Real Estate Investment In Ethiopia
Real Estate Investment In Ethiopia

Real Estate Investment In Ethiopia

Real estate is one of the most profitable, high-demand areas in Ethiopia. The area mainly resides in Addis Ababa, one of the fastest-growing cities in Africa, making the city the perfect destination for real estate companies to invest in Ethiopia to build luxury homes.

The real estate sector has been one of the fastest-growing sectors of the Ethiopian economy and is contributing a large amount to the country’s GDP. Luxury Ethiopian homes provide as a buyer have valid reasons to choose to live in richness rather than regular homes. 

These great benefits are luxury homes such as the apartments of a metropolis provide.


Today’s luxury homes provide all modern comforts. Homes such as metropolitan luxury homes come with characteristics such as modern design, automated security, built-in furniture, private water wells, underground parking, and contribute to making the living experience more comfortable.

Security safety

An important feature of luxury homes is that they have top measures of safety and security. For example, our new home, Westview Apartments, has a 24-hour security system. You can keep an eye on your house.

Technological advancement

Technology and IT innovations have gone much further to create exceptional experiences in high-end homes. From solar generators to remote-controlled window shades, everything is directed towards satisfying the demands of home clients looking for an ultra-modern lifestyle.

Better neighborhood

The benefit of one’s family’s accommodation in luxury apartments does not extend to mere conveniences. Luxury housing designs are also seen as the ideal environment for a child to grow up and socialize with grown-ups. Luxury neighborhoods create a society with such culture, education, and belief.

Investment value

Demand for properties in Ethiopia is increasing. Properties give the advantage of being an asset that increases in value in every instance – and it is also an asset-performing asset, meaning that it serves a practical purpose even when there is a gain in value. Even in the secondary market, luxury homes are always in demand.

The advantages of owning real estate are substantial. Real estate is a tangible asset that can provide you with income to work daily. Real estate values ​​often appreciate. You can buy with borrowed money, so you can control the entire property by paying some part of your cost.

Real estate is one of the most fragile yet useful industries to invest in. With the increasing demand for homes, it is a lucrative investment in Ethiopia with a good mind in the real estate market. Some reasons differentiate real investment from other investments, which makes it an intelligent region to invest in, especially in Ethiopia.

Why Real Estate Investment Is Profitable?

  • Fixed Income 

For some, properly managed real estate can provide steady cash flow in the form of rent.

  • Appreciation 

Appreciation leads to an increase in the value of an asset. Appreciation is not always guaranteed, but, over time your wealth will increase. In other words, the value of your property will be more than 30 years from now, so you will remain in it for a long time. To boost your property in value, you can also improve your property by upgrading it. Remodel rooms, re-install finishing, make sure everything works and you will do well to sell.

  • Inflation is your friend

Inflation is the downfall of the purchasing power of money. One benefit of investing in real estate is a hedge against inflation. With high inflation, your rental income and property value go up significantly.

  • Ownership

Like any other business, you can do your work and be your boss.

Even though it is highly profitable, real estate investment is difficult. When looking for Ethiopian real estate companies to invest in which are reliable and credible.

Investing in urban real estate is an assured benefit as our brand new real estate for sale in Ethiopia is one of the most expensive residential real estate projects in the area. It mixes high-quality standards with unique structure, best material selection, and strictly managed construction. Western is an ideal fit for those seeking quality, comfort, and safety.

There are 15 apartment units available with different sizes and numbers of rooms. Unit apartment areas range from 75 m2 to 147 m2.

  • Features

  • 24-hour security system
  • Constant power supply
  • Uninterrupted water through private water wells
  • Underground parking area

There is no doubt that the housing market is a fruitful business for many investors and businesspeople. Many recognize the benefits of investing in financial rewards as well as financial rewards for long-term financial security.

Types of Residential Real Estate in Ethiopia

Residential real estate aims to meet the needs of homeowners and families. Residential real estate involves property for sale in Ethiopia for private use, usually to give Ethiopian homes for families. Families come in all shapes and sizes, as do householders.

  • Single Family Real Estate

A single-family home is a standalone house created for one family. Single-family homes give more privacy and space than other types of homes. This type of home is the most common n Ethiopia.

  • Multi-Family Real Estate

A multi-family home is a structure consisting of more than one collection of living spaces with separate entrances. Multi-family houses are the least common type of residential buildings in Ethiopia.

  • Condominiums

Condominiums are multiple dwellings in a building or group of buildings on the same plot that share a common area for every resident. Ethiopia is known for condensers built by the government which is now home to one lakh people.

  • Apartment flat

An apartment is a set of rooms for residing in a private house in a building or which is normally divided into several separate dwellings on one floor of a large building.

The Metropolitan has built a luxurious apartment for sale in Addis Ababa around Sorbet, a well-established neighborhood, which is growing rapidly and has become the top ex-pat and elite hangout spot in Addis Ababa. The apartment is built with modern European design and occupies a magnificent 220 and 180 square meters.

  • Villa House

Villa houses are a common type of buildings that can be single-story or multi-story. And, it is a mixed wall around the house.

Although the above-mentioned real estates are the most common in Ethiopia, there is a lot of residential real estate such as houses, vacation homes, duplexes, etc.

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