slovakia

  • Notifies the client about the preferences and criteria for renting the property: residential or commercial, area, desired area, allowable price, renovation conditions, bath, balcony appearance, etc.

  • For those customers who have ordered to support the services of our company to obtain residency permission in Slovakia, we begin the search without the real estate option. For clients with whom we do not yet have a relationship, real estate discovery begins after an advance payment of 200 euros.

  • If the customer is still in their country, we are constantly in contact, discussing options, providing photos and videos of the property after inspection. If the client is already in Slovakia, then we agree to look at the agreed options, and together we go to see one.

  • Is determined by the customer’s choice. We help them in contract analysis, support them in signing lease agreements, and help them find the best position for the customer (for example, paying for the Internet and TV at the rental price Is included, etc.). We also agree on the residence registration (éestné vyhlásenie) and the provision of each member of their family in the apartment for the client. We will ensure that Swami SR signs the registration with the notary within the time limit provided by the law.

  • Standard is the situation when the customer pays for 1 month according to the contract. The first month’s front rent, plus the same amount, leave the property owner as collateral. On the client exiting the apartment, the deposit is fully refunded, while all the terms of the contract are met. Or the deposit can be used as a payment for the previous month’s rent. Usually, you have to inform the owner about leaving the apartment 2 months in advance.

  • After signing the contract between the client and the real estate owner and agreeing on all organizational issues, the client pays a commission for our work. Thus, the customer needs to prepare an amount for payment in the amount of 3 months rent (first month + deposit + commission).

Characteristics of the real estate market in Slovakia

  • The prices of renting and buying real estate in Bratislava are very different from those in suburban or other cities. For example, in the capital, renting a 3-room apartment in good condition is 800–1000 euros. But now 20 km from Bratislava, the same residence can be rented for 400–500 euros/month.

  • As a rule, real estate owners do not seek customers themselves but instead turn to real estate agencies. Therefore, it is almost difficult to find an advertisement from a direct owner.

  • Real estate agencies cannot charge customers for their services. Typically, if the rental value of the property is low, the payment to the agency is 100% of the monthly fee. If the apartment is in good condition and at an average or high price, the owner will pay for the agency’s services. But in each case, it is necessary to clarify. In Slovakia, utility bills are paid once a year. Therefore, in advertisements, the price of the rental may be immediately indicated taking into account the communal apartments, or they write a different fixed cost of payment.

  • Slovaks are very loyal to foreigners. But not everyone is ready to prepare foreigners for rented accommodation. A residence permit is a very important point because it is one of the main documents that is presented to the police to obtain or extend a residence permit.

  • Typically, apartments offered for rent have everything for life: furniture, home appliances, TV, internet, and more.

Recommendations for finding real estate in Slovakia

  • If you plan to rent an apartment for your family, as you want to evacuate completely, then it is advisable, even during your first visit to Slovakia, to see the districts immediately For, ride through them and evaluate for yourself. Which district do you like, you will not stay in it for a month or two. Therefore, it is important to understand what the infrastructure is in the area, where there are kindergartens and schools, institutions that are important to you.

  • If you are planning to buy real estate, we recommend that you consider the choice of this area carefully. Rent an apartment for the first time, live in Slovakia for 4-6 months, be comfortable, know where it will be helpful for you: close to the center of the city. And only then make an informed choice of property to buy.

  • Own real estate is a major advantage in the eyes of the Alien Police. Especially during the extension of residence permits. The owner of a major house in Slovakia may extend a residence permit for several years at a time, and may not call for additional interviews, as the property owner has thus invested in Slovakia’s economy.

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