Kazakhstan Real Estate Investment
Kazakhstan Real Estate Investment

Kazakhstan Real Estate Investment

Kazakhstan Real Estate Investment: Foreigners are free to buy real estate in Kazakhstan, both individuals, and legal persons. Housing or commercial property, as well as land, can be purchased. The only exception is agricultural land.

Kazakhstan real estate information

There are various accommodations in Kazakhstan. Apartment blocks within the city are typical items. There are also apartments for Business Class and Elite. The elite apartments are not the same as in Europe but some items are of really good quality.

If you are interested in different houses in Kazakhstan then the outskirts of the city deserve special attention. Cottage districts are being built in the country with interesting architectural ideas and high-quality materials.

The country’s capital – in addition to the Alamat apartments in Astana – can be interesting. There are 4 large universities in the city. Buying an apartment in a new house may not be as prestigious as Alamata, but the city is developing rapidly and has an international airport.

Several hours drive from the capital is another big city in the country – Karaganda. The apartments here are cheaper than the houses or apartments of Alamata, but at the same time, it is also a large industrial city, which has an increasingly scientific and cultural life.

A land is a special object of purchase. Kazakhstan is a vast country, so there are always a dozen free zones for construction. In the elite suburb of the densely populated city, forests close to the mountains can be bought with a rustle and pure air.

Overall, Kazakhstan has a wide variety of real estate, both in size and location.

Houses and apartments in Kazakhstan(Kazakhstan Real Estate Investment) can be purchased at very interesting prices. Of course, the price depends on the location. For example, an apartment in Almata would be a lot more expensive than a small settlement in the central part of the country.

In addition, apartments in Astana are very cheap compared to European countries despite their status as the capital.

People who want to rent an apartment will always find something suitable. Full rent is very popular in Kazakhstan and can be consistently profitable for the owner.

Kazakhstan Investor Visa Program

Kazakhstan is set to announce its investor visa program. The details have not been finalized at this stage but the investment range is expected to be in the region of US $ 100,000 to $ 200,000.

The Astana International Financial Center (AIFC) will be a hub for the area at the entrance between East and West. 

The required investment will be between the US $ 100,000 and the US $ 200,000, in which the investment is made:

  • A fund listed on the Astana Stock Exchange
  • By purchasing securities listed on the exchange
  • By purchasing immovable property within the limits of AIFC

The show will provide candidates with immediate permanent residency in Kazakhstan with benefits such as health insurance, social security, and retirement advantages. At this stage, the program appears to be limited to permanent residency in Kazakhstan. There is no statement of any citizenship by the Investment Program for Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan Real Estate Investment).

The event is expected to be popular for entrepreneurs and other investors from the Central Asian region, including Russia, Turks, and Chinese.

How to get a residence permit in Kazakhstan?

A document confirming the right of permanent residence of a foreigner in Kazakhstan is a residence permit. To get a residence permit, you must get a permanent residence permit. The permit is issued in the service of the regional police department. The main requirement presented for those visiting Kazakhstan and wishing to obtain a residence permit is proof of their solvency. 

What do you need to get a permit?

Those who temporarily reside in the Republic of Kazakhstan with visas for permanent residency or have come from states that have agreements with the Republic of Kazakhstan, regardless of the category of visa, with visa-free entry and stay, as well as ethnic Kazakhs, were issued. 

  1. an application to issue a permit for permanent residence in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  2. a copy of the national passport and original (for verification), a document of a stateless person of the service recipient, valid for more than 180 calendar days from the day of application submission;
  3. a copy of the birth certificate or other document proving the identity of the child under sixteen years of age and the original (for verification) with a joint appeal;
  4. Written consent to his or her citizenship status, the quality of which a sheet of departure can serve, or any other document that confirms his or her permission to go for permanent residence abroad
  5. Autobiography in Kazakh or Russian with the applicant’s signature;
  6. a document confirming their solvency by rules of confirmation by foreigners and stateless persons applying for a permanent residence permit in the Republic of Kazakhstan, their solvency during their stay in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  7. A criminal record in the state of citizenship (no criminal record) and a document on permanent residence issued by the competent authority of the state concerned;
  8. Notarized consent of a child between 14 and 18 years of age for permanent residence in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  9. Notarized contract or notarized consent with an individual or legal entity on the provision of accommodation for the applicant’s stay and permanent registration;
  10. Certificate of medical examination of a foreigner about the absence of diseases whose presence prohibits the entry of foreigners and stateless persons into the Republic of Kazakhstan by the rule of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  11. A photograph measuring 35×45 mm;
  12. Certificate of absence or termination of citizenship of another state issued by the competent authority of the concerned state.

The validity period of the documents referenced in sub-paragraphs 5, 7), does not exceed 180 calendar days.

In case of accurate consideration on the application for a permit, the foreigner is subject to registration at a permanent place of residence and documented by the foreigner’s residence permit.

It is prohibited to issue permission to immigrants for permanent residence in the Republic of Kazakhstan without the positive approval of the national security authorities.

To obtain a residence permit in the Republic of Kazakhstan, foreign nationals residing in the territory of the country can, depending on the “Visa for Permanent Residence” category.

What do you require to get a residence permit?

To obtain a residence permit for a foreigner in Kazakhstan, foreigners must submit the following documents to an authorized state body individually and obtain a permit for permanent residence in the Republic of Kazakhstan:

  • Documents on payment of state fees
  • Two photographs of size 3.5 x 4.5 cm

Valid National Passport

When filling out a residence permit of a foreigner in the Republic of Kazakhstan, surnames, names, custodians and other data are entered by national passport.

Foreigners residing permanently in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan under the age of sixteen in the Republic of Kazakhstan are issued a foreign residence permit, children under the age of sixteen do not require a residence permit.

From the time of delivery and acceptance of the above-mentioned documents by the applicant of the counterfoil of the form before issuing the residence permit, the record of the stateless person is 17 calendar days. At the request of the applicant, the service is provided in an expedited manner for 7 business days from the date of registration.

When registering a stateless person, the amount of the state fee is 400% of the monthly calculation index on the day the state fee is paid. When filing a residence permit for a foreigner in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the state is 20% of the amount of MCI earmarked for one day of payment of the fee. State fees are paid through banking institutions in the Republic of Kazakhstan, which issues a document that confirms the amount and date of payment.

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