Business ideas in Sweden

Business ideas in Sweden

Business ideas in Sweden: Sweden is one of the good countries to start a new venture, especially if your idea is new and you planned the same after a lot of research, which will make things easier for you, as a new entrant into the business market of an economically developed country like Sweden.

Sweden’s infrastructure is really the best in the world and hence it stands at number 10th on the ease of doing business index, which means it’s better than the 180 countries that stand behind it.  

You may start any business here, but here’s a list of a few of the Business ideas in Sweden, that you may consider for yourself: 

  1. Real Estate Business: Real estate in Sweden is booming, just like in other developed countries of the world. Just like any other country, you need to find both the parties, one that is looking for property and the other one looking for a potential client to sell their property.

    You need to register your real estate agency with the authorities first after registering your legal company.  The next step is to promote your business to find potential clients.

    The best way to promote a real estate business is online, you create one good looking and easy to use real estate website, where you can display your client properties, so that people may find the property of their choice. 

  2. Food Business: Starting a food business in Sweden is a great idea, but you need to register your food business with the authorities first.

    Yes if you sell occasionally, you do not need to register your business, but if planning to open a cafe or restaurant, you must register your business with local authorities at least two weeks before you actually start serving or selling your food products. 

  3. Digital Marketing Business: Businesses around the world need clients and to attract new clients, they need to present their products and services in the best possible way, and to do so, the best way out is to publish a well planned and structured website, to let the potential clients know what they are doing and offering.

    Now to promote a website and business, the best possible way is online marketing, which is not only effective but also a very economical way of promoting business, when compared to the traditional marketing channels like for example promoting on television etc.

    So starting your very own digital marketing agency is a good idea and it’s in great demand these days. 

  4. Growing Vegetables: You might be wondering why growing vegetables is a good business in Sweden, the answer is quite straight and simple, although the population of Sweden, Europe is under 10 million, still not able to produce sufficient quantities of food, as a result, 20% of the food is imported from other countries.

    The organic food market which includes both cereals and vegetables, is growing at a great pace in Sweden, and the government is very actively supporting organic farming, so if you have a background in farming and especially you have experience in growing vegetables organically, you should consider it as a good business idea for yourself.

    For stats purposes, out of total land in Sweden around 2800000 hectares are arable. Apart from climate is good for growing vegetables, especially during the summer season.
  5. Poultry farming in Sweden: Both Broilers and eggs are in great demand in Sweden. As per the data available on SVA National Vetneray Institute, around 83 million broilers are reared every year and slaughtered in the most systematic way, apart from that there are seven million layer hens for eggs. 

  6. Night Club: Staring a nightclub in Sweden is a profitable business, because the elite class, along with tourists enjoy nightlife a lot. A few of the top nightclubs in Sweden are Berns, Färgfabriken, Morfar Ginko and Pùblico and yours can be one of them. 

  7. The restaurant business in Sweden: As far restaurant industry is concerned it generates more than 100 billion Swedish Kronors and has generated job opportunities for around 100k plus employees around the country.

    So you can plan a beautiful restaurant in big cities like Stolkholm or even in a small city, depending on your budget and liking for a particular place.

  8. Coffee outlet in Sweden: Coffe shop is a very profitable business in Sweden, as most people like to spend time in coffee shops, working and discussing things over a cup of coffee.

    A few of the famous coffee outlets in Sweden are listed below:Drop Coffee Roasters – StockholmCafé Alkemisten – GothenburgJohan & Nyström – StockholmKafé Esaias AB – StockholmLove Coffee – LundThe list is really long, can’t list them all here, but these outlets are making good money also they are generating a lot of employment along with great ideas which people enjoying coffee are busy in.

  9. Car Wash: Car Wash is a great business idea for Sweden, as there are more than 4.5 million cars in Sweden, which require a car wash at regular intervals. Companies like GoWash and cashing this opportunity by opening car wash parks, where people are enjoying great services.

    This business can offer home services, by proving a mobile car wash station or you may buy or rent a garage to start this business. In both cases, you need to market your business initially but later on, if your services are good people will start revisiting and referring your services. 

  10. Consultancy Business for Higher education: As Sweden is having very well structured education system, so many students around the world prefer to land in Sweden for their higher studies.

    So educationally consultancy is a very profitable business in Sweden, wherein we can tie up with different Universities and can guide both locals and students from other countries to adopt various courses offered by different Universities in Sweden. 

    You may provide value-added services to students interested in studying in Sweden,  like  Student Counselling, helps students decide on the best course they can pursue. 

    Test Preparation, help students to prepare for all kinds of entrance tests they need to appear to secure admission to a particular university as per their requirements. University and Program Selection, is one of the challenges for the students, as they are not aware of all the options offered by different Universities, so you may present the list of various programs offered by different Universities.

     Application and Admission: Students need proper guidance to fill out the admission forms and other applications, and a good consultant can be very helpful. 

  11. Music Store or Studio: The music industry is booming in Sweden, so opening a Music store and if you have a good budget to invest, you may plan a full fledge music studio too.

    Apart from selling music CDs and DVDs, you may sell musical instruments. A few of the famous music stores in Sweden are DLX deluxe music, Bengans, Cosmos music store, Guitar people and many more. 

  12. Boutique business: The fashion industry, especially the footwear and clothing businesses is growing businesses in Sweden. Brands like H&M are having their headquarters in Sweden only, and we all know the quality and pricing of these brands are loved by people around the globe. 

    Just keep one thing in mind always do good research before you jump into any business, secondly, the location of your business is going to play a big role in your success or failure, right, last thing is how much money to pour into the present your products to your potential clients.

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