Guangzhou Real Estate Market
Guangzhou Real Estate Market

Guangzhou Real Estate Market

Guangzhou Real Estate Market: After Beijing and Shanghai, Guangzhou is the third largest and most populous city in China, considered a center of trade, cultural exchange, and has undergone many revolutions in its history over 2,200 years old.

Therefore it is a place of museums, libraries, and galleries that inform visitors about the historical development of China.

Religious sites and old architecture such as the Xiguan residence dating from the late Qing Dynasty also attract tourists.

Tourists can visit and visit many hidden areas filled with beautiful Cantonese architecture. Apart from all these, Guangzhou has many parks everywhere, such as 1000 years old lake garden and best known for Canton Fair, which is the oldest and largest trade fair in China.

Guangzhou Real Estate Market

Located in Guangdong, is the third-largest city and economic superpower in the southern region along with Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

Not surprisingly, Guangzhou has one of the most bustling areas in China, with an old history of trade and commercial activity, attracting investors and ex-pats.

Buying property in Shanghai and China in general, prices have risen a lot during the past years, making the income ratio very unbalanced.

The creation of a large volume of rental units is the way forward and one of the most talked-about topics in the media is the fact that the rental market in China is underdeveloped.

Property prices in Guangzhou

Even though the four are among the four most expensive cities along with Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen, the prices are still lower on average.

The average price per square meter is around RMB 40.000 per square meter, which is still quite low in Shenzhen and Shanghai, with an average price of RMB 80.000 – 100,000 in the city centers.

If you want to buy a cheaper property, you better look at apartments in the outskirts, where prices are less than half on average. Just keep in mind that prices vary greatly depending on where you buy.

Where should I buy property in Guangzhou?

Navigating or not knowing where to buy, Guangzhou is no exception. Below I have listed some of the most popular areas among foreigners:

Tian: Tianhe is one of the most “center” districts, it is also the smallest in terms of land area. The district has a long history and you will be sure to get more information going forward, which is developing from the rural area, as it is today. Foreigners and foreigners alike appreciate living here, avoiding problems encountered when living in less central areas.

Hyzu: Haizhu is a less vibrant area and one of the business districts in Guangzhou. Notable buildings include Surya Yat-sen University, you will be surprised to see its main gate.

Located south of Tianhe, Hyzu is even smaller in terms of land area. Nevertheless, for the above reasons, it is a preferred option for those looking for an apartment.

Livan: Liwan is a small district located in the western parts of Guangzhou, which is interpreted along with the other two districts. The region is famous for a lot of history commercially and culturally, making it an attractive destination for tourists.

Apart from the old scientists, you will not get modern facilities like stores and shopping malls. Worth mentions that Leuven is a less familiar and highly populated place than some other regions.

Interesting facts about Guangzhou

Its name is derived from the name of the province

The words Guangzhou and Zhou are two words. Zhou means province. Therefore, Guangzhou got its name from the old Guang province and grew as its capital. Many Chinese cities derive their names from it, such as Suzhou, Hangzhou, or Fuzhou. The word gang means broad or elaborate and refers to the growing royal power in the region.

Guangzhou was the only port for foreign trade

Located at the crossroads of several large rivers and the sea, Guangzhou has always been an important seaport and trading post. Initially, the port traded with the Arabs and Persians. However, trade with the Portuguese began in the 16th century. During the 18th century, trade expanded to other European countries, the US and Australia.

Is a proper city center

Since Guangzhou is a large city, one can say that it has many city centers. Nevertheless, the center of the main city is the area where the former old city used to be Canton: Yeoshu District.

There are interesting historical sites in Guangzhou

As Guangzhou is a very old city, it boasts a splendid historical site. Most sites are in the city center, not far from Beijing Street. The Chen Klan ancestral hall is the best example of a traditional Chinese academic campus in the country. Sacred Heart Cathedral is the seat of a Neo-Gothic Roman Catholic temple and archives.

Is a good water city

The district of Liwan, located to the west of the city center, is home to the beautiful water city, Lychee Bay. The beautiful old mansion depicts lakes and canals within the natural area. It is a car-free zone and even has a small opera stage. Lychee Bay was established in 206 AC as a summer resort. As the empires came and went, Litchi Bay’s popularity among locals and tourists did not increase.

Guangzhou is its architectural style

The large part of the district of Liwan next to the walls of the former city is called Juan. The so-called Ziguan mansion is the Guangzhou version of Tong Lau buildings. Rich merchants built two or three-story buildings with gables and tiled roofs.

Amazing modern architecture is everywhere

Over the past decade, Guangzhou has become a magnet for exceptional contemporary architecture. New interesting buildings range from minimalist to high-tech and quaint. One of the most famous is the grand opera designed by the famous Guangzhou Zaha Hadid. He won an opera competition against none other than Cop Himmelblue and Rem Koolhaas.

Is an excellent European neighborhood

Shamian was an old port in the old city of Guangzhou. In 1859, the French and British opened their concessions here. He built a canal around Shamian, turning it into an island. Two bridges connected the island to the mainland. These beautiful buildings range in style from Neo-Gothic and Neo-Renaissance to Neo-Baroque and Neoclassical.

There are amazing parks in Guangzhou

Guanzhou has a plethora of parks and picturesque gardens. The local humid subtropical climate is perfect for growing vegetation. Guangzhou, the largest green area in the Biwan Mountains, is to the north-east of the city center. The beautiful mountains have always been an important scenic spot and a favorite green area of ​​the locals for centuries.

Great museums are

Since Guangzhou is the cultural capital of southern China, the best museums in the region are in the city. There is also the Tomb of the Nanyu King, a museum of the Western Han Dynasty. It is the oldest and largest Han mausoleum in southern China. The museum has a collection of over 1000 historical pieces.

Guangzhou Metro is the third-largest city in China

When the Guangzhou Metro opened in 1997, it was the fourth metro system in Mainland China after Beijing, Tianjin, and Shanghai. Since then, it has developed rapidly and now has 13 lines and automated people. With a total length of 475.2 km (295.3 mi), Guangzhou’s metro is China’s third-longest.

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