Best Real Estate podcast shows in Canada
Best Real Estate podcast shows in Canada

Best Real Estate podcast shows in Canada

Best Real Estate podcast: You just got your first rental property or already topped your real estate game, check out these great Canadian podcasts that will tell you about the current trends in our nation’s real estate market.

List of some Best Real Estate podcast shows in Canada

  • Your life! Your Terms! Show
  • Where should I invest?
  • metagenomics
  • Matt McKeever
  • Breakthrough Real Estate Investing
  • The Truth About Real Estate Investing… For Canadian
  • Commercial Real Estate Podcast
  • The everyday millionaire
  • Vancouver Real Estate Podcast
  • A Canadian Investing in the USA
  • UnReal Estate Show
  • Queen’s University Faculty of Law – Leases, Landlords, and Liability
  • Build Wealth Canada – Real Estate Investing and Buying Your First Home
  • Mo ‘Money – Real Estate Investing and Becoming a Leader with Scott McGillivray

Your Life! Your Terms! Show 

Nick and Tom Karadaja are co-founders of Rockstar Real Estate, a brokerage firm based in Golden Horseshoe, Ontario. In his podcast, he speaks about investing successfully in properties and other interesting investments throughout Canada and the United States.

Start with these episodes:

Property management advice, strategies, successes, and horror stories with Nadeem Ahmed

Where should I invest?

Sarah Larby is a real estate investor, speaker, and custodian from Toronto, Ontario. In her weekly podcast, Sarah intends to let fellow millennials know about real estate and to give them that property ownership is within their range.

Start with these episodes:

Ups, Down and Success, and Lessons from Building a Real Estate Empire


Marco Gelo discusses the real estate market trends with his guests. The numbers they offer are particularly valuable if you want to buy or sell properties in British Columbia and Alberta, but their advice on topics such as mortgage payments and home financing is in the interest of any Canadian real estate. Will happen. New episodes appear monthly and are produced by Gelo himself.

Start with these episodes:

My proposal was accepted … now what?

Matt McKeever 

Matt McKeever is a real estate investor who talks about smart investments and ways to increase the value of properties. Casey Wong property manager for more than 150 rental units in and around Waterloo, is a frequent guest in Matt’s videos, and he provides great advice for everyone from landlords to venture-level real estate investors.

Start with these episodes:

Multi-family real estate hiring a property manager in a super

Destroyed by FIRE – multi-family rental property

For experienced real estate investors in Canada

Listening to the success stories and insider secrets of big names in the Canadian real estate industry can inspire you to activate your property management business.

Breakthrough Real Estate Investment

This bi-weekly podcast featured by Ontario-based Rob Brake and Sandy McKay adds to the mindset of financial freedom. In each episode, well-known guests tell an inspiring story of how they meet their real estate goals and share valuable advice on investing. If you are motivated to achieve life stories through your hard work, then look no further.

Start with these episodes:

The Mind Set is required to Grow a Real Estate Portfolio with Korey Mackinnon

Apartment Building Investigation with Leading Industry Expert Pierre-Paul Turgeon

The Truth About Real Estate Investment… For Canadian

There is a reason why Irwin Szeto is better known as Mr. Hamilton, the jungle in his throat: the award-winning real estate agent, investor, and sales representative has helped his clients acquire hundreds of properties, while still keeping them in the community.

Giving back time for, In his weekly podcast, interviews with several successful investors and real estate professionals are linked to personal stories of investing and raising with his wife Cherry.

Start with these episodes:

Ten houses in only eight years, financial peace with Evelyn Lamarush

Student Rental vs. Shared Mature Adult Rental.

The Everyday Millionaire

Patrick Frankie has over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and a real estate investor, speaker, and coach. In his bi-weekly podcast, he and his guests share their advice for becoming financially successful. While the focus of his podcast is not just on property investment, his insights as CEO of REN (Real Estate Investment Network) are always fascinating.

Start with these episodes:

Michael Dominguez – System Two Success Follow

A Special Alberta Real Estate Focus: S.O.S. – Discover your strategies, opportunities, and solutions

Vancouver Real Estate Podcast

If you have invested or are investing in properties around the Greater Vancouver area, this weekly podcast will give you the latest information on market trends in various areas of the West Coast city. Hosts Adam and Matt Skelena are both experienced realtors, and they had a roster of distinguished guests sharing their expertise on the show.

Start with these episodes:

Why is my house not selling in Vancouver? 7 Proven Ways to Correct the Course

Commercial Real Estate Podcast

Aaron Cameron and Adam Pavduk both specialize in commercial financing at First National. Their “100% Canadian, 100% Commercial” podcast issues specific to delayed commercial property investment. While most real estate podcasts focus on home-on ships and residential properties, it stands out for its refreshing outlook on a commercial market. New episodes are released once a week.

For the people of Canada who want to invest in foreign real estate

If your ambition is to expand your property portfolio to the international scene, explore the perspectives of these Canadians searching for real estate opportunities outside the country.

A Canadian Investing in the USA

Glenn Sutherland is originally from Cambridge, Ontario. He began his journey as a real estate investor within the borders but learned to benefit from more favorable laws and tax rates in parts of the United States. He now helps other Canadians by advising him on his YouTube video podcast, where he discusses real estate with investors south of the border.

Start with these episodes:

Raise some money with Reid Goosense with 506B, 506C, Regulation S, and JV

Managing an American Renewal from Canada with Julie Orth

UnReal Estate Show

Originally called the Vancouver Unravel Estate Show, Realtor Keith Roy’s podcast expanded its reach to various parts of the country and the world. Most episodes focus on a specific region of Canada and also on various countries such as Australia, Turkey, and Iceland. Their guests offer an eye-opening view on the international real estate market that makes you want to go on a property-hunting vacation!

Start with these episodes:

How did I buy a house in Hawaii?

Back to school: an Icelandic real estate special

Keith Roy

A Canadian podcast episode about real estate

Even though the following Canadian podcasts are not entirely devoted to real estate, you may be interested in these specific episodes, which approach the industry from a different point of view.

Queen’s University Faculty of Law – Leases, Landlords, and Liability

In this brief interview, Queen’s Legal Aid Director, Blair Crew, talks about the lease from a legal standpoint and provides valuable information to Canadian landlords.

Build Wealth Canada – Real Estate Investing and Buying Your First Home

In his bi-weekly podcast Build Wealth Canada, Kornel Zeiser talked about wealth management and personal finance. This episode discusses real estate as an investment and a mistake so that you can buy your first home.

Mo ‘Money – Real Estate Investing and Becoming a Leader with Scott McGillivray

In this episode of her podcast about personal finance, Jessica Morehouse hosted several TV shows such as Scott McGillivray, Businessman, and Income Property. Scott talks about his own experience as a real estate investor, which he started before graduating from college, using his student loans to buy his first property.

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