Real Estate TV Programs in Canada
Real Estate TV Programs in Canada

Real Estate TV Programs in Canada

Streaming series like Amazon, Netflix, and HGTV are very familiar in Canada. If you are sitting around on a lazy day or are sick on the couch, there are lots of programs you can tune into. That being said, if you are watching for real entertainment, then you should check out real estate TV programs.

Realty is a treasured world and provides tons of excitement. Check out these amazing shows and what they have to offer. You can spend hours watching and caring for the same cast members. Realtybang is a great platform where you can get full information about the real world.

List of Best Real Estate TV Programs in Canada

  • House hunter
  • Tiny house-hunter
  • Flip or flop
  • Property brothers
  • Fixer-upper
  • love it or List It
  • My first place
  • Bryan Island
  • Property Virgins

These are the best real estate TV programs in Canada of your time on TV!

House hunter

Trying to buy a home is not an easy task. This is especially true in today’s market. This is one of the many things that make House Hunters so exciting and entertaining.

The show follows prospective buyers, renters, and property agents as they go through the process of purchasing a home. Many times the show will feature dealing with a client pushing some kind of real estate agent.

The unexpected will be expected when the customer shoestring is restricted by budget. Agents often find themselves exhausted to meet the needs of their qualified clients. The show provides a real look at the real estate agents as well as the home buying process today. 

Whether you are in the market for a new home or are just wondering what the process is, this is a show you need to check out. And those of you who want to make the most of your home, be sure to consider visionary scaffolding for your scaffolding conversion plans.

Tiny house-hunter

What families around the world are doing on Tiny House Hunters. The show was a spin-off of the ultra-popular show House Hunters but featured people who want to upgrade their lives.

It takes the House Hunter complex and applies it to home-buyers who are looking for smaller homes. A house that is only 600 square feet or smaller in itself presents its unique problems so viewers will have plenty of plays to enjoy while watching the show.


Over the years, the housewife has become a huge and lucrative business. And, Fixer is one of the HGTV shows in Upper Canada that contributed to the genre’s rise in popularity. That being said, the show follows a duo of Texas, Joanna, and Chip Gaines, as they replace sloppy homes throughout the region. Not only do they convert homes, but they convert them into their customer’s dream homes. Of course, this does not mean that everything is always rainbow and unicorn. The couple always faces problems along the way.

Flip or Flop

It is perhaps no surprise to anyone that HGTV has reinforced the real style of realty. Flip or Flop is one of many shows that help contribute to the development of the genre. This one follows Orange County. As a California couple, they buy dilapidated properties at extremely low prices and turn them into some of the block’s most valuable properties.

The real catch for this show is that there is always no buyer at the other end of the line. The couple took their money, time, and risk, without knowing whether they would be able to close the sale in the end. Couples can withdraw thousands of dollars as they wait for someone to make the right offer.

Love it or List It

It also airs on a single HGTV but is based in a completely different country, which makes it completely different. It is based out of Canada and follows designer Hilary Farr and real estate agent David Visentin as they compete to see who can win their customers. Hillary is usually given a specific budget by a customer.

Then he would have to take this budget and remodel the existing house, while David would try to counter his offerings with several alternative options within his price range. The homeowners will decide which of the offerings they like the most. 

Property brothers

When you see the stars of Property Brothers, it won’t be hard to fall on the heel. Both brothers are not only dedicated to their craft, but they are tall and beautiful. The two brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott worked closely with potential customers as they went through the process of purchasing and renovating their homes.

There are even a few episodes where they take a fixer-upper and turn it into polished gems. This is a show that takes a look at realty through the eyes of two brothers who take care of the market. This is one that you will not regret that you have tuned in for it.

My first place

My first place covers every aspect of homeownership for the first time. During the purchase process, the show removes buyers’ barriers. Also, the guidance they receive from realty professionals helps viewers gain a better understanding of the process.

Bryan Island

Bryan Island is an HGTV Canada reality television series starring improvements, home life, and commercial activities, which premieres in Spring 2019. The show is similar to House of Brian and Brian Inc., with two previous shows featuring Brian Birler, his wife Sarah. And the children who played; With Brian’s apprentice Adam. The Baeumler people are renewing and restoring a tropical island beach retreat to serve as their own, with the Baeumler couple getting the benefit of their latest safety net for buying. The show will air following the title Renovation Island.

Property Virgins

Property Virgins is a reality television program presented by Cineflix. The show portrays the experiences of future homebuyers or estate Virgins for the first time. The show’s host has for the first time adjusted the dream of homebuyers to fit the market and their budget.

The program began in HGTV Canada in March 2006, and HGTV expanded to its second season in the United States. The event was hosted by Toronto-based real estate expert Sandra Rinomato.

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