Real estate Purchase process in Portugal
Real estate Purchase process in Portugal

Real estate Purchase process in Portugal

The real estate market in Portugal is growing very fast as the demand for Portugal properties increases daily. The process of purchasing a property in Portugal is straightforward and has 3 main stages: reservation, promise, and work.

1st Step -Protection

Once you find your dream Portugal property for sale and agree on a price with the seller, the first step is to make a reservation and show your intention to buy the property. It usually does 2 things, it prevents any other party from coming in and makes a higher offer because the property is taken from the market, and secondly, it allows your lawyer to check the license of the property is. Is and allows to ensure that everything is in order. 

Generally, a reservation fee of between 6,000 and 20,000 is acceptable and your lawyer is given 15 to 30 days to perform his duties. Then both are negotiable at the point of sale, nothing is set at this point. Once you are ready to make a reservation, there is a simple two-page document to sign with your lawyer along with the reservation fee.

2nd step -Promotions

Once your lawyer has performed all their notes on real estate documents, they will provide you a report on the property. They will also request the seller a security contract that includes all important points of sale and the entire share of the property; They will send you their ideas and recommend the final change in the contract.

Once both you and the property seller agree on a contractual agreement, you will pay a second amount that is usually a percentage of the selling price that varies from 10% to 60% of the final sale price. At this point, the contract is legally recorded and it is very hard for the seller to pull out of the sale. Portuguese law states that if a seller exits a contractual agreement, they have to pay the buyer twice the amount already paid, this gives the buyer assurance because the penalty for pulling out is too severe and Nobody stops doing this.

3rd Step -DEEDS

This is a fairly simple process because the first stage involves a large amount of work: promise. If the Portugal property you purchased was off-plan, at this point the lawyer will check that all licenses are unchanged and that the property is free of debt. Once all this is certified then you will complete your purchase along with the payment of the balance, then your lawyer will register the property in your name and you will have a property in Portugal.

However, many people do not have the full amount available in 15–30 days, which is why about 90% of the property purchases have been signed on the contract.

Buying a property in Portugal is a transparent process and as a buyer, you are completely protected during the entire process. Portugal Homes is here to make this whole process even easier for you, supporting you at every stage of your journey to buy property in Portugal.

Buying property in Portugal

A seaside garden with mild temperatures, unforgettable scenery, unique historical monuments, unique food, security, and Portugal real estate opportunities, real estate opportunities in the country’s business cards for foreigners. Portugal is the perfect setting for a full, joyful life that many can only assume about. Whether a good business is looking for a house for sale in Portugal or a foreign investor is looking for non-resident individuals, here is what you need to know before taking this step.

Why is investing in Portugal real estate a good option?

Buying a property can make you qualified for Portuguese citizenship.

  • The cost of being in Portugal is one of the lowest in Europe;
  • It is an investment with high yield returns;
  • Eligible for great tax benefit through non-resident residence scheme;
  • Public support such as healthcare and transportation are broadly accessible;
  • Portugal is a safe place to live, with a high quality of life, pristine nature, and golden beaches

How to buy a house in Portugal?

Choose Your Premium Area

Choosing which place you want to live, which you are not aware of, that you may be overwhelmed, so you should check our Portugal guide to help you start your research. Portugal has something for anyone looking for a new life – whether it is a vibrant city or a beautiful small town. Leave no stone unturned to live in every single premium region of Portugal and know how it is.

Talk to an expert

You can find a house through an online portal or a real estate agency. Our team in Portugal can provide you with a personalized consultation to buy a property in Portugal, as well as provide you with a market report so that you can make the best decision.

Get a mortgage loan

If you are not rolling in it, you may have to look for a mortgage broker. Alternatively, if you wish, Portugal Homes establishes contact with the three best Portuguese banks and can help you handle the account opening and related process comfortably and easily, so you should try to visit. 

In most cases, the mortgage in Portugal lasts for 25 years, however, if you are a resident, you can get up to 30 years.

Sign signature contract

Once you decide which property you want to buy, you will make a contract to close the purchase – the promise contract. You must also pay the deposit at this level – typically, 10% to 30% of the agreed purchase price – if you cannot obtain a mortgage, or complete the transaction within a specified period. This value is returnable. 

Sign final deed

This is the final stage of buying a property in Portugal. Here, the notary will read the contract aloud and the final deed (usually in Portuguese) is signed. At this stage, you will have to pay the balance and the utility contract should be converted to your name.

Rising prices

After the economic downturn, the price of homes in Portugal rose 9.2% in the first quarter of the year.


At Portugal Homes, we have an in-house data analyst that provides in-depth market reports on each of the investment properties, allowing customers to make the right decisions on their new investment and ensure they have an Is a significant percentage. Investment (ROI)

Hidden costs

If you are dreaming of glamor, you may want to take a step back. Older homes have a foundation and structural problems, which can cost you dearly.

High ownership

Portugal is one of the countries with the highest rate of ownership, with more than 74% of the population owning a house.


When the upper classes moved from the sea, the heart of Lisbon was left among the lowest classes, especially for poor pensioners who lived on frozen rents. The buildings began to rot but in the last two decades, there have been attempts to renovate the old historic center of the city. As most of the elderly population dies, small investors renovate homes and discover the charm and privilege of living in the focal point of the city.

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