Best Property development companies in Canada
Best Property development companies in Canada

Best Property Development Companies in Canada

Property Development companies in Canada have touched new heights in response, making it difficult to live in this highly competitive space forever. The generation-old challenges of skilled labor deficit are very familiar to entrepreneurs, but they have never been stopped from adopting new solutions.

With the increasing influence of technology in the construction sector, property development companies in Canada are not running away from dollar reserves to double their capacity through boarding on strategic technology. The on-site annual survey shows how Canada’s builder community once again challenged beliefs to bring value to the economy.

List of the best property development companies in Canada

    • SNC-Lavalin Group Inc
    • EllisDon Corp.
    • Aecon Group Inc
    • Ledcore Group of Companies
    • Flynn Group of Companies
    • PCL Constructors Inc.
    • Dawson Wallace Construction
    • Walsh Canada
    • Accadian construction

Scott Construction Group

SNC-Lavalin Group Inc

It comes to great property development companies in Canada, SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. is power. Head office in Montreal, the organization specializes in EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction ) duties in essential capacity-enhancing sectors including oil and gas, environment and water, clean power and mining, and metallurgy. It has the largest share of revenue in Canada with more than 50,000 workers worldwide and works with a vision of the future to secure sustainability and social trends in its project delivery methods.

Key Projects:

  • Darlington Nuclear Generating Station
  • New Chapline Bridge Corridor Project
  • Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit
  • Canada Line, Distribution & Operations
  • Confederation line

EllisDon Corp.

As one of the largest construction companies in Canada, the company has performed in every market segment worldwide. It is committed to environmental change in construction, and as a result, its executive leaders launched the Carbon Impact Initiative Plan to assist Canada’s sustainability responsibilities on the global stage.

Key Projects:

  • Toronto South Detection for Mimico Correctional Center
  • Ottawa Light Rail Transit
  • Halifax Central Library
  • Yorkdale Shopping Center
  • The University of British Columbia, Advanced Rare Isotopic Laboratory (ARIEL)
  • Aecon Group Inc

Second, aside from its place on this list of top property development companies in Canada, it has built some of Canada’s most iconic sites, from the CN Tower to the Halifax Shipyard. As such, it is one of the best construction companies in Canada. In a century, its predecessor companies enabled construction for hundreds of streets, theaters, book stores, power plants, hotels, factories, and small-scale facilities. It has driven Canada’s transportation and energy industries significantly, contributing to its high liability index globally. The company has several subsidiaries in the infrastructure, high-growth residential and commercial, materials and energy industries.

Key Projects:

  • Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, University Center, Toronto
  • Britannia Water Treatment Plant
  • Bell Creekbank Campus
  • Gulf University – Science Campus
  • East Windsor Cogeneration

Ledcore Group of Companies

Like many top property development companies in Canada, the Ledcore Group of Companies operates primarily in Canada and the United States. Verticals are underway in large industry and sub-industry sectors, with groups turning to large-scale buildings and civil infrastructure, forestry, mining, property development and management, transportation, marine operations, and construction of oil, gas, and energy projects Huh. liquefied natural gas.

Key Projects:

  • Southwest Calgary Ring Road
  • Air Canada hangar 5
  • Pearl lake
  • Foreign sand
  • Deployment of innovative fiber optic

Flynn Group of Companies

Established in Winnipeg in 1978, the Flynn Group is recognized as one of the best property development companies in Canada, training in commercial roofing, given the increasing complexity in architectural products, the group expanded its customers from roof to roof Have done Covers are offered. Architectural products including contract glazing, curtain wall, and metal paneling. The group maintains a large presence in the US market as it recently joined Control Roofing, Baltimore, Minneapolis, D&D Roofing, Denver, Colorado; And BRI Commercial Roofing, Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.

Key Projects:

  • University of Denver
  • Westminster Senior Center
  • Ryerson Student Center
  • Stantec Tower E
  • Epcor Tower

PCL Constructors Inc.

A large network of construction professionals at PCL (Pool Construction Company Limited) provides added value in various departments in institutional, residential, commercial, and educational construction projects. Its reputation is similar to that of a large-scale construction giant, which has built several convention centers, hotels, sports facilities, office high-rises, airports, and oversized buildings.

Among large construction companies in Canada, it is the most diverse globally with roots in North America, the Caribbean, and Australia.

Key Projects:

  • Senate of Canada Building
  • Right answer square
  • Air Canada Center
  • Four Seasons Hotel, Cafe Bowl
  • Replay Canada aquarium

Dawson Wallace Construction

The Edmonton-based construction company has completed projects in key development areas across Canada including restaurants, industrial storage, office buildings, schools, banking facilities, retail and banking, and library facilities.

Dawson Wallace Construction Ltd., one of Canada’s largest construction companies, has won major private and government bids. One of the larger bids won by independent contractors in Canada this year, Dawson Wallace received a design-build contract for the industrial freezer storage expansion of the Pretus Food Facility in Alberta, Western Canada’s largest independent foods distributor.

Key Projects:

  • Amazon, Nose Creek Building E, Calgary
  • Tim Hortons
  • Edmonton Business Campus East, Phase 1, Edmonton
  • St. Albert Inn, St. Albert, Edmonton, Alberta
  • Home Depot, Alberta

Walsh Canada

Making place on our list of the largest construction companies in Canada, Walsh is the contractor of choice for customers and employer contracts for construction for employees, with Walsh Canada being the largest general contract and design – building firm. . The firm is often listed among the country’s top 15 contractors and runs parallel operations in Canada and the United States, working with the Union subcontinent in the civil, transportation and building sectors.

Reputed as a top contractor for all construction projects, Walsh has built assets in commercial, residential, and mixed-use development locations, while also committed to its exclusive contracts in the intelligence analysis, laboratory, warehouse distribution, and improvement areas is.

Key Projects:

  • Los Angeles International Airport Modernization
  • Baron Memorial Bridge, Florida
  • Tarrant County College Energy Technology Center
  • Chicago Motor Club – Hampton Inn
  • Maggie Daily Park

Accadian construction

Accadian Construction is without a doubt one of the largest growing companies in Canada, with more than $ 85 million in sales in the last financial year. Relatively new to the industry, it has reached the top in a few years through innovative design and manufacturing approaches in the telecommunications and IT sectors.

To provide end-to-end lifecycle management services, the contractor has diverse project teams to deal with projections, budgeting, accounting, and comprehensive workplace systems for its clients. The family-run company portfolio spans retail, restaurant commercial, multi-residential, light industrial, and institutional sectors.

  • Key Projects:
  • Arena Eugene Leblanc
  • Center Arthur-J-LeBlanc Center
  • Licking saint john
  • YMCA Community Center
  • Marriott Hotel, San Jose California

Scott Construction Group

A transparent layered approach to the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art equipment, Scott Construction’s focus services range from pre-construction to post-project maintenance. The JV Driver Group’s recent acquisition will strategically increase its capacity and capabilities in key industry development areas in Western Canada.

Key Projects:

  • London Aviation Center, London, Ontario
  • UBC Sauder Business School
  • CBC Radio Canada
  • RBC (Royal Bank of Canada)
  • Christ Church Cathedral Renovation
  • Red Cross Response Center

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