Create a Website for Listing Properties that are for Sale, Lease, and Rent
Create a Website for Listing Properties that are for Sale, Lease, and Rent

Create a Website for Listing Properties that are for Sale, Lease, and Rent

 Website for Listing Properties: When you start an online business, it is quite normal to be confused at first but, with proper guidance, it becomes easy and simple.

This article is for beginners who want to take their real estate business to the next level. It seeks to help you create a feature-rich and vivid real estate directory without the help of technical experts to solve your problems.

Therefore brokers, estate agents, or those who have a real estate website of their own and want to earn some passive income through online directories, can confidently start their new ventures and avoid making wrong decisions.

Creating and managing websites is no longer the domain of technically skilled people.

Are you ready to begin ..?

Starting a real estate directory website requires a lot of thought and commitment. Before you begin, you may have some questions in your mind like where can you start? What to do when a website is hosted? Whence can you create passive income with your real estate website?

So here is the step-by-step rule of how to build an entirely functional and complete real estate directory website. The outline of what we will see in this article is given below.

  • Your website needs its address and web-space
  • Initial setup of your website
  • Make it the way you want it
  • Add properties to display
  • Pay for advertisements
  • Accept online payment
  • Advertisement payment for user property
  • Promote to get more presentations

Get a domain name – your website’s permanent address

Like your residential address, does your website also require a unique name/address of its own?

Therefore, before doing anything else, we have to acquire the domain name (the permanent address of your website) and server space (the room on the server to store your data).

Domain Name – Your Website Address

For web addresses – GoDaddy is one of the most popular domain registrars and you can use it to get a domain name.

If the domain name is available, you will be shown the price of that domain name, if not available then relevant suggestions will be displayed. You can choose one and get a domain name for yourself.

A domain name will usually represent your business online. Here are several points you should consider when choosing a domain name for your real estate business websites.

  • It is always beneficial to have a .com website for your commercial real estate websites.
  • It should be simple and easy to remember.
  • Try to keep it short and avoid hyphens.

Hosting – Get your website some server space

Hosting is a requirement for starting any website. Fortunately, with the improvement of technologies and the Internet, you have many hosting companies competing against each other, and trying to be more useful to end-users. So the benefits are many, and you get to choose from different plans from different hosts, all of which try to give you the best service.

Initial setup of your website

Once you register the domain name and get a hosting subscription, you can start with your website. We will use WordPress to create the best real estate website.

Why WordPress for your real estate directory?

WordPress is the best CMS available in the business. It lets you create amazing websites without writing a single line of code. WordPress has invested a lot of non-technical people to build and manage their website. Also, you can integrate admin templates that can make your user dashboard more practical. Here are some reasons why WordPress is the best option to build your real estate website

  • Free and Opensource
  • Flexible, with lots of intuitive options
  • User-friendly, perfect for beginners as well as pro
  • Availability of themes with different niches – directories, classifieds, events, business websites, blogs, eCommerce, real estate – you name it!
  • Abundant plugins to add new skills to your website

                                                                                          JUST KNOW ABOUT Website for Listing Properties:

Types of real estate websites you can create with WordPress

First, decide which real estate website you are trying to create:

Real estate directory website

This is a common format asymmetric directory website, where the listing occurs as a property listing. This is a directory website, where you can allow your visitors to offer different types of property such as apartments, condos, 3 bedroom apartments, movies, etc. under your property listing.

Sole property website

You can create a website for a single property to display your features, location, etc. This is a very simple website with a few pages, add loads of images to promote the property, location information as well as contact information for interested people.

Realtors website

Such a website may be in the form of a commercial website or a toned-down version of a real estate directory website.

The most simplistic form of a real estate website can be a simple site that informs visitors about the real estate agent what they do and what services they render. This may or may not include real estate listings. You can efficiently customize your real estate listing website to create a real estate agent website.

Rental property website

A type of real estate directory website where listings are for rental properties.

Here, we will use Homequest Real Estate Theme, a feature-packed child theme of our popular list platform, designed specifically for the property listing directory website. The HomeQuest theme is designed for real estate websites with many listings.

Get this real estate theme for free!

When subscribing to our hosting partner using this link, you get your favorite theme or plugin from our store without paying anything.

The installation process is smooth and fast, it helps you to install the theme with just a few clicks. Once the theme is uploaded, you can begin the HomeQuest theme. Your theme is now able to do but wait. Read on to find out. A perfect property listing website should have subsequent features:

User Registration

Fully operative user registration and management system that enables users to quickly register and set up their account on your website.

Asset Deposit

With a special post type for real estate listings, which allows Admins to create a property listing using back end options, allowing for a flawless front end submission system to allow visitors to post on your website Will be required

Payment Package

There may be one or more membership packages with a specified number of permitted submissions, the validity of the listing, and the categories under which the listing may be posted. Property landlords can choose their combination and proceed to pay.

The submission form for property listing

To allow front-end listing submissions by property owners you will need a listing submission form that enables them to do so. With the Homequest Property Listing Theme, you get ready to use the customizable submission form.

Property Management

Owners of property listings on BITE websites should not only be allowed to list their properties but also manage them. For this, your website should allow them to access their submitted lists through their account so that they can edit them whenever they want.

Process payment

Whenever a user decides to purchase a property submission package on your website, a payment collection system is required for your website to accept payment.

Classification, Search, and Filter

Your website categories not only help your visitors find the listings they like easily but also helps keep your website organized. Search and filter facilities will also help them get desired and relevant results quickly.

Advanced feature (membership-based website)

At an advanced level, you can create protected areas that only provide access to members. The most common view is that it seems strange to omit the contact details to allow the list owner to list all the details.

Even this is strange. More common practice toys can use your ideas to create protected content and pay a visit for exclusive content.

  • Uploading logo and site title
  • Add page and menu
  • Setting Page Elements and Sidebar
  • Add properties to your website
  • Creating categories for a property
  • Add attributes
  • If you want to add more fields
  • Fee for displaying advertisement
  • Advertisement payment for user property
  • Creating Price Package
  • Accept online payment from your website
  • Get more traffic and membership promotion
  • Informal promotion
  • Use digital media to advertise your property directory
  • You can subscribe to Google Adsense
  • Useful tips and tricks for a successful website
  • Maps on the property page can be very helpful
  • Charge more for featured listings
  • Create a website that is SEO optimized
  • Security of your WordPress directory website

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