Legal Services in Real estate Industry in Canada
Legal Services in Real estate Industry in Canada

Legal Services in Real estate Industry in Canada

Legal Services in Real estate Industry  in Canada is highly complex and fluctuating, all transactions in this area must be done carefully with the support of an experienced tax and legal team. We can support the leasing of residential and non-residential premises as well as tax and legal services related to your business and industrial real estate matters.

As part of our due diligence services for real estate projects, we provide professional pre-transaction analysis, which helps detect risk during the purchase or sale of property in your country and/or other foreign countries.

Our team of real estate attorneys provides representation before construction litigation and court negotiations, along with state officials.

Our main Legal Services in Real estate Industry:

  • Real estate transaction
  • Due diligence of real estate projects
  • Security equipment related to real estate transactions
  • Development and construction
  • Residential and non-residential premises, business and industrial real estate lease
  • Construction litigation and out of court negotiations
  • Purchase and sale of foreign real estate

Representation in communication with state officials

Canada’s largest law firms have few things in common, based on attorney numbers. They often list the major companies on the Fortune 500 list, the Fortune 100 list, and sometimes consult for governments.

They are mostly based in Toronto, where most of the business laws operate, but their offices are spread across the world, as most of their companies operate in more than one country. Here is the list of some firms that offer legal services in the real estate industry in Canada.

Borden Ledner Gerwis LLP

Borden Ledner Gerwis LLP, or BLG, is one of the leading law firms in Canada, with thousands of lawyers under its employment. This Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) provides several services to provide optimal results for each customer. The firm’s employees are almost entirely bilingual. For its efforts, the BLG has been featured in several national and international legal publications.

The BLG offers advice and instruction in legal matters to national and multinational corporations. It also represents several public institutions including government agencies, health care facilities, and universities.

The firm also operates private businesses and charities for clients. With these customers, BLG takes a great many free cases each year. Its attorneys work closely with intellectual property agents, additional legal professionals, and extensive support staff. These operators operate outside of five major offices in Canada, following a large number of national and international clients.

Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP

Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP, or Gowling WLG, is another leading Canadian law firm that employs over 1,400 legal professionals. He is named WLG by the work of several of his professionals at his founding firm, Gillings and Wrong Lawrence Graham & Company. More than 10 offices across Canada and worldwide provide a full range of legal services to clients including high-legal litigation and intellectual property matters.

He prides himself on being fully knowledgeable about each customer’s situation. Located in Moscow, Beijing, London, Brazil, Belgium, and other countries and cities, the firm has a global outreach utilizing its international offices. Known for developing Gowlings, Gowlings is an innovative legal approach designed to help clients move practical, legal matters in the right direction, on budget, and on time.

Fasken LLP

One of the top international litigation and business law firms in Canada, Faseken LLP has approximately 700 lawyers spread over ten offices across four continents. The company has offices across Canada, including Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa, and Quebec. The firm has worldwide offices located in Paris and London, as well as a department office in South Africa and China.

The firm is known for providing legal information and services to most companies on the Fortune 100 list. It also operates with government agencies and non-profit groups.

Norton Rose Fulbright LLP

Norton Rose Fulbright LLP operates a global practice and operates in some of the world’s most prestigious companies and financial institutions. The firm has extensive legal support staff working with 4,000 lawyers based in 50 cities across Canada, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East.

The firm’s actions in Canada provide legal services in areas such as employment and labor, intellectual property, general business law, and litigation. The firm is known for its strength in banking decisions, corporate disputes, patents for business transactions, international arbitration, and real estate advice.

Blake, Cassells & Graydon LLP

Blake, Cassells & Graydon LLP or Blake, is another international law firm and a consistent winner of the awards. The firm was founded in 1856 and has grown rapidly in space in almost a century and a half. Blake has major offices in Ottawa, Vancouver, and Montreal. Globally, the firm manages offices in the United Kingdom, mainland China, and the United States.

Blake serves as an advisory board member for TechLav Group, a global network of law firms operating in more than 30 countries to advance the legal interests of clients engaged in technology-related business areas.

Role of a lawyer in a real estate transaction

1) Get instructions and review documents

2) Conduct the required searches

3) Prepare, sign, and register the document

4) Ensure that the transaction proceeds smoothly

What laws govern real estate in Canada?

The Canadian constitution gives provinces authority over property, and as a result, a large body of legislation relating to real estate is created at the provincial (and municipal) level. The provinces will have laws regarding many real estate and real estate issues, such as the Land Studship Law, Mines, and Minerals Act, Public Land Act, Land Title Act, and Property Law. All provinces will also have a Residential Tenure Act, which will regulate tenancy within the province.

What kind of work would a real estate lawyer be involved in?

The primary function of a real estate lawyer will be in the purchase and sale of real estate (a process known as “conviction”).

To engage in conveyors, a lawyer must have a trust account (where they will hold the money that is legally one of their clients), and the message work is a specialized area for paralegals. The Counseling Paralegals of the Provinces will spend a large part of their time creating and filing documents with the Land Title Office of the province.

Lawyers representing landlords and tenants can be involved in drafting tenancy agreements and negotiating with tenants. In residential tenant situations, it is very unusual for lawyers to engage in the formation of tenants, except perhaps for landlord preliminary documents.

However, if there is a dispute about a possession, such as eviction without notice or damage to property, lawyers can join. The provinces will have a residential tenancy dispute resolution service that allows people to bring their claims before a hearing in the court system.

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