How to run a Real Estate Agency Business in Canada
How to run a Real Estate Agency Business in Canada

How to run a Real Estate Agency Business in Canada

The real estate agency in Canada is strong, but in the form of growing house prices and fat commissions to attract more and more entrepreneurs, the sector is becoming crowded.

However, homeowners have no choice but to sign 5% or more on the sale of their home. Lover sellers are looking for other competitively priced brokers, meaning traditional property agencies may need a new game plan.

Understanding the market

The Canadian Real Estate Association has over 110,000 real estate brokers, agents, and sellers. While the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) deserves title to the largest local association with more than 40,000 members, an increase of nearly 30% for four years. But, during that time, home sales have increased by only 4%.

Entrepreneurs must have a clear understanding of the market before breaking into any type of business and this may not be important for the real estate industry.

While many businessmen believe that this is a big-money move, housing prices continue to rise, particularly in Canada, with an estate agency advancing more entrepreneurs to buy businesses.

However, despite home sales of over $ 1 million in large cities across Canada, customers are less willing to pay unreasonable commission fees. The traditional realty industry is currently experiencing a shakeup, as flat-fee marketing services are growing in popularity.

Many proprietors are also opting for the ‘For Sale by Owner’ route, which essentially means that homeowners fully manage the sale of the property. This includes any marketing, staging of the home, visualization, and interaction with potential buyers.


Discount brokers are the main competition in front of real estate, among other real estate agents in the area. Since flat-fee listings have been allowed to appear in Multiple Listing Services (MLS), where 90% of houses are bought and sold, more and more sellers prefer to use their services when selling their property.

Discount brokers help homeowners create an inventory and market their home but charge a commission that is lower than standard rates. Websites such as,, or provide a professional appraiser to assist homeowners in their pricing strategy and attorney services sales process.

Despite many sellers and buyers still being opposed to using traditional estate agents such as – which boasts Canada’s largest private sales network – growing at a rapid rate.

Common misconceptions

It is very common for real estate agents to start their income for the first time in business. Be realistic about your expectations from the get-go, and remember that although you can expect some referrals from family and friends, you cannot completely depend on your connection to maintain the business.

You do not have to be a sales gun to succeed in the real estate business. Being skilled in sales is useful but remember, you are the owner, and you can run a successful property agency without any sales experience.

You will need to have great communication and interpersonal skills to assess the needs of your customers and build trust levels. Experience in marketing will be important, essentially, your company will market your customer qualities.

Rising house prices should not always result in increased commissions. The realty industry has become competitive, and with an increasing number of agents dying for business, many are dropping their prices or setting a fixed rate.

Embrace technology

The number of Realtors on social media is increasing to increase their success rate in selling property. According to the National Association of Realtors, an aged Instagram-worthy ‘photo of a staged house can increase the value of original offers by more than 50%.

Nobody wants them to have a pussy agent give them a hard sell; The sales technique evolved from a Wolf of Wall Street style sales pitch. Using a platform such as Twitter can help estate agents boost their personality and connect with potential customers, rather than simply to sell.

If you can get a real estate listing for trends on Twitter, it means that you can reach a lot of people in a specific area or demographic. However, do not limit your business to just a couple of social media profiles, adopt them all; Facebook (2 billion monthly users), Pinterest (150 million monthly users), and LinkedIn can be utilized to share photos, create your contact list, and show eye-catching videos utilizing features such as Boomerang and Hyperloop.

Your website needs to attend professional and be updated regularly, turnkey websites, which can be maintained independently from the original site developer, can be expensive. Pay per click and Google AdWords marketing tools are costs that you should consider within your marketing budget.

Be realistic

Every manager should have a five-year business plan that estimates monthly cash flow and recognizes your expenses, a deadly mistake that many business owners make in the real estate industry, underestimating their costs. 

Depending on the location of your agency, the rent will be one of the biggest expenses of the business. Others will hold employee salaries, vehicle expenses, office supplies, advertising and printing costs, and website maintenance fees.

Realtors are required to maintain a flexible marketing budget; You should allocate a base budget amount that is realistic, plus 10% of your commission income towards your marketing strategies.

As the region prepares for change and property sales figures are becoming more readily available, estate agents need to offer clients a fair commission structure that will also maintain a healthy profit margin for the business.

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