Real estate in Canberra
Real estate in Canberra

Real estate in Canberra

Canberra is the capital of Australia and it may not be as familiar to you as Sydney or Melbourne, but it is an incredible city with a lot to offer. The cubic concrete structure was opened by Queen Elizabeth II in October 1982 and had 11 main galleries on three levels as well as a large sculpture garden per four seasons. 

Why should you consider Canberra as your place of study?

It is the political center of Australia

Canberra, established in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), is the capital city of Australia. It is also the largest inland city in Australia, the site of the Australian Government and the Parliament House of Australia.

If you love politics and world affairs, you will have lots of interesting things to see and do. Also, you can discover world-class educational institutions, galleries, recreation, and research centers, and parkland.

It is one of the most affordable cities in Australia.

In Australia, Canberra is the second most affordable city for students. The Australian National University (ANU) has estimated the specific cost of students. Lower living costs in Canberra mean your money will increase further, and you can budget for more entertainment and trips.

It is the largest educated city in Australia

Perhaps due to Canberra’s much larger university sector, Canberra is twice as likely to hold a postgraduate qualification than Australians outside the capital. Canberra an educational city – in other words, the perfect place to study.

There are many campuses in Cambra

In large cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, finding accommodation can sometimes seem like an overwhelming challenge. But in Canberra, 90% of undergraduate students are likely to get guaranteed accommodation, most of which are directly on campus!

Staying on campus will drown you even more in your university community. This will help you connect not only with the locals but also with other international students around the world.

Canberra is well connected, so no traffic there!

With a lot of students living in accommodation near the university, one is often very involved. For those getting ahead of the university, Canberra has many bicycle trails and trails. It is a bicycle-friendly city, with bicycle rental locations and bike-friendly cafes. And unlike big cities like Sydney, Canberra has relatively little traffic – meaning you’ll be sure to class on time!

Canberra is a diverse, multicultural city

Canberra is not only locally connected, but it is also in contact with the greater global community. More than 25% of Canberra residents were born overseas. Also, Canberra has a distinct multicultural vibe due to the large presence of international embassies in the region. In February, Canberra hosts the large National Multicultural Festival. It is a colorful three-day celebration “bringing together over 280,000 people for one of the biggest celebrations of cultural diversity across Australia”.

The cultural institutions of Canberra are large, diverse, and vivid.

Canberra is home to some of Australia’s largest and most influential cultural, historical, and educational institutions. These include the National Gallery of Australia (Commonwealth of Australia of the National Cultural Institute for the Visual Arts), Historic Australian War Memorial, National Museum of Australia, National Picture Gallery, Canberra Deep Space Research Facility, and Question – National. Science and Technology Center – just to name a few!

Canberra has a thriving student community

About 25% of Canberra’s population is students, so whenever you study abroad, you are likely to have a large support network. It also has a multitude of extracurricular activities, societies, and clubs to attend and Canberra is particularly known for its friendly, welcoming community spirit. In 2017, Canberra was particularly popular with Chinese, Indian, Korean, and Vietnamese international students, but hosts a large volume of students from all over the world.

Canberra is one of the most protected cities in Australia

Canberra has not only promoted a strong, supportive, and friendly community but also has the lowest crime rate of any major Australian city in the city. Therefore, you are likely to feel a lot safer to take an evening walk, or evening walks, or take a walk or bicycle around the beautiful parklands, lakes, and recreational spots near the University and Canberra.

It is a gathering place of Australian ideas

They call the city ‘Canberra’ without taking anything. In the tribal language of Noganwal, ‘Canberra’ means “place to meet” (obtained from Cambridge or Canberry). Thanks to its bustling universities, large student communities, and multicultural and political celebrations, Canberra draws people from all over the world together.

Real estate in Canberra

The Act may be the shortest among states and territories, but purchasing property is a different game – from mandatory disclosure of 99-year leases and energy efficiency ratings in a phased manner out of stamp duty.

To outsiders, it may sound complicated but it is quite straightforward. So if you want to get in the fun of the roundabout of Canberra, here is what you need to know.

99-year lease

All residential land in Canberra has a leasehold, so technically no one buys land in the nation’s capital, instead, they lease the land for 99 years. But don’t worry – you won’t be expelled and you won’t pay the weekly fee.

As most of the Act was developed in the 1920s, there were no examples of the abolition of leases. Leases are not scheduled to expire before 2023.

However, leases only require paying a small fee to renew their leases for 99 years, so there is no need to worry about eviction. Owners already applying for renewal are examples of corporations.

This does not affect your view of purchasing a property in ACT, as buyers still follow the same procedures that they do when purchasing in other states or territories.

Improvement in stamp duty

In 2012 the ACT Labor government introduced ambitious stamp duty reforms. At the end of the 20-year program, the transfer fee will no longer be payable in the area.

The total taxation revenue in the Act from stamp duty has fallen from 20 percent to more than seven percent to 13 percent – the Act has the lowest stamp duty dependency in the nation. A recent domain analysis showed that Canberra and Brisbane pay the lowest stamp duty of the capital cities.

First-home buyers do not have to pay stamp duty on any property unless their annual household income is less than $ 160,000. But where the government has given with one hand, it has taken away with the other.

The reform program replaces conference fee taxes with rates and, as a result, a large increase in rates. In this financial year, the unit rate will increase by 11 percent on average and households will grow by 7 percent on average.

High-Rated Tourist Attraction in Canberra 

Lake burley griffin

The beautiful lake Burley Griffin is the centerpiece of Canberra. Named for the city’s architect, this artificial lake was included in his original plan of 1912 but did not flourish until 1958. Tourists and locals come here on bikes and take a walk along the waterway; Its park-side picnic; And paddlefish, sail, or shining water.

National Gallery of Australia

The National Gallery of Australia has Australia’s largest art collection off the coast of Lake Burley Griffin. Mediums range from oil paintings and watercolors to sculpture, decorative arts, paintings, book illustrations, sketchbooks, photographs, movies, ceramics, costumes, and textiles. Locals and tourists alike will enjoy many special exhibitions.

National Zoo and Aquarium

Australia’s only joint zoo and aquarium, this privately owned enterprise is a hit with families and anyone who loves animals. The National Aquarium displays a wide range of marine life, ranging from small sections to giant sharks. At the neighboring zoo, visitors can see all important species of Australian fauna as well as exotic species such as lions, tigers, cheetahs, bears, and more.

National Portrait Gallery of Australia

The National Portrait Gallery of Australia displays 400 paintings of some of the most influential people in the country, near the High Court of Australia and the National Gallery. You can easily cope with an hour or two with the movers and shakers of Australia brought to life through painting, photography, and sculpture. Multimedia presentations divided fascinating details about people’s lives, which helped shape the nation and provided new things to watch at special exhibitions. Visiting the gallery is a breeze: Parking is free, and cafes and bookstores are a great way to kick off a tour.

Black Mountain Nature Park

Black Mountain Nature Park, to the west of the city center, is a magnificent wilderness experience, with a visit to the nearby Australian National Botanic Park. The walking tour winds through the winds to Bushland, where you can see many species of native birds and other wildlife. Black Mountain Tower (formerly Telstra Tower) provides panoramic views of the city. For a fee, you can zoom to the top and drink coffee at a bustling restaurant while out of town.

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