Go into the Construction and Fixing of Burglaries in Canada
Go into the Construction and Fixing of Burglaries in Canada

Go into the Construction and Fixing of Burglaries in Canada

Decorating your new home is more fun than installing security measures. But burglars strike every other day, so go into the Construction and Fixing of Burglaries in Canada and home security should be a top priority.

The greatest percentage of break-ins happens in the summertime, while people are on vacation, or start opening their window panes and doors more often. Most thieves rely on concealment, speed, and force to gain entry into the home.

Unfortunately, a home security system is not guaranteed to be a goal in your home. Here are tips that can help protect your home from theft:

  1. Keep your windows and doors closed at all times; Even when you leave briefly, you are on your property or inside your home. Also, keep your valuables in a secure or lockbox when you move out.

  2. Periodically change electronic locks and passcodes on garage doors.

  3. Keep your windows covered and your garage closed so that valuable items are out of sight.

  4. Motion sensor lights, install deadbolt lock, and upgrade patio/sliding glass door lock.

  5. Trim bushes and bushes to eliminate hidden spots, and never hide outside keys.

  6. Do not announce your holiday or travel on social media.

  7. If you go away for an extended period, use these tips to give your home a lively look.

  8. Always change locks when you move into a new house, condo, or apartment, or if your key is lost or stolen.

  9. Opportunistic criminals usually target unlocked cars. Do not keep anything valuable in your car and always keep the doors closed.

How to protect your home from burglary

Although an overall reduction in theft has been observed, we all said that after experiencing the theft, they changed their locks, added a home alarm system, and installed security cameras.

  • Be active, not reactive

We hate to see that people suffer the emotional and financial losses associated with theft. This is why we stick to our motto that security is a lifestyle, not a reaction to something bad or something that has already happened.

It is not possible to guarantee that you can be a victim of theft, but there is a lot that you can do with very little chance.

  • Stay away from social media- at least when it comes to your home. Of the victims we spoke to, 60% said that they were active on social media daily or several times a week. Planning to go out of town or swim on the beach from the middle of your vacation is a neon sign for thieves who are not at home.

    When you are still out of town, do not tag your posts by your location or share glamor shots of the holiday.

  • Get insurance One of the best ways to reduce the fall from theft is to cover your valuables with insurance from renters or homeowners. If you have irreplaceable items, consider a house safe that is heavy for downstairs or burglar.

  • For your yard. Believe it or not, landscaping can play a role in keeping the riff out. Prune the bushes and trees so that they do not become hiding places.

    If you go on vacation, make sure you do not pull any lawns while you are leaving, so you will not feel like your house is empty.

  • Install a home security system. You can get an alarm system with 24/7 professional monitoring at an average theft cost. Some DIY systems start at around $ 200 for equipment and monitor $ 10 every month. Also, most burglars believe they leave a home with a security system to search for an easy target.

  • Upgrade your locks. Standard incoming locks at home and apartment doors are usually not the safest. Basic is easy to a lockout that meets high-security standards and has a reputation for keeping criminals out.

  • Remove weaknesses. Watch for security vulnerabilities around your home. This can be anything from a sliding glass door to an unlimited path to the front door of the car. Attaching an additional lock or an outdoor light with movement detection gives extra security and helps you sleep properly at night.

  • He talked to the landlord. If you are a tenant, you are at high risk for theft. Understand your lease and talk to your landlord about any security interests. Ask if you can improve the lock in your apartment, or add a compact all-in-one security system like Abode Iota or Canary.

  • Add a Security Camera. Sometimes you need an external security camera to scare an intruder. Video doorbell cameras are another good way to monitor your property and let the thieves know that you are watching.

Surprising Home Burglary Facts

Don’t wait Many people have blocked home security until they have already been dismissed. It is easy to think that theft is something that happens to “other people”, but the truth is that it can happen to any of us

  • People worry about theft more than any other property crime.

As per the status of our security survey, break-ins are the most feared property crime. Most respondents said that what concerns them most is that when there is no one in the house, they break down, and they are afraid of falling asleep.

  • Burglary usually occurs in the middle of the day.

It seems counter-intuitive, but more thieves commit their misdeeds in the bright light of day rather than in the cover of darkness.

  • Burglary is decreasing.

We saved the best news for last – even though people are worried about theft, it is on the decline in property crime.

  • Tenants are bitten more often than landlords.

Burglars hit tenants more often than landlords – and this has been in vogue for decades.

  • Burglars are more frequent during the summer months.

When the temperature rises, they reduce the number of thefts. Average theft increases by 10% between June and August. According to our theft survey, more people were stolen in June than in any other month.

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