Real Estate Investment in Spruce Grove
Real Estate Investment in Spruce Grove

Real Estate Investment in Spruce Grove

Real Estate Investment in Spruce Grove: Spruce Grove is a medium-sized town of 35,000 people. This occupies a significant position in the Greater Edmonton metropolitan area and is a strong center with a population of 1.3 million.

Spruce Grove, Alberta is a service and supply destination for a business area population of 138,000, with consumers spending $1.9 billion each year in our city. They appreciate the conveniences of our big city without the traffic and congestion.

Spruce Grove is a proven industrial player in this sector. They provide close connectivity by road, rail, and air. Property taxes are economical. 

Spruce Grove has great population and job growth, a huge consumer market, and interesting investment opportunities. and, most important, desirable quality of life.

The residence

Single-detached homes are the popular housing type, representing about two-thirds of the houses in Spruce Grove, while the rest is mainly small condo buildings and townhouses. Most of the housing development in this city has happened after the year 2000.

This part of the Greater Edmonton metropolitan area is primarily made up of homes with four or more bedrooms and three bedrooms. About three-quarters of the houses in Spruce Grove are occupied by landlords while the rest are occupied by tenants.


Driving in Spruce Grove is often the best mode of transportation. Parking is very easy to find, and it’s a fairly short drive from any home in this city to the nearest highway.

However, reaching Spruce Grove by public transport is very difficult. Thankfully, few bus lines are crossing the city, and the nearest bus stop is usually close by. It is challenging for pedestrians to walk around the spruce grove as most of the daily needs are inconvenient to meet on foot.


Elementary schools are convenient to walk from any location in Spruce Grove. Families, on the other hand, may have difficulty accessing high school for their children in the form of pedestrians. Families benefit from government and private schools at both the primary and secondary levels.

As far as food is concerned, some home buyers in this part of the Greater Edmonton metropolitan area may have the option of going to one of about 10 stores to buy their groceries, while others have to use a vehicle. Does matter. What will happen? Spruce Grove also has over 100 restaurants and cafes.

Commercial Real Estate Information and Real Estate Investment in Spruce Grove

Research Commercial Practitioners represent all aspects of business investing for both acquisition and disposal. They work not only with large investment groups and REITs but also with small or intermediate-level investment professionals. As members of a global real estate network with extensive investment and professional asset resources, Commercial Therapists provide professional market knowledge on local Calgary area market data, financing, and investment strategies.

Spruce grove multi-unit commercial real estate

As residential spruce grove multi-unit revenue income properties, apartments are designed to be leased or sold to multiple tenants for the housing. Property is usually in the possession of the non-owner and can provide an opportunity to be a source of cash flow, tax benefits, appreciation, and capital accumulation.

Retail commercial real estate 

Retail property typically ranges from individual stores to large neighborhood Spruce Grove retail commercial real estate and can provide several cross-selling opportunities by including various non-competing businesses. Large centers often include “pad sites” that are usually occupied by banks and fast-food operations.

Retail property is usually in the possession of the non-owner and can be used for income, tax relief, and appreciation. You should consult with your tax/financial advisor regarding specific tax and financial advice.

Spruce Grove Real Estate Market

Homebuyers working in Edmonton, Alberta’s capital, will find great value in the real estate market in Spruce Grove. The lower list price range of high-quality homes starts at $300,000 and goes all the way up to the $2 million mark. More budget-conscious homes typically offer 3-4-bedrooms and 2-bathrooms, while property-level property prices range from 5-6-bedrooms and 5-7-bathrooms.

Spruce Grove’s home-style ranges from modest ranch homes to luxurious multi-level brownstone marvels. Home amenities also vary widely according to home prices and buyers’ tastes.

Across the country, Crew lists data for 5162 neighborhoods, and this month Spruce Grove is number 814 which puts it ahead of most neighborhoods.

The median listed home price in Spruce Grove in August was $389,900, which was above average compared to the rest of Alberta.

From our data, it appears that the neighborhood ranks 104th in the number of properties available to investors nationwide, placing the neighborhood in the top 10.

Will the prices go up in Spruce Grove next year? There are many real estate indicators to consider.

It is always hard to tell what property prices will do in the coming months, but properties available for purchase in Spruce Grove have dried up over the past three months, showing that demand for new properties beats supply.

Spruce Grove Community Facilities

Convenience is the main feature that residents living in Spruce Grove cherish the most. The abundance of grocery stores makes daily or weekly shopping easy for shoppers, no matter the strategy. Markets include Save-On-Foods, M&M Food Market, and Steve’s No-Frills.

A community Walmart Supercenter makes it easy to buy daily household items while Home Depot is nearby for do-it-yourself fans. For gifts and fun shopping, One Drive in Edmonton offers a vast assortment of malls and shopping centers that meet every need and desire.

Members of the new Spruce Grove community who enjoy the cultural excitement will not be disappointed.

The Spruce Grove Art Gallery, located in the Melkor Cultural Center, hosts ongoing events featuring local and regional pieces and exhibits. Community theater fans can attend locally produced plays at the Horizon Stage, while film fans can visit the local seven-screen theater complex.

There are virtually no boundaries when it comes to eating out at Spruce Grove. The area is rich in options which include Osaka Sushi Restaurant, Tandoori Grill, The Cheesecake Cafe, The Chopped Leaf, and more.

Recreation and fitness enthusiasts can visit the TransAlta Tri Leisure Center to make use of the swimming pool, soccer field, workout gym, ice rink, and multi-purpose gymnasiums. For fans of local outdoor activities – whatever the season or weather conditions – Central Park is a great hot spot, with a large community fire pit, a winter skating oval, and a splash pad.

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