Real Estate in BRISBANE
Real Estate in BRISBANE

Real Estate in Brisbane

An advanced modern economy, cultural diversity, and world-class industry capabilities support Brisbane’s increasing reputation for global investment.

Explore an inspiring collection to explore Brisbane and its surroundings. From the natural pleasures of parkland to the urban appeal of art galleries – here it is. wining and dining. Urban Village Hotspot. Nights out of town. Beds and boutique hotels, shopping and cinema, and everything in between.


Brisbane is a different city, defined by its subtropical climate and different natural environment. The Cressing Brisbane River, the waterways that break our suburbs, scenic shrubs, and rolling hills, is one of the most biodiversity cities in Australia.

Brisbane has an extensive and expanding network of over 2000 parks, currently spread over 6000 hectares in urban parks and 8000 hectares in conservation reserves.

Parkland is an essential component of Brisbane’s appeal. Major green locations across the city include:

  • Brisbane Botanic Gardens at Mount Kot-Tha
  • City Botanic Gardens
  • Roma street parkland
  • South Bank

Visa and Permit

Currently, the Australian Government’s Department of Immigration and Citizenship is the only organization that has the authority to approve visa applications in Australia. Before making any plans to live, work or travel in Australia, you must ensure that you have a proper visa, without which you will be denied entry and sent back to your country at your own expense. 

Business and efficient migration

Australia is committed to encouraging trade and efficient migration. The federal government regulates immigration to Australia, with support from specific state government agencies as appropriate.

There are two major classifications – business migration and general skilled migration. Under each category, there are visa categories, and each has different eligibility criteria. In most cases, there is an option to be sponsored if certain criteria are met.

Real Estate in Brisbane

Brisbane is Australia’s third most populous city with a population of over 2.3 million. Brisbane is approximately 15,826 square kilometers in size. Most households have a predominant age group of 25–34 years old, with childless couples working in a professional occupation in Brisbane.

Commission agent in Brisbane

Agent commission in Queensland currently ranks second in Australia, a traditional agent who sells a property in Brisbane, you can expect to pay around 2.5% – 2.70% more GST on average.

On top of a commission, if you sell with a traditional agent, you will usually pay additional advertising fees which can significantly increase your total cost. For example, in a competitive suburb like Newstead, the top upgrade available at is probably a few thousand dollars.

If you decide to sell with a traditional agent, your total cost is likely to be $ 14,000 – $ 20,000.

Real Estate Market in Brisbane

The real estate market in Brisbane is slow and although there is still growth, population growth, low-interest rates, and affordability levels have risen compared to other cities – much lower than the growth seen in previous years.

Brisbane has a value of up to 0.3%. Home values ​​have increased within the last three months, with housing values ​​increasing by 1.8%. This shows an annual growth rate of 0.8% over the last decade.

As of January 2020, the average price of housing in Brisbane is between $ 543,992 with house values ​​between $ 497,491 and average unit price between $ 385,133. Overall, the Australian housing market, in general, ushers in a strong recovery period of six months, ushering in a new decade.

The demand for housing is quite strong, with rental yields higher than most other capitals. The weekly rent is sitting at $ 400 for homes and $ 410 for units compared to last year. Currently, gross rental yields are still climbing above previous years, 4.3% for homes and 5.3% for units.

Famous Surprise Destination in Brisbane

Brisbane City Hall

Brisbane City Hall is the most famous landmark in Brisbane and also the grandest and largest in Australia. Home to Brisbane’s museum, City Hall has a grand piano organ and a circular concert hall. Regular tours are organized for this milestone.

It is a very central location, so whether you have booked accommodation in the Brisbane CBD, you should be able to access it easily.

Story bridge

The Story Bridge Adventure Climb is a popular Kangaroo Point attraction

An iconic bridge, the Story Bridge, is 1072 meters in length and extends from Fortitude Valley to Kangaroo Point. Around this bridge are twilight, daylight, and night tours organized by tourist groups for adventure activities.

Although this milestone is not close to accommodation in the Brisbane CBD, it is still within walking distance. If you have elected to book accommodation at Bridgewater Terrace, you are in luck. The Story Bridge is just 1 km from your apartment.

Valley of fort

Fort Valley is the recreation area of ​​Brisbane and the area has many nightclubs, restaurants, bars, and shopping malls. An amalgam of residential buildings, churches, commercial buildings, and hotels, Fortis Valley is located just outside Brisbane’s CBD and where you want to spend a wonderful time in the city. You will easily be able to access it from your Brisbane CBD accommodation.

Kangaroo Point Cliffs

Kangaroo Point Cliffs are popular for rock climbers and provide lavish gardens at the base. Great for adventure activities, the rock base is an excellent location for picnics and BBQs.

Like the Story Bridge, the kangaroo rock is slightly out of the CBD. If you want to base your stay around this landmark, it makes no sense to change your booking to Kangaroo Point in the CBD. The Bridgewater Terrace is located at Kangaroo Point and these rocks are close to the area.

Treasury Casino

Formerly part of the Queensland Treasury Building, the Treasury Casino and Hotel is a very popular destination for tourists who want to have some fun in the city. Offering casino space, this casino is a trip to Brisbane for the first time on a holiday.

This milestone is again very central and you are guaranteed to stumble upon it while walking around the CBD.

Customs House

A landmark featuring a separate copper dome, the custom house was originally built for government use, but now serves as a functioning building, regularly used for art exhibitions and concerts. The Conduct Building also has a restaurant. Located in Queen’s Street, the Customs House is easily accessible from all Brisbane CBD accommodation.

John cathedral

A medieval cathedral, which attracts more than 20,000 pilgrims annually from around the world, St. John’s Cathedral is a major pilgrimage center that also hosts music and arts festivals.

St. John’s Cathedral is located in the center; however, it is close to Fortis Valley. Depending on where you book your accommodation in the CBD, you should be able to walk here within 20 minutes.

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